Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here Comes Halloween!

Short post today.

I finished the baby and I's costume. We're kinda sharing one. I threw it together for less than $15!

Halloween Costumes 2010
Here's my part of the costume.

Baby's Halloween Costume 2010
And here's the baby's part. Can you guess what we're gonna be? Don't guess in the comments if I've already told you, please.

I'll reveal what it is about Halloween time.

Tea Time
I got some Celestial Seasonings herbal holiday tea in Gingerbread when I went grocery shopping today. I made it with sugar and milk instead of water. It's SO good! They also have sugar cookie, sugar plum and peppermint. I'd like to try them all.

Well, that's about it. Told ya it was gonna be short. Until next time!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Husband's A Super Hero!

A lot has been going on lately...

Been working on the sock monkey for Morgana...

Classic Sock Monkey
Last Sunday I got the rest of the body and the head done. I embroidered the eyes on, then knit and sewed the mouth on. Now it just needs arms, ears and a tail.

Classic Sock Monkey
It's even got a classic sock monkey bum! Squee!

We also went driving around to find a place closer to Ryn's school today. Kinda slim pickins. We'll keep looking though.

Earlier this week I made a black forest dump cake for a department potluck. Sorry, no pic. Everyone enjoyed it... especially an account manager for one of our clients. It was the first thing he dished up and had seconds before anyone else had really even had any, lol.

Work is going well for both Stu and I. We received word a while ago that they'd like to be rid of the temp staffing company by November. Since then, the department I worked for before I had to leave last time asked for me back. I felt bad leaving Stu in the call center and going to the fifth floor. =( But, I'm so happy to be back where I was. Then, all the temps (which is what we are) have been giving 30 second presentations to some of the executives. Stu and I did ours last week (I think). Stu did a kind of super hero poem about powers that described what the company is all about. The CEO loved it and posted it on the employee website the next day! He became a celebrity overnight. Then, just yesterday (Friday) he got hired on permanent!!! YAY!!!!! I'm so happy for him. That really made his day, especially since he's been feeling under the weather and still is today.

He feels bad that I haven't been hired yet. But, given that the second interviews or hiring are supposed to be done by the department managers and our department has A-LO-HOT of work right now and my manager's son is quite ill... hopefully she's just been too busy to get to me. I'm kinda sad too, but I'm not terribly worried. I think they'll hire me. Even if they don't, at least my hubby has a permanent job. That's stability enough for us at the moment. =)

I've been to the OB recently. I don't know if it's routine or because I'm a bit overweight, but I did a glucose test. They say my glucose levels should be 140... mine was 169. Ouch. The tech said that doesn't necessarily mean I have gestational diabetes, but they want to do a more extensive test. So, starting tomorrow, I get to eat a candy bar everyday for 3 days (yay), then Tuesday, only water after midnight, then from about 9:00 am to noon on Wednesday, I get to hang around the doctor's office for three four hours while they draw my blood every hour. And I don't get to eat until they're done. =( Hope it isn't so bad.

I was also told that I need more iron. So, Stu went and bought me spinach, raisins and juice. I need to eat one of the foods and drink some juice every evening. The vitamin C in the juice will help my body absorb the iron.

Plus, I still need to exercise (which I haven't done, bad mommy!) and watch what I eat. I gained 4 lbs. since my last appointment, but the doc said she wasn't as worried this time since the gain wasn't as rapid as last time.

Wow, being pregnant sure is a lot of work. (At least when you have medical people monitoring the whole thing and telling you what to do, lol.)

That's pretty much been our week. Wish me luck with my health and you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Are You Serious?!

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Stu and I were laying in bed, awake, just before 6 AM today... shortly after, the baby was awake too.

After a bit we decided to wake Ryn and left for IHOP at 6:30.

We waitied 20 minutes for IHOP to open at 7.

The baby had her first IHOP. =)

Stu asked how the baby liked it. I replied with, "She's in a food coma right now. I'll let you know when she wakes up."

Now I'm home again, have started a load of laundry and ready to go back to bed.

I think I'll crochet on my niece's blanket though.

Have a happy day all!