Saturday, June 30, 2012

So Much Summer

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We took Little Miss swimming for the first time today. She was scared and cried a lot. We never let her go and she relaxed a bit, smiled and laughed while we all jumped up and down in the water (while I still held her tight). She even had a bit of fun when some nice boys let her play with their ball. Hopefully, I'll have pictures for you soon. Teen Miss took some at the beginning.

Mo is being transistioned to the spare bedroom (which used to hold a roommate before he moved out). Here she is napping on the air mattress we have in there so that I can get her to sleep in there and sleep in there myself, if need be. Monday, I will probably start getting her crib and dresser in there too. Once she gets used to her new room, I hope to start night weaning her too. I'm actually feeling kind of sad thinking about it all now, but, it's coming time and nursing off and on all night is wearing me thin. We'll take it slow for her... and me.

I did acrylic tips on Teen Miss this week. Best acrylic nails I've ever done in my life! They were nice and thin and needed minimal filing. Now, if I could just figure out how to keep nails from lifting, I'd wear an acrylic overlay myself all the time. I've already taken mine off, they started lifting the next day. I even roughed up the natural nail and used a primer.

Stu and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We went to dinner at a bar and grill called Fiddler's Elbow. Best, bad for me, burger I've ever had. I ate only 430 (healthy!) calories for breakfast and lunch that day to save up for this... then prompltly ruined my efforts by having dessert on top of it. Oh well.

This lovely shawl collar circle jacket I'm crocheting is almost done. I get so tired of projects like this that are worked from the center out, because every round takes longer. Recipient to be revealed soon!

Bruce and Marissa came to get the mei tai I made for them. Marissa got Abigail all snuggled into the carrier and said, "Amber, this is beautiful." And I don't really think she was talking about how pretty the carrier was (but that's just a guess). Baby wearing really is a beautiful thing, especially with a mei tai. They are my personal favorite style of carrier.

Here's sweet Abigail!

You know you're addicted when there's knitting hiding in your kitchen fruit basket... I'm just sayin'.

These are the freezer pop socks I knit for my sister and her two girls.

These are some freezer pop socks that I knit for my friend, Marin. She saw the pic of Little Miss's on Facebook and told me she wanted to buy some and even let me do them however I wanted.

Walking to the bank and library. Do raggin' it as she has no hats to protect her little head and ears from the sun.

She got a grape sucker from the bank. Mmmmm.

First ever clean dinner plate! This is an awesome milestone for her! She has been slowly getting better at trying proteins. The only protein she ever eats for sure is chicken and it's only certain she will if it's covered in some kind of crunchy breading or batter. She often now asks for eggs (and eats every bite), will eat beans and, in this picture, it was her first time trying pork chop and she ate every last bite that she was given! She also had corn and mashed potatoes with it, two of her favorites. Trying a new protein and eating all of it in the same meal has been unheard of until now.

Blue nails with pink polka dots!

My new flip flops from the Old Navy $1 flip flop sale this morning! Thanks to my awesome hubby for watching the baby so Teen Miss and I could go quickly. I have SO many flip flops already, these are colors I didn't have yet. Seriously, I had like, 12-15 pairs before this?

And, I'll finish up with a cute captionless photo montage...


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Put On Your Boots

Chocolate Slipper Boots
These are the "Nana Slippers" for Little Miss that I told you about turned slipper boots. It gets really cold in the bedrooms as they face North and the thermostat for the house is in a West facing room. Yeah, brrrrr. Mo and I wear cardigans and slippers in our bedrooms in the summer.

Chocolate Slipper Boots

Chocolate Slipper Boots
Here's a shot of the puff paint I put on the soles for non-slip. The only rooms in our house that aren't tile or hardwood are the bedrooms and the living room, it has an area rug.

Chocolate Slipper Boots

Air Pump
Today I had to top off the air mattress in what will soon be Mo's bedroom. She loved holding the pump hose to different parts of her face and head. Her favorite was putting it near her ear and repeating, "Ehr, ehr, ehr..."

She's been in our room and sleeps in her crib and/or in our bed since she was born. It's time to move her as my being in the room can be too stimulating for her during sleep time, even if she's sleeping in her crib. The air mattress is in there so that I can get her used to sleeping in the room before we move all her stuff in there. And I plan to keep it in there in case I ever need to sleep in there with her and if we just decide to put her in a bed instead of her crib.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cookies & Carriers

Pink Sugar Cookies
I made some pink sugar cookies like the famous commercial pink sugar cookies. They weren't exactly the same, but pretty close and definitely cure the craving for one... or two... or five.

Cookie Time!
Little Miss was sooooo ecstatic to try one of my pink sugar cookies. I mean, just look at her face! She was such a good girl, too. When I set it down to take of picture of her with it, she didn't try to pick it up, she just hovered over it, smiling and saying, "Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!" and waiting for me to give her some.

Blue Floral Mei Tai
I sewed this blue floral mei tai for a couple who are dear friends of ours. They have been borrowing our Sleepy Wrap since their baby girl was born, but they're moving to another city soon and I didn't want to leave them without an awesome baby wearing device once they returned my wrap before moving.

Test Run on the Mei Tai Gift
Little Miss helped me test it out. She was having fun saying, "Cheese!" for the camera, probably because cheese is one of her favorite foods. I was really afraid that not pleating the wide straps wouldn't leave much room for a baby's legs, but it works just fine! And if it's rolled up to make it shorter for a newborn, the legs would be tucked in or so little anyway, it's still going to work nicely. I will be sewing the carriers in this way from now on as it's much easier and quicker.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hold The Booze

Well, Little Miss is slowly getting better. Her nose finally cleared out about 1 AM last night, after a very long and awful crying episode. =( She was awake for an hour and a half. We went into the room that we are moving Mo into gradually and we slept on the air matress so my husband could get sleep for work. But, once her nose cleared she nursed and we both passed out in a hearbeat. It stayed clear until we woke up this morning. But, then it stuffed up again and is still stuffy tonight. Grrr. On a good note, she seems to be feeling better all around.

Upcycled Rice Pack
I made Little Miss another rice pack. This one is made from a repurposed flannel burp cloth.

Virgin Mojitos
I made virgin Mojitos! They're just Sprite, lime juice and crushed mint leaves. I think I might just do this with the Sprite and mint only in the future. I had a virgin Mojito when we went to dinner at Rodizio for Mother's Day and I've been craving one ever since. I'm not much of a drinker anymore and I'm still nursing Little Miss, so... yeah. Virgin it is!

Teen Miss recently got a job at Baskin Robbins and we went after dinner to get ice cream and say hi to her during her shift. In between every bite, Mo was searching for her behind the counter and saying, "Sissy? Sissy? Sissy?..."

Well, I'm gonna watch Mannequin now... and probably fall asleep in the process.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poor Love Bug

"Ah Nose."
My poor little love bug is sick... but, she wipes her nose like a big girl with her bandana handkerchief.

My Poor Tootie
She felt poopy enough to fall asleep while nursing and watching a movie in the bright living room, which she never does. When I laid her down on the couch cushions in front of the couch, she woke up, but let me put a blanket on her and tuck Carmen, her sock monkey, in with her. I told her, "You just lay here and get some rest, okay?" She stuffily replied, "K." Then she just laid there, watching the movie. She's never this mellow outside of bedtime in our dark bedroom on our bed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bath Pouf

I crocheted this bath pouf yesterday, but it doesn't work well. It's too dense or something. The store bought ones are better. I will rip this one out and reuse the yarn.

For more of what we're doing, visit my flickr photos!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nails, Summer Dresses & Sweets

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by Rob Thomas

I did my own acrylic nails, but I really hurt several of my fingers while filing. Often you don't see just how much damage you've done until it's too late. I hate new files.

We walked to the library yesterday with Momeen (Snowman). When we got off the elevator to the children's level, she saw the fish painted on the back window and took off running and screeching, "FIIIIISHHHHYYYYYYYYY!!!" Hard to explain to a one year old that you should be quiet in a library... I will keep teaching her though.

Mo wanted to play in the water feature just outside the children's floor at the city library. But, everytime she got close it splattered her with drops of water and she ran. Heehee.

Today, my love bug got to wear her summer halter dress. She's my world. I can't believe how adorable and precious she is!

Made my sweet hubby some beer pretzel caramels for Father's Day tomorrow! So excited! The first batch was a disaster, but we'll use it as a caramel sauce. I picked up some vanilla ice cream for it.

I promist that I am knitting and crocheting... I just have castonitis again and I'm not finishing anything. I've recently started a bunch of freezer pop socks for my sister and one of my friends. I've also recently started some nana slippers for Mo, but they are modified to be a bit more modern knee highs that can be folded down for cuffs. Nana slippers are just rectangles knitted or crocheted and sewn up to look like this. I'm sure almost all of you have gotten a pair of these from your Grandma (or Nana) for at least one Christmas. I know I did for more than one (and I actually liked them!)

Well, I'm off to cut that caramel into squares and then hit the hay! Happy Father's Day tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is Teen Miss sleeping after her wisdom teeth extraction surgery. That's all there was to my day outside of taking care of Little Miss too and all the other (boring) everyday things. Did a little knitting here and there, but nothing to report. Please send her love and prayers for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Thank you and goodnight!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Freezer Pop Sock Has Arrived!

I knit a freezer pop sock for Little Miss to keep her little hands from freezing! I was putting the popsicles in one of my plain ol' white socks... But that's not very fun, is it? I posted it on facebook and not two minutes later a friend asked, "How much?" she ordered two today. I'll also be knitting some for my sister and her two girls and one for Teen Miss. I think might try to sell these on Etsy too. Message me if your interested in buying any!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tiny Treats

I totally made a dozen elf donuts. Thanks to Teen Miss for sharing the idea with me on Facebook! We'll be making these for Christmas to go with Santa's cookies. Little Miss was so cute grabbing them off the plate with her tiny fingertips. When she would finish one she'd ask, "Nonet? Nonet? Nonet?"

For more of what we're doing, visit my flickr photos!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Work During Play

My knit meeting friend, Michelle, asked me to make these barefoot baby sandals for a co- worker of hers so the co-worker could gift them at a baby shower. I started and finished crocheting them during knit meeting today!

For more of what I'm doing, visit my flickr photos!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Like Pie

Knit Waffle Dishcloth
Yesterday, I finished this really fun dishcloth in a knit waffle stitch.
Crochet Flip Flops
I totally crocheted some flip flops for Little Miss.  They're just for play, on carpet in the living room.  They aren't properly soled for outdoors and aren't slip proof for the rest of the house, which has hardwood and tile.

Nice Shirt
I just really love her hair (and shirt) in this picture.

Little Helper
Mo wanted to help me clean the toilet, so I gave her a clean cloth and let her have at the (clean) potty.

Cherry Pie
I made my very first pie completely from scratch today. It's cherry. The cherries are from our cherry tree in the front yard. I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Cherry Pie
Ready for the oven!  So exciting!

Cherry Pie
Isn't she gorgeous?  It's been so hard waiting 4 hours to let it cool.  Now, I just need my hubby and Teen Miss to get home quick so we can dig in!