Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Week & No Time To Blog

With one week until the wedding (!!!) and Father's Day tomorrow, I don't have time to give you all a proper post. But, I can give you a glimpse of what I'm up to...

Wedding Favors
Favor suckers!

Most everything else is done, I still have a nail fill and pedi appointment coming up this week and my two week vacation starts on Thursday. That's when we'll get our license and we'll be married on Saturday! I can't believe it's finally here-- it's surreal.

I'll try to catch you all up after we come back from the honeymoon.

Much love!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rain, Rain And Yes, More Rain.

Photo Album updated!

Well, not much to report this week, just living life and trying to keep the butterflies from thinking about the wedding from coming out when I burp.

I am knitting and crocheting this week, but no pictures. I was working on That Baby's June coaster as a sun and I just couldn't get it to work. So, I gave up on that and am going with a flip flop coaster. (Thanks for the idea Michelle! ♥) I'm also working on another secret project, so I can't tell you about it.

Since there isn't a whole bunch to tell you today, I'll leave you with a few select photos...

Looking For A New Job

Looking For A New Job
We saw this getting dinner at McDonald's on night. Stu dared me to take a pic. I was nervous to, but I think no one was the wiser.


Rain, Rain & More Rain

Rain, Rain & More Rain
We've been getting pelted with heavy rain pretty much daily over the past week.


That Baby & Papa's Playtime

That Baby & Papa's Playtime
Danika loves to share her hats so much that if she puts one on you and you take it off, be prepared for a little tantrum.


Brick Wall Mural
This is on a wall as you go through on of the drive thrus of Artic Cirlce, a local burger franchise that serves black angus burgers. Mmm, so good!

Until next time...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Since we've been pretty busy lately... I have to post quick and have a lot of photos to show you... soooo, picture story post! (With some [hopefully] short captions, of course.)

Little Ami Horse
I crocheted this horse for my friend and Matron of Honor, Christy, as a thanks for being such a great friend and doing so much to help me with my wedding.

I'm also working on a project for a secret recepient... well, some people know about it and who it's going to, but I can't say here.

Going blonde again?
I'm doing many things to try and fade the red color in my hair before the wedding... like shampooing more frequently and soaking with lemon juice on a regular basis and even vinegar rinses. The shampooing and lemon juice seems to be working best, or at least I hope it's working, it still looks really light red in some lights. If it doesn't work, I have an appointment a week or two before the wedding for a color correction. I would just rather not put my hair through more chemical abuse if I don't have to. It's already quite weak and damaged.

Is that a ghost?!?!
Is that a ghost?!?!

Is that a ghost?!?!
Do you see the child's face?!?!

Whew!  Not a ghost!
It's the donation box on my counter! I've been startled by this image many times as it is reflecting in the door windows of the conference room across from my workspace in the lobby. Maybe I've been watching Ghost Hunters too much!

My Bridal Shower
I had my bridal shower last Saturday and That Baby was there, with her adorable lavender gingham check dress with lady bugs and two pigtails. Here she's toting around here Winnie the Pooh book set.

My Bridal Shower
That Baby even entertained us all with her version of Itsy Bitsy Spider while we all ate lunch. Ashley sang the song and Danika did the actions. They didn't look as they should yet, but you could definitely tell what she was doing and that she knew certain actions went with certain parts of the song.

My Bridal Shower
(L to R) Courtney (Christy's daughter), Michelle (from my knitting group), Ryn and Christy (my Matron of Honor).

My Bridal Shower
(L to R) Peachy (my cousin), Ashley (sister) and That Baby (Ashley's daughter).

My Bridal Shower
My mom and my sister, Jen.

My Bridal Shower
We had tummy chicken salad on croissants with Sprite mixed with black cherry KoolAid. (Thanks Christy! ♥)

My Bridal Shower
There was a chocolate fountain (thanks Mom! ♥)...

My Bridal Shower
...And yummy things to dip in it! Strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows and crisp rice treats. (Thanks Christy and Mom!♥)

I gave Danika a dab of chocolate from my pinky... then, my sister Jen was feeding her chocolate off of dipping foods... Lord knows how much she actually gave her, but it must've been a fair amount because during gift opening she ran, full throttle, back and forth in her playpen and with a very hyper voice saying, "Daka-daka-daka-daka...", which is her version of "tickle, tickle". Then, moments later, she was resting her arms and head on her playpen rail with a half fist to her eye like she was going to rub it, but never did. Christy's commentary during this pose was hilarious: "I'm... gonna crash. I'm goin'... down." Ahahaha!

My Bridal Shower
Game time! We played two games, one was like a Newlywed game. Christy had e-mailed Stu earlier with questions about him or our relationship and I had to match his answers. The second game was a "Who Knows Amber Best?" game which asked questions about me and my relationship with Stu. Christy would have won by one over my Mom, but Christy was the hostess, she said she shouldn't get the prize, so my Mom won.

My Bridal Shower
Present Time! Yikes, red eyes!

My Bridal Shower
Here, I think I was threatening someone with a spatula.

And here...

My Bridal Shower
Whoa! Moms, cover your children's eyes.
Uh... I dunno what's happening here, but it's more innocent than it looks. Just bad timing. Pfft. Christy said it looks like I'm covering my bobos with the pie plates, haha!

So, my gifts were a Walmart gift card from Jennifer and Michelle (friends from my knit group, Jennifer was out of the country and couldn't make it), a standing mixer and champaign glasses from Peachy (my cousin), pie plates from Christy (my friend and Matron of Honor), springform pans, storage bowls and a spatula from Jen (my sister).

Good party, I had fun! A final thank you to my Mom and Christy! Love you ladies! ♥

Okay, so, you remember Mr. Men... like Mr. Bump?

Well, they got this character totally wrong. It should've looked like this...

Miss Bump

Why? Because I'm always hurting myself and as Stu has proven, I say "ouch" or "ow" at least three times a day-- and it's always self inflicted. Stu has threatened to wrap me in bubble wrap and make me live in a bubble.

Exhibit 159,378:

Ugh, not again!
[Clickable for larger view]
The toenail that I smacked with a chair the day of Ryn's birthday party back in May just kept getting darker and darker... and this is what it looks like now. You can even see some bruising through the nail polish. Ash and I joked that if my toenail falls off before the wedding, I can just slap a clear band-aid on it and paint a toenail on.

Got My Nails Done
I got my nails done for my bridal photos, I will return in three weeks, just before the wedding for a fill and some nail art. See, that's why she did the whites so low on my nail bed... by the time they grow out to the edge, as they should be, it will be just in time for the wedding! Smart girl!

Poo (Yarn) Finger
Sometime over the last two weeks, I grew some yarn poo on my finger, haha! Thanks Michelle for showing Peachy and I how to wind a center-pull ball. It's become very handy!

Getting Healthy
Vegetable juice during lunch hour errands. Yes, it's in a Starbuck's Frappucinno bottle. We buy it in 64 ounce jugs. I wash these little bottles (with lids) and they're great for making a single serving size portable.

Stu and I have been working out and eating healthy in preparation for our wedding and even more important, for our new life together, I gotta be healthy for my pregnancies to come, ya know.

Christy's Dress
My Matron of Honor finally found a dress! I was started to get a little worried and then she came into the office from lunch with this. I told her I loved it and she had to try it on for me right then! I'm so glad she was just as willing to try it on. It's so pretty!

Vase Rocks
Ryn helped me by sorting out the rocks for vases after I had combined some pink and black rocks and decided I didn't like the pink in it.

Stu made blueberry pancakes this morning. I requested a monster-cake and Ryn requested mini-cakes. Stu graciously obliged.

Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes

Ribbon Rose Afghan
Miss Polly made this afghan for my bridal shower gift. It's so beautiful! Thanks Miss Polly! Love you! ♥

Ribbon Rose Afghan
Here is the detail on the ribbon roses in our wedding colors attached to the afghan.

Wedding Vases
I am decorating these (straight up and down, no curves) vases for our wedding centerpieces, which will also double as our favors. I am going to make some daisy suckers in pink and white with candy melts, then they will be wrapped and tied off with green ribbon to simulate leaves. Then each table will get one vase filled with black pebbles and six suckers. The vase will be placed on a black placemat with swirls and stars that I cut myself out of fabric, then the placemat and white table cloth will be sprinkled with artificial pink rose petals. I'm excited!!!

Stu is also busy getting the secret project for the display of our engagement photos for our guest book table ready. I have no idea what he's done so far, but he keeps fighting with himself about showing me. Bless him, keeping surprises eats him alive, he gets so excited. ♥

Ryn, my Dad, and I guess my Grandma and probably my Mom know... Stu said he sent an e-mail while I was at my parent's yesterday. I said, "Hmm, that's why my Mom said my Dad and Grandma were talking in the computer room and not to disturb them." Cheeky monkey. Love you, honey!

He's also getting everything in order for the music for the ceremony and reception.

Speaking of being at my parent's yesterday... I was there to get ready and then Dad, Ash and I headed out to take my bridal photos. Big thank you to Dad for taking the photos and Ash for being helper and taking some other great shots with her and my cameras. Love you guys! ♥ Sorry kids, no previews, you should know my rule about that by know. (wink)

And last but not least, Ryn made this pic for me on her computer and set it as the desktop wallpaper on my computer...

Cow 'n' Pixie
[Clickable for larger view]
That's Stu and I in the picture. The cow is a reference to one of Stu's game characters, Deekow. He's a Tauren (big, bad ass, scary cow) Death Knight, as seen here:

Isn't Ryn so sweet!?!?

Well, I think that's it. Whew, time to get ready for bed now. Wow, I've been working on this post intermittently all day! Geez! Well, I hope you enjoy it. I love posting, but hate when it seems to suck up my whole day, haha.

Bye, bye!

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