Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding Time To Knit

Here's what I'm knitting right now. Yeah, I know. Like I need to cast on another project. But, hey, I need a fast one and it was in my queue anyway. I'm doing this one with Lionbrand Hometown and size 11s to make it go fast. Can't tell you what it is yet, it's a surprise.

I usually try to knit when Little Miss is nursing. That seems to be the best time because I'm already kinda pinned down. And I say kinda because sometimes I do things around the house while she's nursing, but I can't for very long as my arm does get tired. I'll also sometimes squeeze in a little knitting when she's either in a good mood and playing on her own on the floor or in her bouncy chair or when she goes to bed. But, I try not to do too much after bed time as I usually try to go to bed when she goes to bed.

Speaking of bed. Little Miss usually only wakes up once during the night now to eat. And she really only let's out a quiet, bitchy little cry to say, "Hey! I'm hungry!" She doesn't wail away or anything. I'm so lucky to have a 6 week old that sleeps good already! But, she started this trend at 5 weeks. Yes, lucky indeed.

Oh and guess what?

She's smiling now! Daddy got all the first ones as I'm working and he stays home with her during the day. But, I've gotten a few this week after coming home from work. Yay for smiles!

Daddy's doing great with her at home while mommy works. They still have their bad days and she seems to deal with seperation anxiety all over again at the start of every week. I guess because she gets all weekend with mommy and then mommy's gone. =( But, they have a lot more good days and moments and are really bonding too. =)

Until next time!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

He Made It!

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Stu finally got a graduation ceremony for his Bachelor's Degree in Game and Simulation Programming that he completed last year! He graduated summa cum-laude for a 4.0 GPA! That's why he's wearing that special medallion! I like to call it "salad koom loudy", because I can never remember the first word, haha. We went last night. Had a buffet dinner. I think I ate 5 different desserts, ugh. Man, those hoods some of the graduates got are awesome! I'd go to college just to get one of those. Okay, not really. Congrats again, honey!

The baby stayed with her first sitter during the graduation too. I did okay, she did even better. Stu gave me kudos for not freaking out.

I got a bunch of boy clothes from a lady at work. Hey, free clothes are free! But, a nice huge bow in a matching color will make me not such a bad mommy and leave no room for thinking she's a boy... unless she were a boy and I really were a bad mommy. She always makes funge faces like this one when getting her picture taken now... unless she's sleeping. OMG, I just realized (a day after posting this) that her "zipper" (one of her snaps) is undone! So sorry for the humiliation, suga' pie!

Taking a nap with Puppy.

And here's a video of Little Miss Momo, reaching for and talking to her sock monkey, Manny!

Until next time!

It's 3 O'clock In The Morning.

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It's 3 o'clock in the morning. I'm sitting up in bed while my tiny one lays draped across my arm, tummy to tummy in her ballerina fleece footie jammies, eating. After every couple of swallows she lets out a very soft "Mm", as if to say, "I have my mommy and my milk. Everything is right in my world." She stretches her leg up and then rests her tiny "slippered" foot on my other arm, her tiny hand covered by a mitt for warmth, rests on my breast. After surrendering to a deep sleep, her head slowly falls back, signaling that she is content. I dab her perfect little mouth with a cloth while it sticks out a tiny tongue, puckers, then makes a soft smacking sound. It's then by the soft, dim light of the of the bedside night lamp that I gaze at her, her mouth agape. Her face transitions between smilling, brows furrowed and peacful stillness. I think to myself, "My God, she's SO beautiful!"

(I must add here, that all these words, in no way, even come close to describing how she makes me feel. I'm just sayin'.)

Friday, February 4, 2011

She's 4 Weeks Old!

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Morgana 4 Weeks Old

Good golly, they grow fast, don't they?

I have new stuffs for you to peek at!

Morgana's Photo Set on
Next post, I'll put up some videos. It's getting late (in sleepy mommy with an infant time), I'm tired, the videos are still loading to and Little Miss is finally comatose in her Sleepy Wrap.

Okay, they're done uploading!

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4