Friday, July 31, 2009

The Wedding: Part Three - The Ceremony & Photos

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Oh my gawd... blah, blah. Pffffftt!

Okay, now that I'm done with that outburst... WE ARE STILL SO BUSY, IT HASN'T STOPPED YET, but it's all good stuff. Don't worry, you'll know about it... eventually.

On with the show:

[ALL pictures clickable for larger views!]

Stu and Justin... waiting.

...And waiting...

And waiting.

So, yeah, I was late to my own wedding. Well, I was there, I just didn't get to walking down the aisle until 2:30, our ceremony was to be at 2:00. Stu said it would be one of the few times I could ever be late and he wouldn't be mad at me. Glad he knows what's important. I'm a lucky girl.

Stu later said that at about 2:15 everyone was waiting for the ceremony to begin and getting restless and asking what's going on and Stu's sister in law (bless her heart), said something like, "She's the bride, if she's needs 15 minutes, she gets fifteen minutes!" And yes, it was loud enough for everyone to hear and it got some laughs.

The horror movie shot, as Stu calls it. I just had to include it because it's so odd. I don't know what was happening here, but I assume that my sister Ashley (pictured), came to ask me for the whatevereth time if I was almost ready, I probably barked at her and she probably stormed of down the hall thinking something like, "Gawd, I'm just doing what [whoever] asked me to do 'cause your sooooo f***ing late lady!" (Sorry if I barked at you, sisser. Love you!)

Okay, are ya ready?
Here we go!

My Dad walks my Mom to her seat.

Ryn walks down the aisle. Look at what a beautiful young lady she's becoming! God, please make time stop, she's growing up too fast!

Christy, my Matron of Honor, walks down the aisle as my Dad stands in front of me in the background.

Here comes the bride!!!

Is it just me or do I look terrified in each of these pictures?
"Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd!"

This is one of my favorites. At this moment, my Dad had just led me through the door, I looked at my Dad, felt at peace and then saw my future husband... I was enveloped in calm and joy... and surprisingly at ease. I was still shaky, but my nerves weren't even close to taking over.

And after all that coaching I gave Ryn on how to hold her bouquet low, do you think I would remember to do it? NOOOO! But, if you look up, Ryn did it perfect. Little stinker for showing me up, but I'm proud of her.

Walking down the aisle... love how you're looking down the whole time, DAD! Bless him, he was trying not to step on my dress.

I was really sad that the photographer didn't get any pictures of Stu as I walked. I hope Ashley got some, she was taking pics from the back... Hope you used the zoom on the good camera, sis!

Stu didn't cry when he saw me, like a handful of us thought he would, but he later told me he did get choked up quite a bit.

As my Dad hands me over to Stu, Stu says, "Whoa, mama." Yeah, pretty much everyone heard it. He said he couldn't help it. It made me feel really beautiful (and sexy too, but don't tell the Bishop or my grandma that).

Side note, I wore the first gift Stu ever gave me, for our first Valentine's Day. A heart outline diamond pendant with a pink stoned flower on the edge.

Another favorite picture. I just love how everyone in the show is in the picture. And no, we weren't staring at the Bishop the whole time, we looked at each other alot, there just happen to be no pictures showing it.

Man and wife.
"Gimme that face, so I can kiss you in the face."


Exchanging the rings. Ladies first. My new husband really is a true gentleman in everything.

My Mom and Dad come up to congratulate us...

DSC_0098DSC_0099 DSC_0100

At some point before the wedding I told Stu I was going to say, "I got married!!!" right after the ceremony was over, like Phoebe on Friends did. He begged me not to. So, I agreed I wouldn't. But, then... well, it just came tumbling out of my mouth, I couldn't stop it. I didn't mean to (but secretly, I thought it was fun).

Walking back UP the aisle to go take photos!
There's my sisser in the corner with the camera. I still haven't gotten any photo discs from her or my Dad... ahem.

Bridal flops! I love flip flops. In my family I am called the Flip Flop Queen. Stu didn't know anything about my bridal appearance until he saw me walking down the aisle. So, when I showed him these after being married he called me something basically equivilant to "little stinker", I don't remember his exact words. He then expressed disappointment for not knowing that he could've worn his flip flops.

Funny short story: Stu had always told me how much he refused to wear flip flops. While shopping for Father's Day, Ryn thought maybe she could get him some flip flops because a few days earlier he mentioned needing them for walking around the pool at the rec center when they had gone swimming. I thought, "Sure! Let's do that!" but thinking he probably still wouldn't wear them but really hoping he would.

Well, he suprised me. He wears them all the time now! Once I even took off one of my flip flops and rubbed my foot on his flip flopped foot and said, "My feet think your feet are so sexy in those flip flops, honey." Cracked him up. When I expressed surprise over him loving them now he replied with, "Honey, give someone as lazy as me a way to put on shoes without having to do anything and they'll wear them all the time." Heehee. Love that man.

Okay, back on track...

Then it was time for photos:

Love, love, love this one! It's on my desk at work already!


That Baby gives my bouquet some loves.

I can just see the love oozing out of this picture. Can you see it?

"Did they see us? Maybe we can still get away."
We hid from our reception guests as my dad and videographer opened the accordian doors and put the backdrop we just used into the gym behind our bride/groom table.

Okay, I think that does it for now. It's after 11, I still need to take a bath, shave and paint my nails for the summer party for my office tomorrow. Boss got a new pool, wahoo! Plus, I'm tired.

Next time, Reception and more photos (posing photos, that is).

I will catch you up what I'm doing yarn-wise though.

Slim-Line TunicAss-hat
Somethin' PumpkinBerry Bobbley Bag Caddy
Clockwise from top left: Slim Line Tunic for a secret recipient, Ass-hat for Jimmy's birthday, Berry Bobbley Bag Caddy, Pumpkin baby hat and socks for a secret recipient.

For the skinny on all of them, click here. Navigator to the right after the jump.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Wedding: Part Two - Getting Ready

The Big Day!

Doing Wedding Hair
Ryn and I were first to arrive at the church. Since I was just throwing my hair in rollers, I started on Ryn's hair while she snapped some pics of us.

Doing Wedding Hair

That Baby @ The Wedding
That Baby came to see me while I was getting ready for the wedding.

Ashley said she'd slightly lift her little dress when she walked... kind of how she is in this picture. So cute!

Me in my curlers and robe stealing a good luck kiss from That Baby.

That Baby thought it was funny to pull her mom's hair.

Here's the boys getting ready. From left to right: Justin (Best Man), My Dad and Stu.

Here's a picture of my wedding gift from Stu. It's a collage of our favorite engagement photos and a poem written by Ryn just for the gift. It was displayed at our guestbook table.

Here's my Dad bringing in the cake (which I didn't see until we were in the middle of our first dance, haha!). Miss Polly (who is my parents' friend, neighbor and my second mom) made the cake. Thanks Miss Polly!!! It was beautiful!


I'm pretty sure that Polly made the whole cake top too!

I decorated the cake serving set myself. You know, good looking bows with (two strands of) ribbon is harder than it seems.

There was also some use made of our picture/table backdrop for family photos. (L to R) My Mom, Sister Ash, My Dad and That Baby (looking quite silly walking through the shot).

Here's another shot of the ladies getting ready. (L to R) Ryn, Julia (my niece) and Christy (my Matron of Honor).

Ryn helps me with my hair. I'm slapping on my jewelry and I'm like 15-20 minutes late here and trying so hard to hurry. One of my face framing curls didn't match the other side, so I was trying to fix that. And I didn't even have my dress on yet!!!

(L to R) Ryn, Julia and Peachy (Raechel, my cousin).

Well, I think that should be it for leading up to the wedding. Next time... THE WEDDING!!!