Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workin' A Job, Making Monsters & Half Way Through Growing A Baby

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So, yeah, Stu and I have new jobs! YAY! We are both working at the place I was doing medical records retrieval back in May. We are both in the call center and should be done with training by the middle of next week. While we can't relax about money completely yet as we still have to watch spending until we catch up, we don't have the panic anymore either. We know we'll be fine now. It's kinda weird and cool working with my husband. But, it's really great to be able to have lunch together every day and take walks on breaks. Thanks to everyone who said prayers on our behalf (or chanting or casting spells or whatever it is you do to will good things for people, lol). I really appreciate everyone who had us in their thoughts... We're going to be okay. =)

I spent most of the day today writing shop policies for my Etsy shop and researching prices on similar items. After Stu looks them over as my second set of eyes, I'll be getting them posted and then posting my cthulhus for sale! Keep an eye out for them!

20 Weeks Pregnant
Heeeeeeeeeeeere's the baby! 20 weeks now. I had to cancel my mid-pregnancy ultrasound this past Friday since I started a new job just a day before. But, I spoke to my team leader on that same Friday (who I know from working there before). He was VERY excited for me and when I asked when I could reschedule, he replied with, "I would say do it Monday!" While only one business day later would be really awesome, I still have to finish training, lol, and that should be done the middle of this next week. Hopefully I can reschedule for this coming Friday. That way the appointment will only be postponed for a week. After I set the appointment, Stu might talk to his team leader about going (at the advice of my team leader, lol). I'm glad we work for cool people and I'm really excited to find out what we're having! Stu still says it's a boy, but everytime I have a dream about the baby it's a girl, lol. Any bets? Anyone?

My mom took me thrift store shopping last Sunday and bought me a few more articles of maternity clothing. Couldn't find any work slacks for me though, which sucks, I'm really going to need them soon. Dang those are hard to find at the thrift stores in my size and styles that are flattering on me! She also bought some gender neutral colored onsies, pants and recieving blankets for the baby and she buys more whenever she can. Thanks mom!

The only needlework news I have is that I'm still pluggin' away at my sister's baby's blanket (when I can find the time) and all weekend I have been planning on crocheting a delicates mesh laundry bag for some washcloths I cut out of a cotton t-shirt as they are more tiny than socks (which I haven't had time for as I've been doing housework, writing shop policies and running errands all weekend, lol.) Hopefully I can get that done after dinner.

Well, that's about it for me this week. Sorry so short, we've been a bit busy with us both working now and getting everything done for Ryn's school stuff as it's the start of the year. By the way, she really loves going to the performing arts school! Yay!

Until next time!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Am I Up To?

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Listen to this song while you read!

Ripple Baby Blanket
Well, I've made a little progress on the blanket for my sister's baby...

Green and Pink Ami Cthulhus
I've made a couple cthulhus for my Etsy shop. Now, hubby and I just need to discuss and post shop policies and accepted payment methods. =)

Lacy Top Cardigan
I started this Lacy Top Cardigan the weekend before last. I was hoping that I could make myself a little open front (so the belly can hang out!) thing to go over tank tops while I'm pregnant. It will have a tie closure where the V-neck meets there. I should NOT have started another project. Naughty me.

Etsy Shop Workstation - Our Bed
Here's what our bed looked like last Sunday while I got the cthulhus made for the Etsy shop.

My Nails
I did my nails earlier this week to match my toes as well.

19 Weeks Pregnant
And here's my progess on the baby. 19 weeks now and I can still see my feet, lol. I started feeling it moving a couple/few weeks ago and Stu got to feel it kick and move for a good few minutes for the first time last week!

He was tucking me in for bed and holding/rubbing my belly and the baby just started going crazy. I had felt the baby move on the outside just a night or two before that. I usually watch an episode of Friends every night before bed and the baby and I started a bedtime routine where I lay in bed on my back with a hand on my tummy for a while as I watch TV and the baby gets to play and roll around for a bit before we go to sleep. One night I was feeling it move around from the inside and then THUMP! It kicked my fingers! I ran downstairs and told Stu, he thought that I might have been mistaking inside sensation for outside. But, when he felt it kick I got to say "I told you!"

It's a really active baby and already knows exactly where my bladder is as it gets kicked all the time now! I don't mind too much though, because it's frickin' awesome to feel the baby move! Sometimes it kicks hard out of nowhere and I actually jump from being startled. That always makes me giggle.

I also have an interview on Monday for a Receptionist job that pays more than I've ever made. But, if that one doesn't work out, I have another job lined starting Tuesday up at the place I worked before the temp job I'm doing now. I'd be back in the call center again, which is okay, it's a job. But, hopefully, with my being there, if the Signatures department (where I was before I had to leave because of lack of hours) needs me again, I'll be easy access. I loved Signatures and wished I hadn't had to leave.

Stu will also have a job at the same place in the mailroom come Tuesday, pending his background check. We will know on Monday. I hope he gets it. It would be really convenient for us to work in the same place.

And, with starting a new job, looks like we'll probably have to push back the mid-pregnancy ultrasound another couple weeks. So, we won't know if it's a boy or girl for even longer. Plus, we agreed that if Stu is working a new job, it's probably a good idea that he doesn't take time off to go to the appointment. Big sad face!!! But, at least we'll be getting a DVD of the ultrasound so he can see it!

Well, until next time!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekends Are For Playing... And Brainstorming.

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Good afternoon, lovely readers! I'm feeling quite good right now... hopeful even. As you may or may not know, we are struggling financially right now. At my last temp job, they had to send us home early for lack of work at least a couple days a week for about a month. We never recovered from that. We're struggling enough that we are cutting back on things in our regular bills and spending NO money on extras (eating out, things we want, etc. Thank gawd I have a hefty yarn stash!!!). Stu hasn't been able to get a job yet (effin economy!!!) I'm working a temp job that barely pays enough and will end (they estimate) early Semptember.

Tiny Amigurumi Cthulhu
This little cthulhu that I decided to crochet for Stu on a whim... he is what gives me hope. Once Stu saw it, he expressed that I could sell these (and other amigurumis). Especially considering that he knows a few people who would buy these little cthulhus... and they have friends that would buy little cthulhus, etc. I have thought of selling my handmade items before, but never figured that it would be worth it.

For instance, making an afghan while working a full time job would take me a month to three months... and that's when I was single. Even if a charge a couple hundred dollars, doesn't seem that would be enough to really make a living off of it. Granted, if selling handmade items was my full time job, it might work. BUT, I can't just quit a job hoping my things would sell. Gotta transistion, you know.

Anyhow, since amigurumis can be quick, this might be the ticket I need to start a career doing what I love and take better care of my family. Stu is totally behind this, supportive and very encouraging. He's been asking all his facebook/gaming friends for input and is pushing for this to happen more than I am doing anything, lol. He even mentioned that maybe he could learn to crochet to help with production. And of course, he would be a part of the business end of things, he's too smart for me to not take advantage of his wisdom, knowledge and ideas in a business endeavor. I've had and Etsy shop for a couple years, just haven't used it or set it all up yet. Just been waiting for the right time... and this might be it.

I have even wanted to sell patterns I write and am working on my first purchase pattern now. I just have never gotten around to it. Seems now is a good a time as any to jump into all this. When talking with Stu about it, I asked him, "Wouldn't it be a God send if this could support our family someday?" Indeed it would. Cross your fingers, eyes, nose and toes and say a little prayer for our success, please? =)

Also, lately I've been cutting some squares to make a rag quilt out of a sheet and some pink themed quilt fabric I bought a LOOOONG time ago. I'm thinking maybe rag quilts will be faster (than knit or crochet) baby blankets for those I know having babies. The only challenge right now will be getting material while being broke. I could buy plenty of sheets from thrift stores and wash them in hot water with a bleach degergent, but I can't even afford that right now. So, I've begging everyone I know for non-stretchy clothing and sheets (even flannel, makes a good replacement for batting and provides warmth). I'm kinda bummed that I can't find my Pixie sewing machine. Stu and I both have basically torn apart the garage and can't find it. But, I did find my cheap-o "Mighty Mender" machine. That should do for these rag quilts so long as the layers and fabrics don't get too thick... and if I can get/keep the tension right... damn cheap machine. Hopefully I can get some more squares cut tonight.

Moving along... The baby is doing good. And there's some movement that I can feel now. How exciting!!! We have our next ultrasound to check the baby's development and find out the gender at the end of this month. Do you think it will be a boy or a girl? Stu has become accustomed to saying, "My son", "He", "Him" and "Logan" whenever referring to the baby. I'm anxious to see if his prediction is right!

Ryn starts school at the Salt Lake School of Perfoming Arts (SLSPA) at the end of the month! We're really excited for her to start this journey. She wants to be an actress and/or a writer. So, we're really glad she can go to this school. They don't enroll by lottery like other charter schools here, you just enroll as long as they have room. It's really great. It's a ways across the valley though, so we must all prepare for getting up earlier and tweaking our schedules if she ever has early morning rehersals and such. Hope it goes smoothly as possible for us all.

Pinky Preggie Toes!
I painted my toes a couple/few weeks ago. Thank goodness my pedicures last much longer than my manicures considering that my toes are going to get harder (if not impossible) to reach in the coming months! Oh, like my piggie bling? It's been soooo long since I've worn toe pretties, I figured it was time. The last time we were at the OB's office waiting for a blood draw, Stu saw the toe ring and knowing how a pregnant woman's everything can swell, he asked, "You gonna be able to get that off?" I replied, "Uh-huh, it's open underneath and bendable." What a sweet hubby/daddy. He's always checking on me (and the baby).

Naked Nails!
Well, I was going to paint my nails last night with hot pink tips to match my hot pink toes, but didn't, so you get naked nails today. Have I mentioned that I love taking prenatal vitamins? My nails already grew fast, but now they're growing like weeds! I cut them (only when I break one or two) and two weeks later they're getting long again. Please excuse the lack of white near my nail beds, I had just washed dishes and long exposure to water does that for some weird reason.

Changing Table/Dresser
My grandma bought this changing table/dresser for me at a church yard sale. My dad brought it over today. Boy, this baby not having it's own room is gonna make things quite cozy! =P

Well, I'm gonna go see if hubby's ready for me to make dinner yet. I know me and the baby are!

Until next time!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've Got Jungle (Monkey) Fever

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So, I've found a new something to love...


Sock Monkey
I made this sock monkey a couple years ago for my cousin Peachy's birthday. It was really fun.

I've also come across a flickr account of a girl who makes sock monkeys with knit sweaters and they are so adorable and inspiring!

Here's a screen shot of her flickr page. You can visit it here. Her Etsy shop for these monkeys can be found here.

She even makes baby sock monkeys!!! Out of baby socks!!! Oh! For cryin' out loud! What a cute idea! I'll definitely have to try that! Baby Claudia is my favorite!

And speaking of babies...

16 Weeks Pregnant
Here I am at 16 weeks.

I haven't quite "popped" yet. I'm really anxious to look more pregnant and less chubby. But, I'm sure that the baby is pushing out my already fluffy belly as my OB pointed out where the top of my uterus is and it's almost to my belly button. The baby pokes out more when I wake up in the morning.

We get another ultrasound to check the baby's development and find out the gender late this month!

This Is Why...
Totally off topic, but this is why hubby calls me the Sammich Queen. Turkey with all the fixins. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo and mustard... and don't forget the pickle on the side! This sandwich was delicious and so beautiful that I just had to take a picture before eating it!

In needlework news...

I'm still working on my sister's baby's purple and blue ripple blanket. I'm also writing a pattern for this...

Mystery Crochet
Can you guess what it is?

Until next time!