Sunday, September 26, 2010

The State Fair, Baby Cast-On-Itis & A Budding Wrestler/Boxer/Ninja

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Hello!!! Okay, here's what I've been up to...

State Fair 2010
We went to the State Fair the weekend before last and had a blast! Here's the baby sweater I entered. It got honorable mention in the advanced category. We even ran into my Matron of Honor, Christy, who I worked with at the insurance agency. We were so happy to see each other. She lives far away so we really don't hang out. She even got to feel Morgana kicking. That was exciting!

State Fair 2010
Stu and Ryn shared frog legs, 'gater on a stick and crawfish with fries for lunch.

Stu and I also went on a date last Saturday. The first date we've had in a long time! It's so nice to have a little extra money to do that now that we're both working. We went to the movie Devil (thumbs up!) and ate at Cafe Rio, then came home and had coffee. We wanted to go out for coffee and dessert, but we had already had chocolate flan (first time flan for us both, yum!) at Cafe Rio. So, we just did coffee at home and watched Surrogates on Netflix. That was a good one too.

Stu and I also went to a college interview yesterday for Stu to get his masters in psychology. I know, I know, you're like, "What? He went to school for video games, didn't he?!?!" Yes, he did. But, he's discovering that it's really hard to find a job in that field and that he's not really into working in that market, no matter how much he loves gaming. He has always been interested in psychology and feels he may have jumped the gun in the decision to go the gaming direction. But, the good news is that he doesn't have to get a new bachelors in this field since he already has one. Bonus! Good luck, honey!

24 Weeks Pregnant
I'm also still growing a baby. It's coming along very nicely. Here I am at 24 weeks(6 months). Not the best pic of me. =/

Speaking of baby... In this cornaaaaaaaaaaa.... Rowdy Rowdy Baby Morgana!!!

It's a little hard to see, but she's kicking just under the top right flower (of the shot) on my dress.

I can't stop casting on projects!!! I'm a bad girl.

Classic Sock Monkey
And here's the sock monkey I've decided will be for Morgana. I'm writing my own pattern and am pretty please with how it's going so far! I know, it's a little disturbing to see just monkey butt and legs... but this will change soon. I work on this one on Sundays. (Except for today. I will be working on the following today as I just started it last night and am excited about it...)

Patchwork Baby Blanket
I know I said I wanted to do that sock monkey blanket for the baby, and I still do, but I decided I wanna do this one first.

It will look very close to this (the pattern pic)...

The design and colors of this quilt like pattern remind me of a amazingly similar quilt made from jersey material that I had when I was a child. I used that blanket until it was thread-bare and the squares were falling away from the blanket. I would love for my baby girl to have something reminiscent of my childhood… even if she never can see the quilt I had as it’s now long gone.

Sissy, if you're reading this, don't worry, I'm doing your baby's blanket exclusively during the week. Sometimes I just need to break it up and do a couple things at once, lol.

Until next time!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's A...

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So, yeah, we're having A GIRL!!!! It's kinda funny; with all Stu's talk about it being a boy, I was really getting used to the idea and looking forward to a boy, even though early on, I wanted a girl. So, yes, there was a tiny piece of me that was disappointed that it wasn't a boy. But, I really would have been happy either way. I'm very excited that it's a girl as well. And Stu said, "Well, crap." But, only because he's had his first incorrect prediction in his life... he's really, really happy it's a girl.

Well, since all I'm doing at the moment is sitting with my feet propped up on some couch cushions on the coffee table (darn swollen ankles and feet!) and sippin' some tea, let's move on to some ultrasound pics from the DVD, yes? (There are only a small handfull, the lady kinda zoomed through everything and focused mostly on organ/bone measurements, etc.)

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
She will be named Morgana Amber. This is the best face shot I could get.

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
...Like a little lady.

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
Stu has this shot on his cubie wall at work.

Morgana 9-9-10_22wks
I told the ultrasound technician that it feels like the baby's always kicking me in the cervix and trying to get out... Now we see why. Whenever she kicks here, I tell her, "You can't come out, you aren't done cookin'!" But, the good news is that she hasn't been kicking me in the bladder hardly at all lately, knock on wood.

Sorry, no girly part shots. There's just something that feels wrong about posting pics of my daughter's hoo-hoo on the interwebs. I'm sure she'll thank me for not doing it, someday.

On a sort of poopy note, my OB doc said I shouldn't gain anymore weight during the pregnancy since I've already gained some and started out "ahead of the game", as she puts it, lol. So, wish me luck in eating better and getting in my phyiscal activity everyday so I can keep that gestational diabetes and delivering a big baby at bay!!!

I was about halfway through eating a Suzy Q last night and Stu said, "Every ounce of chocolate is an ounce of pain." I frowned in disappointment a little and then enthusiastically thrust my Suzy Q in his direction and said, "You wan' my chocolate?!?!" Ugh.

We also just went to the SLSPA Fall Bash in the park for Ryn's school. There were sandwiches, salads, veggies and all kinds of sweet treats. Some of the kids sang and played guitar. Ryn mostly ran around with her friends all over the park and even got into a cupcake frosting fight, oy vey. It was a nice little evening outing.

She also got her first part in a play!!! They are calling it Julia Caesar. All the girls play boys and vice versa. We're so proud of her, she worked hard on her audition with Stu. We went out to dinner at Sizzler to celebrate the day we found out. Holy cow, the steak and endless shrimp was too much. I only finished half my first serving of shrimp, almost all of my REALLY yummily seasoned 6 oz. steak... but I finished all of my loaded potato! *blush* I know, I shoulda finished one of the others, if anything.

Classic Sock Monkey
I hope to finish knitting this classic "Rockford heel" type sock monkey for Morgana before she's born. I'm writing a pattern for it too... Hope it turns out looking like a real sock monkey, lol.

Sock Monkey Baby Blanket
I also want to make her this blankie from the Stitch N' Bitch Crochet book. It's a sock monkey blankie. You can kinda see one of the monkey faces on it there. I should have taken a better pic. Oh well, you'll see it better when I make it. ;)

Anyhow, I'm gonna go eat some lunch, then do my hair and make-up so we can go to the state fair to see if the knit baby sweater I entered placed.... cross your fingers!!! And hopefully tonight Stu and I can go on a date. With us both working now, we can swing a cheap date. I told him yesterday that I wanted a date with him since we haven't been in so long, I miss it. Plus, now's a good time... before the baby comes!

Take care, everyone! Hugs and love!
My baby sweater got honorable mention at the state fair today. But, that's really okay, I'm very happy to have just gotten a ribbon. Maybe next year!