Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taking a vacation!

I crocheted a rattle and some baby sneakers for an upcoming baby shower for a co-workers wife.

This last week I took a one week vacation!

Sunday, Stu took me to Red Butte Garden to have a picnic lunch of fried chicken, croissants, potato salad, oranges and raspberry tea. It was an awesome surprise. I took tons of pictures. They start here and you can just click the right picture in the little veiwer to the right on each picture page to go through them all. You can even use the little arrow on the viewer to scroll through them if you don't feel like looking at every picture.

Tuesday, Stu and I went to Lagoon. Sorry no pictures, just pure fun on our part! The Wicked (a ride) was the best!

Ryn and I did matching toe nails.

I bought a massaging cushion yesterday... This thing is wonderful. Although, I think it bruised the skin over one of my shoulder blades, maybe I need to just sit against it, instead of reclining (half laying down) on it. Stu hasn't reported any problems with it though.

I dyed my hair again now that the temporary color I did last month is pretty much gone. I went a little more natural than last time. I liked the darker red better. This is permanant, so I'll wait a while and go darker next dye.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

"It's been THREE weeks since ya looked at me."

Okay, it's been about three weeks since I've blogged and A LOT of stuff has happened. I won't be posting all photos and writing about everything in this post. For all the pictures and the full story on everything, visit my photos. You'll get a lot more scoop there! =)

There was a free Utah Blaze arena football game.

Catering... in a suite... my boss rocks! Nuff said.

I added a little red to my life.

It was a temporary hair color. Stu was scared for me to do it, but now he admits he likes it. Pretty much everyone liked it but my mom, so I might go permanant now.

I recieved some free yarn in the mail from Stu's mom.

My boss turned 40 and we all grieved by celebrating with food and cake.

I had a shaving accident.

Stu, once again, wrote an amazing computer program.

There was a World Wide Knit in Public Day gathering that Ryn and I went to.

We celebrated Father's Day where Ryn and I made a breakfast pizza for Stu.

This same Father's Day also came with after dinner naps.

I discovered that a monster lemon had taken up residence in mom's fruit bowl.

There are new additions to the That Baby, Think Pink and Artsy Fartsy photo collections.

My sister, Brandi, had one of her tatoos appear in Tattoo magazine!

[center & top right]

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