Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lunch is what makes life worth living.

Stu and I are going to go to lunch today. I'm taking him out for his birthday, even though his birthday is during the week. We're going to dinner at Mom and Dad's on his actual birthday, so I wanted take him out on a date today. We haven't gone on a date for a little while, we're trying to minimize our spending. But, we talked about having a date every three months. I know that sounds a bit too spaced out. The reason behind it being that we discussed each family member going on a "date" with the others, in a rotating fashion. So, Stu and I go out one month, then Ryn and I the month after, then Stu and Ryn the month following that. We agree that it's important that not only Stu and I have dates but also that each of us spend time alone with Ryn.

Stu also made the dean's list in school again! Congrats honey! To this day he still amazes me. He's now getting through classes that are difficult and that he doesn't know a lot about with straight A's! He's also taking three classes at once now, he's so busy! Bless him. I really do admire his ambition and determination.

Ryn's also working on a science project for school. (Photos coming soon.) We stood outside of Walmart yesterday for about an hour and a half, in the cold (brrr), to perform a taste test between sodas. We covered each bottle with different color paper. Even though it was cold, it was fun. For a while I didn't think anyone would stop. But, we had about 10 people try it out. There was a lot of talking and giggles. Since Stu is taking psychology this semester, he's been very helpful.

We even chatted with a lady who did the test, since she stopped on her way out to have a cigarette. I complimented her scarf, which was crocheted and she showed me the hat under her hoodie which was also crocheted. I mentioned that I knit and crochet, then Stu pointed out that I made the hat he was wearing. That was cool. It makes me giddy that he loves that hat.

Well, time to finish cleaning and get all pretty for my date with my honey!

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P.S. I've switched online radio. I'm now listening to The stations are more customizable. The volume seems to vary between songs, but hopefully that'll improve. I've given feedback on it and with any luck, lots of other people have too.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Star Wars!

Okay, so I'm not a huge gamer girl... But, I played Lego Star Wars II with Stu until about 3 AM Saturday night. I love this game! It's so fun, funny and cute! I've included a trailer below. (Chewbacca wearing the stormtrooper helmet all askew because it doesn't fit always makes me giggle. Stu says it's probably the funniest thing he's seen in a video game.)

I've also found another little jewel to make my days a little brighter... it's called Pandora. It's a free online music website. You can listen for free from your computer. They also have other services that you pay for, like loading to a cell phone and such. It's pretty user friendly too. You can only skip a certain amount of songs in an hour and can't choose to listen to a specific song or rewind. But, hey it's free. You also create your own stations by using what they call "seeds" by entering an artist or specific songs. The site then plays songs with similar sound qualities. You can also vote on each song that plays to better tune your station. Pretty nifty.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, here's what I did last Sunday...

Just some more crocheting and a little blast from the past, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie that started it all. I do like the series as well. Maybe someday I'll get a few seasons on DVD. (Ashley got me the yarn keeper in the photo for Christmas, I love it!)

More pastry art. Are you bored of this yet?

This is what happens when Stu gets too close to my crochet. At least he didn't panic, that would've only made things worse.

Thursday night we had someone new, Ella, show up to our knit/crochet coffeehouse meeting. That was so exciting! Peachy was standing at the counter just inside the door, ordering when I pulled up in my car and kept motioning for me to come in. I was trying to tell her just a minute, but she continued to silently persist with hand actions and facial expressions. When I did come in, she said, "We have someone new!" Ella said she'd try to maybe bring another person with her next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'm also thinking of calling Gail, who I used to work with and inviting her as well. I miss her.

There hasn't been much else going on. Ryn is working on a science project with a focus on psychology. Stu is also taking three classes now. Wish him luck.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Yarn, coffee and destruction.

Ravelry has Bob, Yarn Pixie has Lexie...
This is my mother's (spoiled like a princess) Tibetan Spaniel, Lexie. She's even got her own snow parka and bikini! Someday I'd like to actually get around to making her some sweaters or shrugs. My mother got her from a rescue shelter, I don't remember how many years ago. If I get some Lexie fans, I may try to include some pictures of her more often, maybe even some video... she talks you know. Aren't you just getting sick over how sweetly cute she is? Okay, enough about the cat-- er dog...

Thursday at the needlecraft meeting...

Peachy, me and my younger sister, Ashley.

The Thursday night staff at Espresso Connections where we meet each week.

Shirley (left) has nicknamed me "the knitting lady", she didn't know my name up until last night. I like it though, makes me feel a bit unique and memorable. I've also told Shirley about the Snuggles Project. She doesn't knit or crochet, but was really interested in donating some towels or blankets. Scott (right), I've only seen him there twice, I think he's new. I don't know him very well, but he always provides great service. I offered for him to be in the picture if he liked, because everyone enjoys being included, right?

Peachy has starting doing knit, crochet and needlepoint activities for the eldery of the facility she works in. I was very excited to hear about it and that it's going so well! She has about 10 people seriously interested and a few have even already finished projects! (I think she started about two weeks ago.) She holds the activities every Saturday and invited me to join her and share my knit and crochet expertise with her residents. What a compliment, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I'll have to see if I can make it out there once or twice a month.

The following is a picture of the needlepoint kits I donated for their activities. I got them along with a HUGE stash of pattern books and yarn that an old friend's mom gave to me. Well, I don't do needlepoint, I don't have the patience for it. If I work for countless hours on something, it better be bigger than a loaf of bread!

In other news...

Stu has now made the decision to become a super-secret-space-captain-of-a-ship-shoot'em-up-trooper-man. All this after being an assasin. I think he wants to take over the world.

This weeks video game selection is Mass Effect and... well, there aren't any others. So you'll just have to look at this one. Stu LOVES it! Last week he played Assasins Creed. He really liked that one too, but prefers this one. I personally found watching him play Assisins Creed while crocheting more entertaining.

Well, I still have yet to watch Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me with Stu and I'm already tired...

Cut! Print! That's a wrap!

The fru-fru coffee alternative!

I went to my knitting meeting last night at the coffeehouse and tried something new! I used to get chai with non-fat milk. But, last night I got black coffee with sugar-free caramel syrup. If you aren't used to the taste of sugar-free or black coffee, it takes a bit of getting used to... but it's so yummy!

Then, when I got home, I remembered I still had some sugar-free flavor syrup from when I tried to make my own creamer, that didn't work so well. The syrup is Torani, you can usually find them in the grocery store. So, anyhow, my favorite CoffeeMate creamer is the cinnamon vanilla creme. I took the leftover vanilla syrup and added some cinnamon extract to taste and VOILA! Coffee flavor with no calories and no creamer! I've got it in my coffee this morning and I'm lovin' it!!!
This is the result of an uncontrolable urge to take a close-up of the things on my desk at work, nothing more.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

The above title is only as it is because, for some strange reason, when I woke up Tuesday morning, I thought it was Friday. It's been a weird week.

Last Thursday, my cousin and I finally made it back to the coffeehouse for our weekly knit/crochet visit... the first time in a month! It was fun though, as always. I finally took some pictures, my old camera just couldn't cut it.

My cousin crocheting a baby blanket for her sister.

I love this coffeehouse. It's so homey! Yeah, it's got polished concrete floors... but I think that's so rad!

With Stu's birthday this month, our one year anniversary, mom's birthday and Ashley's baby shower all next month it doesn't feel like the holiday rush is over yet... such is life. But, it's all good, being busy has it's benefits. I get do to lots of fun stuff!

So, with all that said, I will leave you with some pastry entertainment...

The toaster pastry Stu made for Ryn. He could eventually decorate cakes, I think. He's getting good at this!

This is the pastry Stu made for himself... don't ask.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Isn't starting a new year supposed to make you feel more refreshed? I don't think it's working. Maybe I should take 2008 back to the store and exchange it for another year.
Although, I am happy about my first completed project in 2008...

I finished this hat on Saturday, December 29th. We had stayed at my parents' Friday night and Stu went ice fishing with dad... pretty much all day. *sigh* So, anyway, I had laid down for a bit being that I had a headache. Mom came to wake me because the guys were home. Before I even made it upstairs, Stu had found his hat, put it on and was back out the door to help Dad unload the truck. Feels pretty good when someone steals what you've made them before you've even had a chance to present it to them.

In other news... I wish winter was over. All these pewpy, gloomy skies and being dark before six o'clock is draining my energy. I like winter, but I'm ready for some spring breeze and sunshine. We are mammals after all and winter envokes the urge to hibernate and stock up on body energy, i.e. sleep life away and be a big piggy... Oh, please, let's not go there, I haven't been a very disciplined little piggy over the holidays.

I'm off to work on Polly's afghan. Until next time...