Thursday, November 29, 2012

We Got Down With The Sickness

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. A few of us have been sick. =( Here's a cute picture of the Misses Teen and Little at Starbucks Thanksgiving morning to hold you over until I can post again:


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Nearly Food Day!

She kept asking for pieces of lettuce from my salad, so I just gave her a whole leaf. She's my little vegetarian.

Little Miss pretending to fly while in her stroller on our walk today.

Teen Miss bought me all this stuff from the dollar store! And the mittens and hand puppet for Little Miss.

My first scratch pumpkin pies. I baked these today for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents tomorrow. We had to walk to the store for evaporated milk for them. I needed two cans and the one can I had was expired. I hope they turn out so yummy!


Here's a close up of one of my beauties!

I want to crochet this Lalaloopsy doll for Mo, complete with owl.

I also cleaned a bit today and knit some more on my wrist warmers. Yeah, I ripped the others out and I'm starting over.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ugh. Just, ugh.

Oh, man. I finished my other wristwarmer. But, it's bigger than the first one. I made the first one so long ago that I wonder if I used a size smaller needle or a different ball of yarn? All I know is it's frustrating to have to rip out a whole mitt (I might rip out both) and start over. Ugh. I know you can't see the difference, but believe me, when wearing them, it's very obvious.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Okay, kids. I'm getting really lost here. My text blogging doesn't work (I messaged blogger and also posted on the forums just now), My phone is not adequate for video blog sound (this baffles me), my digital camera died months ago (it won't even charge). So, it looks like I'll just have to go back to good old typing and posting pics from flickr. If I was a dedicated reader, one post a week wouldn't be enough. So, I'll post as much as I can. Sorry if all this switching around is giving you wiplash or making you dizzy. =/

Okay, tonight's post...

I have a-lo-hot of pictures to upload tonight, so please visit my flickr page for them all.

But, here's what we did today:

Last night, my hubby-bubby came home from a two week business trip to Atlanta. I feel bad because Morgana was night weaned from nursing while he was gone and it was going great, but last night she I think she got all confused about something and thought it was morning. She cried and thrashed for, I think, an hour. I felt bad for Stu, because he just went through a 6 hour flight and got home at nearly 1 am. But, she only woke up once more after that, so that was good. She had been waking, oh, five to countless times a night when she night nursed. After night weaning, she was waking maybe three to five times a night and getting better slowly. She'll get there though. We decided to night wean because she's not sleeping through the night at almost 2, nursing all night was killing my back and her frequent waking was killing my husbands sleep.

We all woke up at about 8:30, Mo had a little nurse and her and I had breakfast and got ready to go to knit meeting at the coffeehouse. I had what they call a mousse (french roast and chocolate milk, basically) and Little Miss had a hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles. The sweet, older couple that owns the coffeehouse always put sprinkles on Mo's hot chocolate. She loves to eat the whip cream and sprinkles with a spoon when her hot chocolate is gone. And she loves to drink it in her lidded paper coffee cup, just like Mama's. I worked on my Mama Love Mitts. (I'll post pictures of them soon.)

Then Mo and I went to Nana and Papa's (my parents), had lunch, Mo had a nap and I knit more. We took Nana to the store where she bought Mo a little cheapy beautician toy set with a blow dryer. She loves it. Back at Nana's, Mo played with her cousin, Danika, for a bit and watched a sliver of Brave that Nana had just bought. We had dinner. Mo ate mostly salad, but boy, did she eat it! Especially the baby spinach. I was a little surprised. The kids played some more, then we headed home.

Mo had a tea party with Daddy, at his request, complete with a strawberry Newton for Mo. Then, it was time for shower and bed.

If I was responsible, I would type some more of my GGma's (my mom's mom) journals that she's paying me to type for her... but, I'm so tired, want to do a little more knitting on my mitts and go to bed.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Video Posts!

I will be trying video blogging!  Hop on over to my new youtube channel anytime for videos uploaded (hopefully) daily!  And don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

As always I will still be uploading photos to my flickr page as well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday 11/6/12

Stu is in Atlanta, Georgia for two weeks for training for his job. It's really weird without him here. But, we all get to see him on webcam in the evenings.

Today, I cleaned and mopped the kitchen and dining room. I have hopes to have time to knit myself some slippers and get all the backed up clean laundry folded. But, I have to see if I have time later as I currently have paid work from my Grandmother to type her journals.

I am gently night weaning Mo from nursing during the night. Last night was night two and went quite a bit better than the first night. The first waking the first night, when I unlatched her before she fell asleep, she cried for about an hour, begging to nurse and crying so hard she was uncontrollably gasping. =( I just kept holding her, stroking her and reassuring her that I was still there. Last night, her wakings were very short and much less dramatic. =) I'm using a gentle method from Dr. Jay Gordon found online.

This week, I hope to make some pumpkin muffins or cookies. I bought extra pumpkin grocery shopping yesterday too as I think I'd like to make two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving at my parents' this year. It'll be much cheaper than my usual pumpkin roll. (Sorry, Dad.) I need to call Mom today and tell her that's what I'll bring!

Below, is a better picture of the witch hat I crocheted for Mo for Halloween.

For more of what we're doing, visit my flickr photos!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Wrap Up-- er Unwrapped!

Anytime I tried to put Morgana's blueberry pie costume on her, she cried. So, the day before Halloween I crocheted her a witch hat, sewed the pants (each stripe sewn on individually) and made the broom out of a paper towel tube, packing tape yarn and hot glue. I can't believe I cranked out another costume in one day!

Here's the pie costume. I don't look happy because I was a bit disappointed that I did all that work and she wouldn't wear it. Oh well.

Here we are trick or treating at Daddy's office. I'm wearing the custom made for me witch hat that a very sweet ex-coworker made for me!

And the trick or treat loot from Daddy's office and the neighborhood. She had so much fun and was so polite!

For more photos, visit my flickr page.