Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Not Gone After All

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I was going to go to bed early tonight. I think I'm coming down with fighting off something (since Christmas). But, I've been stuck on Ravelry, Facebook, Slacker and a couple pregnancy sites for a while.

Oh yeah, this is what's inside of me now...

38 weeks. Yikes. That's a lot of baby.

I'm dialated 3 cm and effaced about 80%, she's head down... and has been for WELL over a month. 1 cm at first pelvic exam 3 weeks ago and 1 more cm each week, consistantly, since then. Stu keeps saying he's not ready (but also really is). He thinks the baby will be here before Monday. That's 3 days. I think this an appropriate spot for another yikes. Yikes.

I feel like I need to clean the house like crazy, but don't want to.

I've washed a lot of baby clothes... and socks... and realized that I washed them all with cheap Sun detergent and am now kicking myself because somewhere in the back of my mind I knew better and should have washed them with a gentle detergent. Mommy's so sorry, baby girl. I'll make Daddy go buy some new detergent just for you ASAP.

We have two car seats. The first one that hubby bought didn't fit in our tiny back seat. We haven't even tried the second one yet. Please, God, let it fit... and properly. She could be here any day.

I don't even have a Moby or Sleep Wrap yet for my "as much as possible" skin to skin Kangaroo Care (google it) with my little peanut as soon as she's born. My mom said she'd get me one, but keeps asking me to find where they are. Maybe this shouldn't bother me because mom's health isn't that great, but it does anyway.

My feet/ankles/legs won't stop being fat and sometimes it makes me wanna cry. I can only wear my tennis shoes to work now and don't feel very pretty/professional doing so. I only have one pair of maternity jeans left that are still comfortable and don't cut into my pelvic area and cause pain when I sit. All those other jeans also make me feel like I'm squishing the baby's head and that makes me sad.

I don't even have the bassinet I'm borrowing from my mom yet... and no crib. Which is okay, cuz we won't need a crib for a couple/few months anyway.

The house is so effing cold and our room gets chilly at night. I don't want the baby to be cold at night, but can't bring myself to let her sleep in our bed for fear of hurting her... or worse. I'll just dress her really warm. I wish I could turn up the heat.

The baby hurts me now, but I still love her more than anything in the world.

I'm nervous, but I can't wait to meet my little angel. I'm so anxious to see what she looks like! ♥

That is all.

...I think.

(P.S. to the hubby: I know, it'll all be okay and some of this rambling is just me being a neurotic pregnant lady and the rest is for laughs. Please don't let this post worry/upset you, lol.)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Planned LOA

I (already have and) may not be posting for a while. With all the holiday stuff and preparation for the baby and once the baby does come... I don't think I'm really gonna have the time (or energy) to blog for a while. But, please, check back every once in a while. I would like to blog on a regular basis again someday. =)

Thank you to all my loyal readers for sticking around. Wish I didn't have to anticipate this absence, but, it's my first baby... I have NO idea how things are really gonna go down. I'll try to at least post some pics of Morgana once she arrives. You all deserve at least that, lol.

Hope to "see" you all sooner than later! ♥

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, Stu took me for a prenatal massage and it was divine! Although, I'm sure when the therapist rubbed my belly, lil Momo was like, "Hey! Who are you?!?! I don't know you!" Stu also surprised me when we were paying and leaving afterwards. He paid for and scheduled another massage for me in December! Yay! My hubby is awesome! He even mentioned on the way home that he was thinking about doing a postnatal massage for me as well.

My baby shower is coming up in December as well and I can't wait to see everyone. Especially my "out of town" friends who don't live in the valley since I hardly or never get to see them.

Speaking of the baby...

32 Weeks Pregnant
Here's our little bundle at 32 weeks now. It's getting closer!!! Just this morning, Stu and I were laying in bed, talking about her sleeping in, since she wasn't moving yet. Stu said, "She's still full from Thanksgiving yesterday." That made me think of her little belly and I said, "Aw, I can't wait 'til she comes out and I can see her cute little Buddah belly! All babies have a little Buddah belly."

Momo's Christmas Stocking
I'm knitting a Christmas stocking for the baby too. I've ripped it out, I think, at least twice. I think I've settled on freestyling it without a pattern and doing an afterthought heel.

I'll also being doing other super-secret-squirrel projects for others for christmas as well.

Pumpkin Spice Mini Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Icing
I made these little pumpkin spice mini cupcakes w/ cream cheese icing with the leftovers from the pumpkin roll I made for Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and dad's. I have to say, they turned out pretty damn good for my winging it and not being very knowledgable in the science of baking!

So, yeah, I made my traditional pumpkin roll, Stu made his popular loaded baked potato salad (OMG, so yum!), my sister, Brandi, made green bean casserole and Ryn made "green gook" pistachio pudding salad and helped my mom with everything else. It was an awesome dinner and I'm thankful for everyone's contribution!

I'm thankful for so much in my life... the list is huge. But, to keep it short and sweet, I'll just say that I'm thankful for all the people in my life-- Family, friends, co-workers and you, readers to my blog... and so much more!

I hope you all had a Happy Food Day-- er, Thanksgiving and that your day was filled with way too much food, joy and good company. I know mine was!

Until next time! ♥

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ripple Baby Blanket
I finished my sister's baby's blanket! Now, to just wash it and give it away. Then, I can start on a Christmas project(s) for my little family. I was gonna start it today, but it's already after 9 and close to bedtime... maybe I can do a couple rows...

New Cell Phone
Stu got me a new phone, since a few months ago I dropped my old phone in water and the lock key doesn't work anymore. I'm a lucky girl... everything else worked fine. And, it's a pretty purple! Thanks, honey! <3

Fried Cinnamon Sugar Chips
Tonight, Ryn made fried cinnamon sugar chips! Guess she read on my blog that I thought it would be yummy. They were! Thanks, Ryn! <3

She also made cocoa with whipped cream to go with them. Mmmm.

The baby has been stretching like crazy today. I've been sitting on the bed crocheting and have to stop occasionally to watch her poke little and big body parts out. She kept poking to one side, then the other. It made me giggle. I love her. <3 (Wish my laptop could make the real hearts. Le sigh.)

(Sorry I didn't blog the rest of the week.)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, not a whole lot has happened today. I just did the grocery shopping and my laundry. Right now, I'm just watching Three's Company and crocheting until it's time to throw the meatloaf I'm making for dinner in the oven.

I almost bought some clearance fabric at Walmart today while I was shopping. I have something in mind to give to everyone as Christmas gifts. But, I've promised myself I won't start any new projects until I'm done with the one I'm working on. I'm doing good so far, but have had some close calls.

Ryn has been feeling sick since yesterday morning. I started getting a sore throat yesterday and Stu said his was getting sore this morning. But, I think mine is subsiding and I've been drinking juices fortified with vitamin C today. So, hopefully, I won't actually come down with anything.

Ryn also fried up some nice chips from some flour tortillas. They'll really good and would probably be quite tasty with some cinnamon and sugar. Maybe I can request some made that way, lol.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Are you effing serious?!?! I just typed a whole day's post and lost it by navigating away from the preview window. Note to self: right click "open link in a new window"!!!

Anyhow, today was a kind of "blah" day. Weather was gloomy, rainy and cold and I was tired and off my game at work. I was just going rest after work tonight to fight of this little bug I've come down with, but Stu took us to Mini's Cupcakes for dinner. I'm not complaining! They have the best boxed lunches and cupcakes!

We all had:

Box Lunch
Includes: 1/2 Sandwich on made from scratch oatmeal applesauce bread; Organic field green salad with locally made chevre; Cranberries; Locally grown pecans & a house made berry vinaigrette dressing; a complementary cupcake.
Talking Turkey -
Smoked Turkey, Swiss cheese, Field Greens, a Cranberry and Crème Cheese spread

For cupcakes...

Stu had

Ryn had

I had

Then, then! The lady sent us home with four other different cupcakes since they were just going to be thrown away as it was nearing the end of the business day and they were "on their way out the door anyway and might as well go home with some nice people." So sweet of her!

If you're ever in the area (address on website link above) you must, I mean MUST go!

I'm also getting together the guest list for my upcoming baby shower. So excited for it!

Well, maybe now I'll try to go rest. Luckily, I'm not feeling too bad, but my OB nurse suggested I get extra fluids and rest just to be sure I kick this bug to the curb! Have a fantastic night, everyone!


Whoops, skipped a couple days. I've been sick with a cold or something, plus we've been out in the evenings a lot this week. Earlier this week, Stu took us to dinner at Chili's, bought an XBox 360 with Kinect, he got me a boxed set of all three Toy Story movies (I haven't seen 3 yet) and bought Ryn a couple of books.

Last night at my knit meeting, I got a surprise baby shower! Thanks to all the ladies and my hubby for secretly making sure I went... even though I felt like poo, lol.

Surprise Baby Shower @ Knit Mtg for Morgana & I - 11/11/10
Jessica made the cutest girl sock monkey cupcakes!

Surprise Baby Shower @ Knit Mtg for Morgana & I - 11/11/10
Presents! You can find all the other pics starting here.

Well, I am starting to feel better and I think I'm past the "mouth breather" stage, ugh. I haven't decided if I'm gonna go crochet and watch Three's Company or just pass out for the night until my hubby gets home from his evening class.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Really Falling Behind

Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry. But, I'm gonna try something new.

I'm going to try to blog a little everyday of the week and then publish the post at the end of the week. That way, at least you'll have a little something to read every week. And hopefully, doing a little each night will be a little more manageable time-wise. See, I've had some problems blogging every weekend lately as it can take hours to get all the pics uploaded and described on flickr and then there's the typing and grabbing pic htmls... let's just say it takes me a while. So, maybe if I do it in smaller chunks, it won't feel quite like I'm "wasting" my whole day blogging.

So, for now I'll try to catch you up at least a little as a lot has been going on and I don't really wanna be typing all night to give you all the details.

I took my 4 hour glucose test at the OB and passed. No gestational diatbetes. Yay!

I got hired on permanent at work, effective this coming Monday. Yay! Stu surprised me with going to sushi earlier this week for dinner as a congrats! Ahmagahd, I was so happy I couldn't stop giggling. I haven't had sushi since before I got pregnant, mostly because we've been broke. And don't worry, I played it pretty safe and only had one piece of Philidelphia roll with raw salmon (so yum, I needed it!), everything else I had was cooked and it's a trustworthy restaurant.

Stu is being trained in other departments... hopefully this will lead to a trainer position for him at the first of the year. Yay!

Ryn did all her performances in her school play, Julia Caesar and did super fantastic! Yay!

Baby Morgana is as active and strong as ever. She even kicks me hard enough sometimes for it to hurt a little, lol. The doctor says everything's right on track with her. Yay! But, she's practicing breathing now and gets the hiccups all the time. In fact, she has them right now. Not so yay. I always feel bad when she has them. =(

We have even toured the maternity ward in the hospital I'll deliver at. Seems like it will be a good place. The people are really nice and they even looked over my breastfeeding/skin to skin plan for after birth and say there shouldn't be any problems. She will room in with me for our entire stay at the hospital and not be away from me unless absolutely medically neccessary. I've also done some reading up on Kangaroo Care and Stu and I think it's a really good plan, so we're going to try that too.

I also just want to mention that I've had an amazingly easy pregnancy and feel very blessed. Other than the occasional fat feet and ankles, mid-slumber calf cramps and a sore tail bone from time to time; I feel great! Plus, I've been so lucky to have such a loving and attentive husband. Not only is accomadating to me as much as possible, but he's always loving on my tummy and telling the baby he loves her. He's even getting to the point now where he doesn't want me driving during rush hour traffic or taking the garbage out after dark. He's a good papa bear. ♥

My mom got me a snug, side ruched cute little shirt in grey that says, "My Belly Rocks". And it's wonderfully long, covers my tummy so nicely and shows it off. It's my favorite shirt right now. Yay! It's funny, becuase sometimes my belly really does literally rock, lol.

Okay, picture time!

28 Weeks Pregnant
Here's Morgana at 28 weeks. (Even though I'm 30 weeks as I write this.) It's getting close! I'm so excited and can't wait to meet her! I'm nervous though too, with this being my first child birth. I don't know what to expect and what it will feel like. But, at least I'm not terrified anymore like I was a while before I got pregnant, just nervous now. Stu is very excited to meet her too. He keeps asking if she's ready and can come out now, lol.

Halloween 2010
Here's our costumes for Halloween! We are kangaroos, NOT bunnies!!! Quite a few people got it wrong. Especially for Stu while I wasn't around with my tell-tale pouch, complete with a headband for Morgana. Ryn decided to join the fun and be a kangaroo too, but I don't have a pic of her in her costume. Although, you can see one in her blog post, here.

Also, I'm still working on my baby niece's blanket. I only have 10 rows left! Now, if I can just get myself to work on it, haha! I have SO much I wanna do before Christmas and the baby. Hope I can get crackin'.

Well, I think I'm gonna stop there... I've already been typing for too long.

Until next time! Take Care!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here Comes Halloween!

Short post today.

I finished the baby and I's costume. We're kinda sharing one. I threw it together for less than $15!

Halloween Costumes 2010
Here's my part of the costume.

Baby's Halloween Costume 2010
And here's the baby's part. Can you guess what we're gonna be? Don't guess in the comments if I've already told you, please.

I'll reveal what it is about Halloween time.

Tea Time
I got some Celestial Seasonings herbal holiday tea in Gingerbread when I went grocery shopping today. I made it with sugar and milk instead of water. It's SO good! They also have sugar cookie, sugar plum and peppermint. I'd like to try them all.

Well, that's about it. Told ya it was gonna be short. Until next time!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Husband's A Super Hero!

A lot has been going on lately...

Been working on the sock monkey for Morgana...

Classic Sock Monkey
Last Sunday I got the rest of the body and the head done. I embroidered the eyes on, then knit and sewed the mouth on. Now it just needs arms, ears and a tail.

Classic Sock Monkey
It's even got a classic sock monkey bum! Squee!

We also went driving around to find a place closer to Ryn's school today. Kinda slim pickins. We'll keep looking though.

Earlier this week I made a black forest dump cake for a department potluck. Sorry, no pic. Everyone enjoyed it... especially an account manager for one of our clients. It was the first thing he dished up and had seconds before anyone else had really even had any, lol.

Work is going well for both Stu and I. We received word a while ago that they'd like to be rid of the temp staffing company by November. Since then, the department I worked for before I had to leave last time asked for me back. I felt bad leaving Stu in the call center and going to the fifth floor. =( But, I'm so happy to be back where I was. Then, all the temps (which is what we are) have been giving 30 second presentations to some of the executives. Stu and I did ours last week (I think). Stu did a kind of super hero poem about powers that described what the company is all about. The CEO loved it and posted it on the employee website the next day! He became a celebrity overnight. Then, just yesterday (Friday) he got hired on permanent!!! YAY!!!!! I'm so happy for him. That really made his day, especially since he's been feeling under the weather and still is today.

He feels bad that I haven't been hired yet. But, given that the second interviews or hiring are supposed to be done by the department managers and our department has A-LO-HOT of work right now and my manager's son is quite ill... hopefully she's just been too busy to get to me. I'm kinda sad too, but I'm not terribly worried. I think they'll hire me. Even if they don't, at least my hubby has a permanent job. That's stability enough for us at the moment. =)

I've been to the OB recently. I don't know if it's routine or because I'm a bit overweight, but I did a glucose test. They say my glucose levels should be 140... mine was 169. Ouch. The tech said that doesn't necessarily mean I have gestational diabetes, but they want to do a more extensive test. So, starting tomorrow, I get to eat a candy bar everyday for 3 days (yay), then Tuesday, only water after midnight, then from about 9:00 am to noon on Wednesday, I get to hang around the doctor's office for three four hours while they draw my blood every hour. And I don't get to eat until they're done. =( Hope it isn't so bad.

I was also told that I need more iron. So, Stu went and bought me spinach, raisins and juice. I need to eat one of the foods and drink some juice every evening. The vitamin C in the juice will help my body absorb the iron.

Plus, I still need to exercise (which I haven't done, bad mommy!) and watch what I eat. I gained 4 lbs. since my last appointment, but the doc said she wasn't as worried this time since the gain wasn't as rapid as last time.

Wow, being pregnant sure is a lot of work. (At least when you have medical people monitoring the whole thing and telling you what to do, lol.)

That's pretty much been our week. Wish me luck with my health and you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Are You Serious?!

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Stu and I were laying in bed, awake, just before 6 AM today... shortly after, the baby was awake too.

After a bit we decided to wake Ryn and left for IHOP at 6:30.

We waitied 20 minutes for IHOP to open at 7.

The baby had her first IHOP. =)

Stu asked how the baby liked it. I replied with, "She's in a food coma right now. I'll let you know when she wakes up."

Now I'm home again, have started a load of laundry and ready to go back to bed.

I think I'll crochet on my niece's blanket though.

Have a happy day all!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The State Fair, Baby Cast-On-Itis & A Budding Wrestler/Boxer/Ninja

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Hello!!! Okay, here's what I've been up to...

State Fair 2010
We went to the State Fair the weekend before last and had a blast! Here's the baby sweater I entered. It got honorable mention in the advanced category. We even ran into my Matron of Honor, Christy, who I worked with at the insurance agency. We were so happy to see each other. She lives far away so we really don't hang out. She even got to feel Morgana kicking. That was exciting!

State Fair 2010
Stu and Ryn shared frog legs, 'gater on a stick and crawfish with fries for lunch.

Stu and I also went on a date last Saturday. The first date we've had in a long time! It's so nice to have a little extra money to do that now that we're both working. We went to the movie Devil (thumbs up!) and ate at Cafe Rio, then came home and had coffee. We wanted to go out for coffee and dessert, but we had already had chocolate flan (first time flan for us both, yum!) at Cafe Rio. So, we just did coffee at home and watched Surrogates on Netflix. That was a good one too.

Stu and I also went to a college interview yesterday for Stu to get his masters in psychology. I know, I know, you're like, "What? He went to school for video games, didn't he?!?!" Yes, he did. But, he's discovering that it's really hard to find a job in that field and that he's not really into working in that market, no matter how much he loves gaming. He has always been interested in psychology and feels he may have jumped the gun in the decision to go the gaming direction. But, the good news is that he doesn't have to get a new bachelors in this field since he already has one. Bonus! Good luck, honey!

24 Weeks Pregnant
I'm also still growing a baby. It's coming along very nicely. Here I am at 24 weeks(6 months). Not the best pic of me. =/

Speaking of baby... In this cornaaaaaaaaaaa.... Rowdy Rowdy Baby Morgana!!!

It's a little hard to see, but she's kicking just under the top right flower (of the shot) on my dress.

I can't stop casting on projects!!! I'm a bad girl.

Classic Sock Monkey
And here's the sock monkey I've decided will be for Morgana. I'm writing my own pattern and am pretty please with how it's going so far! I know, it's a little disturbing to see just monkey butt and legs... but this will change soon. I work on this one on Sundays. (Except for today. I will be working on the following today as I just started it last night and am excited about it...)

Patchwork Baby Blanket
I know I said I wanted to do that sock monkey blanket for the baby, and I still do, but I decided I wanna do this one first.

It will look very close to this (the pattern pic)...

The design and colors of this quilt like pattern remind me of a amazingly similar quilt made from jersey material that I had when I was a child. I used that blanket until it was thread-bare and the squares were falling away from the blanket. I would love for my baby girl to have something reminiscent of my childhood… even if she never can see the quilt I had as it’s now long gone.

Sissy, if you're reading this, don't worry, I'm doing your baby's blanket exclusively during the week. Sometimes I just need to break it up and do a couple things at once, lol.

Until next time!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's A...

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New Year's Day
by U2

So, yeah, we're having A GIRL!!!! It's kinda funny; with all Stu's talk about it being a boy, I was really getting used to the idea and looking forward to a boy, even though early on, I wanted a girl. So, yes, there was a tiny piece of me that was disappointed that it wasn't a boy. But, I really would have been happy either way. I'm very excited that it's a girl as well. And Stu said, "Well, crap." But, only because he's had his first incorrect prediction in his life... he's really, really happy it's a girl.

Well, since all I'm doing at the moment is sitting with my feet propped up on some couch cushions on the coffee table (darn swollen ankles and feet!) and sippin' some tea, let's move on to some ultrasound pics from the DVD, yes? (There are only a small handfull, the lady kinda zoomed through everything and focused mostly on organ/bone measurements, etc.)

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
She will be named Morgana Amber. This is the best face shot I could get.

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
...Like a little lady.

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
Stu has this shot on his cubie wall at work.

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
I told the ultrasound technician that it feels like the baby's always kicking me in the cervix and trying to get out... Now we see why. Whenever she kicks here, I tell her, "You can't come out, you aren't done cookin'!" But, the good news is that she hasn't been kicking me in the bladder hardly at all lately, knock on wood.

Sorry, no girly part shots. There's just something that feels wrong about posting pics of my daughter's hoo-hoo on the interwebs. I'm sure she'll thank me for not doing it, someday.

On a sort of poopy note, my OB doc said I shouldn't gain anymore weight during the pregnancy since I've already gained some and started out "ahead of the game", as she puts it, lol. So, wish me luck in eating better and getting in my phyiscal activity everyday so I can keep that gestational diabetes and delivering a big baby at bay!!!

I was about halfway through eating a Suzy Q last night and Stu said, "Every ounce of chocolate is an ounce of pain." I frowned in disappointment a little and then enthusiastically thrust my Suzy Q in his direction and said, "You wan' my chocolate?!?!" Ugh.

We also just went to the SLSPA Fall Bash in the park for Ryn's school. There were sandwiches, salads, veggies and all kinds of sweet treats. Some of the kids sang and played guitar. Ryn mostly ran around with her friends all over the park and even got into a cupcake frosting fight, oy vey. It was a nice little evening outing.

She also got her first part in a play!!! They are calling it Julia Caesar. All the girls play boys and vice versa. We're so proud of her, she worked hard on her audition with Stu. We went out to dinner at Sizzler to celebrate the day we found out. Holy cow, the steak and endless shrimp was too much. I only finished half my first serving of shrimp, almost all of my REALLY yummily seasoned 6 oz. steak... but I finished all of my loaded potato! *blush* I know, I shoulda finished one of the others, if anything.

Classic Sock Monkey
I hope to finish knitting this classic "Rockford heel" type sock monkey for Morgana before she's born. I'm writing a pattern for it too... Hope it turns out looking like a real sock monkey, lol.

Sock Monkey Baby Blanket
I also want to make her this blankie from the Stitch N' Bitch Crochet book. It's a sock monkey blankie. You can kinda see one of the monkey faces on it there. I should have taken a better pic. Oh well, you'll see it better when I make it. ;)

Anyhow, I'm gonna go eat some lunch, then do my hair and make-up so we can go to the state fair to see if the knit baby sweater I entered placed.... cross your fingers!!! And hopefully tonight Stu and I can go on a date. With us both working now, we can swing a cheap date. I told him yesterday that I wanted a date with him since we haven't been in so long, I miss it. Plus, now's a good time... before the baby comes!

Take care, everyone! Hugs and love!
My baby sweater got honorable mention at the state fair today. But, that's really okay, I'm very happy to have just gotten a ribbon. Maybe next year!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workin' A Job, Making Monsters & Half Way Through Growing A Baby

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by Jamiroquai

So, yeah, Stu and I have new jobs! YAY! We are both working at the place I was doing medical records retrieval back in May. We are both in the call center and should be done with training by the middle of next week. While we can't relax about money completely yet as we still have to watch spending until we catch up, we don't have the panic anymore either. We know we'll be fine now. It's kinda weird and cool working with my husband. But, it's really great to be able to have lunch together every day and take walks on breaks. Thanks to everyone who said prayers on our behalf (or chanting or casting spells or whatever it is you do to will good things for people, lol). I really appreciate everyone who had us in their thoughts... We're going to be okay. =)

I spent most of the day today writing shop policies for my Etsy shop and researching prices on similar items. After Stu looks them over as my second set of eyes, I'll be getting them posted and then posting my cthulhus for sale! Keep an eye out for them!

20 Weeks Pregnant
Heeeeeeeeeeeere's the baby! 20 weeks now. I had to cancel my mid-pregnancy ultrasound this past Friday since I started a new job just a day before. But, I spoke to my team leader on that same Friday (who I know from working there before). He was VERY excited for me and when I asked when I could reschedule, he replied with, "I would say do it Monday!" While only one business day later would be really awesome, I still have to finish training, lol, and that should be done the middle of this next week. Hopefully I can reschedule for this coming Friday. That way the appointment will only be postponed for a week. After I set the appointment, Stu might talk to his team leader about going (at the advice of my team leader, lol). I'm glad we work for cool people and I'm really excited to find out what we're having! Stu still says it's a boy, but everytime I have a dream about the baby it's a girl, lol. Any bets? Anyone?

My mom took me thrift store shopping last Sunday and bought me a few more articles of maternity clothing. Couldn't find any work slacks for me though, which sucks, I'm really going to need them soon. Dang those are hard to find at the thrift stores in my size and styles that are flattering on me! She also bought some gender neutral colored onsies, pants and recieving blankets for the baby and she buys more whenever she can. Thanks mom!

The only needlework news I have is that I'm still pluggin' away at my sister's baby's blanket (when I can find the time) and all weekend I have been planning on crocheting a delicates mesh laundry bag for some washcloths I cut out of a cotton t-shirt as they are more tiny than socks (which I haven't had time for as I've been doing housework, writing shop policies and running errands all weekend, lol.) Hopefully I can get that done after dinner.

Well, that's about it for me this week. Sorry so short, we've been a bit busy with us both working now and getting everything done for Ryn's school stuff as it's the start of the year. By the way, she really loves going to the performing arts school! Yay!

Until next time!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Am I Up To?

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What I Am
by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
Listen to this song while you read!

Ripple Baby Blanket
Well, I've made a little progress on the blanket for my sister's baby...

Green and Pink Ami Cthulhus
I've made a couple cthulhus for my Etsy shop. Now, hubby and I just need to discuss and post shop policies and accepted payment methods. =)

Lacy Top Cardigan
I started this Lacy Top Cardigan the weekend before last. I was hoping that I could make myself a little open front (so the belly can hang out!) thing to go over tank tops while I'm pregnant. It will have a tie closure where the V-neck meets there. I should NOT have started another project. Naughty me.

Etsy Shop Workstation - Our Bed
Here's what our bed looked like last Sunday while I got the cthulhus made for the Etsy shop.

My Nails
I did my nails earlier this week to match my toes as well.

19 Weeks Pregnant
And here's my progess on the baby. 19 weeks now and I can still see my feet, lol. I started feeling it moving a couple/few weeks ago and Stu got to feel it kick and move for a good few minutes for the first time last week!

He was tucking me in for bed and holding/rubbing my belly and the baby just started going crazy. I had felt the baby move on the outside just a night or two before that. I usually watch an episode of Friends every night before bed and the baby and I started a bedtime routine where I lay in bed on my back with a hand on my tummy for a while as I watch TV and the baby gets to play and roll around for a bit before we go to sleep. One night I was feeling it move around from the inside and then THUMP! It kicked my fingers! I ran downstairs and told Stu, he thought that I might have been mistaking inside sensation for outside. But, when he felt it kick I got to say "I told you!"

It's a really active baby and already knows exactly where my bladder is as it gets kicked all the time now! I don't mind too much though, because it's frickin' awesome to feel the baby move! Sometimes it kicks hard out of nowhere and I actually jump from being startled. That always makes me giggle.

I also have an interview on Monday for a Receptionist job that pays more than I've ever made. But, if that one doesn't work out, I have another job lined starting Tuesday up at the place I worked before the temp job I'm doing now. I'd be back in the call center again, which is okay, it's a job. But, hopefully, with my being there, if the Signatures department (where I was before I had to leave because of lack of hours) needs me again, I'll be easy access. I loved Signatures and wished I hadn't had to leave.

Stu will also have a job at the same place in the mailroom come Tuesday, pending his background check. We will know on Monday. I hope he gets it. It would be really convenient for us to work in the same place.

And, with starting a new job, looks like we'll probably have to push back the mid-pregnancy ultrasound another couple weeks. So, we won't know if it's a boy or girl for even longer. Plus, we agreed that if Stu is working a new job, it's probably a good idea that he doesn't take time off to go to the appointment. Big sad face!!! But, at least we'll be getting a DVD of the ultrasound so he can see it!

Well, until next time!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekends Are For Playing... And Brainstorming.

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Good afternoon, lovely readers! I'm feeling quite good right now... hopeful even. As you may or may not know, we are struggling financially right now. At my last temp job, they had to send us home early for lack of work at least a couple days a week for about a month. We never recovered from that. We're struggling enough that we are cutting back on things in our regular bills and spending NO money on extras (eating out, things we want, etc. Thank gawd I have a hefty yarn stash!!!). Stu hasn't been able to get a job yet (effin economy!!!) I'm working a temp job that barely pays enough and will end (they estimate) early Semptember.

Tiny Amigurumi Cthulhu
This little cthulhu that I decided to crochet for Stu on a whim... he is what gives me hope. Once Stu saw it, he expressed that I could sell these (and other amigurumis). Especially considering that he knows a few people who would buy these little cthulhus... and they have friends that would buy little cthulhus, etc. I have thought of selling my handmade items before, but never figured that it would be worth it.

For instance, making an afghan while working a full time job would take me a month to three months... and that's when I was single. Even if a charge a couple hundred dollars, doesn't seem that would be enough to really make a living off of it. Granted, if selling handmade items was my full time job, it might work. BUT, I can't just quit a job hoping my things would sell. Gotta transistion, you know.

Anyhow, since amigurumis can be quick, this might be the ticket I need to start a career doing what I love and take better care of my family. Stu is totally behind this, supportive and very encouraging. He's been asking all his facebook/gaming friends for input and is pushing for this to happen more than I am doing anything, lol. He even mentioned that maybe he could learn to crochet to help with production. And of course, he would be a part of the business end of things, he's too smart for me to not take advantage of his wisdom, knowledge and ideas in a business endeavor. I've had and Etsy shop for a couple years, just haven't used it or set it all up yet. Just been waiting for the right time... and this might be it.

I have even wanted to sell patterns I write and am working on my first purchase pattern now. I just have never gotten around to it. Seems now is a good a time as any to jump into all this. When talking with Stu about it, I asked him, "Wouldn't it be a God send if this could support our family someday?" Indeed it would. Cross your fingers, eyes, nose and toes and say a little prayer for our success, please? =)

Also, lately I've been cutting some squares to make a rag quilt out of a sheet and some pink themed quilt fabric I bought a LOOOONG time ago. I'm thinking maybe rag quilts will be faster (than knit or crochet) baby blankets for those I know having babies. The only challenge right now will be getting material while being broke. I could buy plenty of sheets from thrift stores and wash them in hot water with a bleach degergent, but I can't even afford that right now. So, I've begging everyone I know for non-stretchy clothing and sheets (even flannel, makes a good replacement for batting and provides warmth). I'm kinda bummed that I can't find my Pixie sewing machine. Stu and I both have basically torn apart the garage and can't find it. But, I did find my cheap-o "Mighty Mender" machine. That should do for these rag quilts so long as the layers and fabrics don't get too thick... and if I can get/keep the tension right... damn cheap machine. Hopefully I can get some more squares cut tonight.

Moving along... The baby is doing good. And there's some movement that I can feel now. How exciting!!! We have our next ultrasound to check the baby's development and find out the gender at the end of this month. Do you think it will be a boy or a girl? Stu has become accustomed to saying, "My son", "He", "Him" and "Logan" whenever referring to the baby. I'm anxious to see if his prediction is right!

Ryn starts school at the Salt Lake School of Perfoming Arts (SLSPA) at the end of the month! We're really excited for her to start this journey. She wants to be an actress and/or a writer. So, we're really glad she can go to this school. They don't enroll by lottery like other charter schools here, you just enroll as long as they have room. It's really great. It's a ways across the valley though, so we must all prepare for getting up earlier and tweaking our schedules if she ever has early morning rehersals and such. Hope it goes smoothly as possible for us all.

Pinky Preggie Toes!
I painted my toes a couple/few weeks ago. Thank goodness my pedicures last much longer than my manicures considering that my toes are going to get harder (if not impossible) to reach in the coming months! Oh, like my piggie bling? It's been soooo long since I've worn toe pretties, I figured it was time. The last time we were at the OB's office waiting for a blood draw, Stu saw the toe ring and knowing how a pregnant woman's everything can swell, he asked, "You gonna be able to get that off?" I replied, "Uh-huh, it's open underneath and bendable." What a sweet hubby/daddy. He's always checking on me (and the baby).

Naked Nails!
Well, I was going to paint my nails last night with hot pink tips to match my hot pink toes, but didn't, so you get naked nails today. Have I mentioned that I love taking prenatal vitamins? My nails already grew fast, but now they're growing like weeds! I cut them (only when I break one or two) and two weeks later they're getting long again. Please excuse the lack of white near my nail beds, I had just washed dishes and long exposure to water does that for some weird reason.

Changing Table/Dresser
My grandma bought this changing table/dresser for me at a church yard sale. My dad brought it over today. Boy, this baby not having it's own room is gonna make things quite cozy! =P

Well, I'm gonna go see if hubby's ready for me to make dinner yet. I know me and the baby are!

Until next time!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've Got Jungle (Monkey) Fever

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So, I've found a new something to love...


Sock Monkey
I made this sock monkey a couple years ago for my cousin Peachy's birthday. It was really fun.

I've also come across a flickr account of a girl who makes sock monkeys with knit sweaters and they are so adorable and inspiring!

Here's a screen shot of her flickr page. You can visit it here. Her Etsy shop for these monkeys can be found here.

She even makes baby sock monkeys!!! Out of baby socks!!! Oh! For cryin' out loud! What a cute idea! I'll definitely have to try that! Baby Claudia is my favorite!

And speaking of babies...

16 Weeks Pregnant
Here I am at 16 weeks.

I haven't quite "popped" yet. I'm really anxious to look more pregnant and less chubby. But, I'm sure that the baby is pushing out my already fluffy belly as my OB pointed out where the top of my uterus is and it's almost to my belly button. The baby pokes out more when I wake up in the morning.

We get another ultrasound to check the baby's development and find out the gender late this month!

This Is Why...
Totally off topic, but this is why hubby calls me the Sammich Queen. Turkey with all the fixins. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo and mustard... and don't forget the pickle on the side! This sandwich was delicious and so beautiful that I just had to take a picture before eating it!

In needlework news...

I'm still working on my sister's baby's purple and blue ripple blanket. I'm also writing a pattern for this...

Mystery Crochet
Can you guess what it is?

Until next time!