Wednesday, August 31, 2011


7 months
Playing with yarn... Again. *evil grin*

7 months
Someone loves eating her baby food now. Yay! We figured out that veggies are for breakfast, fruit for lunch and for dinner, a couple bites of meat, then we swtich to veggies.

I made quite a bit of progress clearing out the dining room today. Someday soon I hope to have a dining table and chairs... and have friends and family over for sushi dinner. It really is a beautiful room. I just love the tall windows.

Banana Bread
Little Miss watched me make some banana bread before lunch.

More Banana Bread

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Cuddly sisters watching TV in the morning while Mommy showers. Yes, she actually lays there and watches TV at 7 months. She's so mellow and lovey when she first wakes up.


It's the simple things. An empty coffee creamer bottle just made her day.

Big girl drinking her water all by herself!

Yesterday, I put all the changing table stuff on a table next to it. Little Miss just gets into everything if it's on the table with her.

Also, I condensed all my husband's boxes and stuff in the entryway room.

Morgana Bubbles
We played with bubbles for the first time with Morgana. I think she liked it!

Morgana Bubbles

Patchwork Baby
Here's the Patchwork Baby Blanket that I'm knitting for Morgana in it's entirety... just not all put together yet.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rewind! Saturday Got Skipped!

Kali Flower Headband
Kali Flower Headband Clip, crochet, for Morgana. I got halfway through this, printed the pattern in a rush out the door to my knit meeting-- and wouldn’t ya know it, I left the pattern on my printer. So, I just did the back layer the same as the first and sewed them together.

Kali Flower Headband

Almost There

Cook In Training
Little Miss watched me make crepes for breakfast this morning. She was really interested, especially when I was whisking the batter.

Patchwork Baby Yarn - Last Batch
I bought the final 3 colors for Morgana's blanket. I am now on color 6 of 9 and these are colors 7 through 9.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I've come to learn that THIS is how people find time to knit with little ones around. It's taken a long time to figure out how to knit as much as I do now, but at least I get to knit often again. When Little Miss was born I was so overwhelmed with taking care of her constantly that I didn't think I'd be able to knit until she was a year or more. I'm also learning that you can knit when they are napping (but only the first nap for me, we nap together during her second nap), when they're feeling independent enough to play in a playpen or play yard or you can take advantage of someone else playing with the baby too, even if only for a few minutes. Plus, being a SAHM instead of having a full time job is probably the biggest factor. I can even get all my housework done and still have time to knit.

Ryn is now Kate

Ryn now goes by Kate. Sorry to all. I forgot to mention it and my friend Jessica brought it to my attention. Thanks, Jess!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's Play

Since we got the air conditioning fixed, Kate likes to wear more cozy clothes... and cuddle her baby sister in them with her, lol.

Patchwork Baby
Started color 6 of 10 last night on Morgana's blanket. This is my progress as of this morning. And, there's my instant (because no one else drinks decaf) decaf (due to nursing) with almond toffee creamer, mmmmm.

Play Yard
We got Morgana a play yard and she loves it.

...Okay, she really, REALLY loves it...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just A Square

I gave Little Miss one of the squares I was making for her blanket. I tied the long tail for sewing through the square with little loopies for her to play with. I had previously given here skeins of yarn to occupy her for a few moments and noticed that she really liked it... especially pulling out the ends and playing with the strands.



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curly Toys

I just got these crazy curlers in the mail, ordered from amazon. Hopefully they give me the desired look. (They did just fine, but, sorry, no pic.)

And Little Miss likes to play, literally, IN the toy box.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Patchwork Baby
I'm almost halfway through the blanket I'm knitting for Morgana. Here's all the squares I have so far. There are 9 colors and each color needs10 squares.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Addition To The Bedtime Routine

Garden Tomatoes
My friend, Christy, came to have lunch with us yesterday and brought us some tomatoes from her garden. They are always so good!

Kix Treats
Yesterday, I made some marshmallow treats with Kix. None of us where eating the Kix cereal, so I used them up. They were a little stale, but my hubby and our roommate liked them.

Knitting & Headbands
I started on color 5 of 9 for Morgana's blanket. This is square 1 of 10 for the yellow. I also picked up some elastic headbands for a dollar a pack at the craft store today so I can make Morgana some headbands with disassembled fake flowers, little crochet flowers and buttons. My friend Michelle also gave me some of the same kind of headbands a few weeks ago. I hope to sell stuff like this in my Etsy shop, once I get it going. Hopefully sooner than later. Keep an ear out for my grand opening!

New Cell Phone
My sister donated an old cell phone to the "Entertain Momo Foundation". She loves it!

New Lids!
I gave Little Miss some plastic peanut butter lids while I was making frosting. She hasn't stopped playing with them yet tonight. I threw away her metal ones after my husband brought it to my attention that they aren't good for her and her teeth. Good call, hubby!

More Banana
I finished up the rest of the banana cupcake batter today. Left are peanut butter iced (with my hubby in mind, who loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches) and the right are chocolate iced.

First Toothbrushing!
Morgana got her very own toothbrush and paste for her new teefers! She had her first toothbrushing tonight. After she watched me brush my teeth first, she did quite well with it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Open Yer Pie Hole

Click for larger views on all pictures.

We went to the city library today and they have this head mobile made of little hanging books.

Closet Curtain Buttons & Book
I crocheted button embellishments for our closet curtain. And that's the book I got from the library today called "The No-Cry Sleep Solution". Morgana is currently fully co-sleeping, which is really great, but we would like her to soon be able to get to sleep on her own or at least sleep in her crib. I currently have to sit with her through all her naps to make sure she doesn't fall off the bed and we are getting concerned about her safety with her becoming more mobile.

Closet Curtain Buttons

Closet Curtain Buttons

We had dinner at the best pizza place in downtown Salt Lake City. The Pie Hole. If you're ever in Salt Lake, you must go. I had a slice of potato bacon and of pepper, tomato and spinach.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teeth, Taco & Tongue

Two Toofees!
She has two teeth! Have to take the pic of her teeth while she was napping. Otherwise, it's impossible. (Click for larger views.)

Taco Soup
Made taco soup in the crock pot for dinner tonight. Left out the onion and green pepper and added green beans.

Free Yarn
SNB friend, Sarah, hosted last week's meeting at her house, destashed and gave away some yarn. Now I need to put it away.

Closet Curtain
I made this closet curtain also from a bedsheet. I'll crochet buttons for the ruffle in aqua.

Morgana 7 Months
She learned how to stick out her tongue and now does is constantly.

To Groovy Pumpkin:

No, I didn't make the pink monkey. That was a Walmart monkey for Valentine's Day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Going Bananas

A little while ago, Kate asked me to teach her crochet again and then she made this hat!!! I'm so proud and so glad she asked me to teach her again. She even taught herself how to read patterns and do different stitches other than single crochet from the internet. She says she likes crochet better than knit. So, again, I'm glad she asked me to teach her again.

My day today:

The girls had a wrestling match.

My Homemade Frosting
I made homemade frosting for some banana cupcakes. I keep buying bananas and not eating them since I stopped working. We've got banana everything in the fridge now.

Lids Are Fun
Morgana helped make cupcakes by playing with a pickle jar lid. She also had two Goober lids.

Then, she passed out after all the cupcake baking... Because helping bake cupcakes by banging jar lids together is hard work.

Patchwork Baby
So, I got some knitting on her blanket done. This is color 4 of 9. Each color needs ten squares.

Banana Cupcakes
Here's the cupcakes. The frosting was really super sweet. If anyone has a good buttercream recipe, please let me know.

Watching Rio
Then, Morgana and I watched Rio.

From Sheet...
And, I made a curtain out of a sheet to close off our master bath from our bedroom as there is only a wall between the two and a sort of hallway connecting them. I want to make one for our closet too. I have a brown sheet in mind for that.

And that was all just in the evening after dinner!