Saturday, February 23, 2008

Little miracles make me happy.

I just wanted to pop in and show what's happening to the sunflowers Ryn planted and has in her room. I bought all the materials, even the pot, in a kit on one of my trips to the craft store for yarn.

It's things like this that really make me smile and realize just how beautiful life can be. I can't wait until they bloom. Sunflowers are my favorite. =)

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh, the horror!

So, something happened today...

I got out of my car at work, after lunch, and was walking through the snow/ice mounds between the curb and sidewalk. I was wearing quite slippery boots, so I was trying to step carefully and lightly punch footprints into the icy snow to keep my foot stable while taking my next step. I took another step on the snow and it felt like my heel was sinking into the mud underneath. I managed to get my foot on the curb instead and my heel went all the way down to the concrete... and I went, "What the...?!" Then it hit me, I looked behind me and there was the heel of my boot laying in the dirty snow!

I had to use packing tape for a quick fix so that I could walk and look (more) like a normal person (than without a heel).

The heel has been loose in the past, but never anything a little super glue coudn't fix. These were my favorite boots, but I think it's time to call them dead. I guess this is what I get for buying boots from a shop in the mall with a bunch of cheap, hokey stuff.

Well, at least I have a reason to buy another pair of shoes. Excuse me...

"Honey, ba-bay needs new boots..."

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sippin' on water and Airborne...

...With my mind on my vids and my vids on my mind. (That was my feeble attempt at a more personal rendition of Snoop Dogg's Gin & Juice. Awful, I know, but I had to try it.)

So, now I'll explain my "lyrics".

Ryn needed to see a doctor today, so Stu took the car. That alone was pretty cool, I got all excited about my honey-pie picking me up from work. Dunno why, guess I'm in love or something. So, Stu took Ryn to the doctor (she's been running a fever for a couple days). Turns out she's got the flu and received doctor's orders of no school tomorrow. Ah, to be a kid again. I just hope she gets better FAST. Her coughing and fever does worry us at times. Anyhow, I'm "sippin' on water and Airborne" (an immune system booster, that you use like Alka-seltzer) in the hopes that I don't come down with this sickness.

We got the grapefruit flavor, which I think was brought to my attention by Stu because the box was pink. Without fail, I gravitate towards all things pink with squeels of delight on any visit to any store and sometimes express my desire to acquire them for my own amusement... even if it's a rubber spatula. Yes, that one really happened.

Stu is taking the Airborne too... he thinks it's gross, I like the bubbles-- What can I say? Simple things please simple minds (like mine).

Now, for the "With my mind on my vids and my vids on my mind."
I finally figured out how to share Ashley's baby shower video!!! I have to change the file format, then chop it into little pieces with an editing program, then save it under another format, then it's ready for! Not too hard, but by golly it was frustrating trying to figure out a way!

[Edited] I have now uploaded all four segments of Ashley's baby shower. The fourth, and last, segment is below. It's my favorite and it's the shortest, it's only about three and a half minutes. You can see all the segments by visiting

She got Baby Gap, can you believe it?!?! In the words of Napoleon Dynamite-- "Lucky!" (I actually don't really care about name brands, but I WILL take advantage of an opportunity to quote the nerd that everyone loves.)


From 2:03 to 2:20 is my favorite moment!

Lunch hour was "sounding" quite nice today...

The Hobbit on CDs narrated by Rob Inglis. Definitely recommend this version, Rob is an amazing narrator.

The Hobbit audio book in my portable DVD player and of course, my crochet.

I love books, but I can't knit or crochet while reading a book and given the choice, I usually choose the yarn. I'm really glad it occured to me that this could be a very wonderful compromise. The library is a very blessed thing when it comes to audio books. I just wish they had more variety. I know, I know, free entertainment alone should be good enough, but I'm finicky. How do you think I ended up with the best fiance in the world?! =)

Until next time...

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday is now my favorite day of the week.

Here's a little Valentine's Day gift from Ashley. A yummy (and adorable) cupcake, just had to get a picture before I did a disappearing act with it.

Crocheted Baby Bootie Sneakers!!!

These were SO fun to make! Gifted these to Ashley at her baby shower today. I heard things like, "Those are so adorable!" and, "Amber, did you make those?! They're so cute!" Made me feel good. *grin* You can see more pictures of these at

A sea of mini cream puffs for Ashley's baby shower.

I was up until almost 2 AM last night (this morning) making these. Ryn helped me bake the pastry, but went to bed before I got to the fun stuff. I don't blame her, it was really late. I was wondering why Stu hadn't come in the kitchen to test more cream puffs when I found that he'd fallen asleep in the living room watching TV. You know you're up too late when you're night owl fiance passes out before you're done. I had fun making them though. Everyone liked them a lot.

Couple pics from Ashley's baby shower today...

Ashley @ 8 months pregnant. This is her friend's baby, Austin (my sister, Jenn, is holding him).

Ryn loves the baby too!

I took about half an hour's worth of video of Ashley opening gifts. Yeah, only let's you upload 10 minutes of video. Crap! So, as soon as I figure out how to share it, I will.

After the baby shower, Ryn and I had a Mommy/Daughter date and went shopping...

The new Korn CD (for Stu) - Garbage CD (for me) - 2 cell phone covers (for Ryn, left) - Mango Mandarin *yummy* Body Cream from Bath & Body Works (for me) - a pink gemstone, star shaped naval barbell (for me) - a dark red cell phone cover w/ red flames (for Stu) - a butterfly/sunflower cell phone cover (for me, far right).

Stu and my phone covers.

Ryn and I also found these matching necklaces while looking through the "Best Friends" necklaces...

Ryn's "Daughter" necklace.

My "Mother" necklace.

In other news...
Stu is also thinking about getting a website of his own. I think it would be really cool! He says it would be our website, but I kinda feel like it would be really cool for him to have something of his own, in the same sense that this blog is my thing. I don't want to take that away from him, but I'd love to make an "appearance" from time to time.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a long week...

...Or however long it's been since I last posted. Whew! It has been quite some time, so this may be an unbelievably long post, just bear with me.


I just read an "update e-mail" from my dear friend Sue, in California. Her and her family seem to be doing very well and that pleases me. I miss her. Hopefully both our tribes can meet, hang out and be groovy someday.

Stu and I celebrated our one year anniversary on February 4th. We went to Wendover together the night of and came back the next day. We had a blast! Stu found his new favorite game, Paigow Poker. I found my favorite slot machine, Sea Monkeys, modeled after the cartoon likeness of this crazy phenomenon. (Brine shrimp? Isn't that what sea monkeys are? Eh, whatever.) ANYHOW... I had so much fun. I've been to Wendover once before, but that was nothing in comparison to how happy I was while there with my sweetheart. We did lots of laughing. Smiles and statements of disbelief ensued whenever the winning was good. Even though we spent all the money we brought to spend, I don't care. I had a perfect one year anniversary with my loving fiance. 'Nough said. (There are no pictures, I didn't want to worry about my camera while we were there.)

We have also set a date to be married, July 5th, 2009!

Okay, turn the page...
They painted the coffehouse orange... blech! I don't like it. I'm all for bright, bold colors, but I'm so not diggin' the orange walls, blue door trims and red couches. They just don't jive in my optic perception. I hope this isn't the final product, but just a work in progress.

Page 3...
Mom's birthday was on the 3rd, Superbowl Sunday. I felt bad that she wanted to have her cake and every few minutes, a meek little mom-type voice drifted from the dining room, "Is is half-time yet?" Which, each time, was followed by a booming, "No." from the entire group. It was funny though, I just hope it didn't make her feel bad.

pAGE...ACK! What was that?!?! It's really the keyboard, not me forgetting to take off the caps lock from doing something else. =P

Page D...
Ryn's Science Project is now complete and will be turned in this next week. She tested the theory of color affecting decisions. I think she did a great job!

Page 5...
Ryn also threw a surprise birthday party for Stu the Sunday before his birthday. Her and the neighbor did most the work decorating, picking up the cake and it was Ryn's idea. I bought a few things and would've helped more, but I was the one who had to get him out of the house. He said it was his first surprise party ever... that made me happy.

Page Pink...
Stu and I quit smoking, February 5th, the day after our anniversary. We're up to four days quit today! Our last cigarettes were on the way home from Wendover and as soon as we got out of the car, that was it. We threw out all ashtrays in the car and house, put away all lighters (saved only for lighting candles and such). I threw all cigarettes I had left in the dumpster (Stu smoked the last one in his pack.) We then started our smoke-free journey. It's been easier than I expected, despite the emotional break-downs I had in day 2 and 3. Even then, it's not like I would've smoked if I could've. It almost felt more like I was mourning some kind of loss. Eh, as I understand it, fluctuating emotions aren't terribly uncommon in quitting smoking or any other substance. I mean, your body and mind are going through some HUGE changes, of course they're going to be confused!

Stu is doing fantastic with all this! I think it's been a bit more rough for him, but he's handling it all so very gracefully. And I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably supportive he's been to me amidst his own struggle with it all. All I can say is that I'm so blessed to have such a strong and supportive partner!

Page... what is it?... like 62? I dunno, feels like I've been typing for days.
Just wanted to add a little note in here that Stu's mom's boyfriend (did you follow that?) came to visit today. We all went out for lunch, dinner and we rented a movie. It was really nice having him here, I had fun.

Page... BINGO!
And finally, we have a problem... I think it's time for an intervention...

Looks like Stu's birthday bear has evolved into a gaming addict at breakneck speed. He was here when we went to bed and was still in the same place when we woke up. Sometimes we even catch him on the sofa, holding an X-Box controller, waiting for the second the TV frees up. Houston, we have a problem.

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