Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday, Sunday.

I'm quite a bit behind. I will include a link at the end of the post to my pictures so you can catch up.

The bedtime dance.

I've been saving any acrylic worsted yarn scraps longer than 4-6 inches and tying them all together. I don't even know what I'm going to make with it yet.

Here's my progress on the SweetLoops doll that I'm crocheting. I think I need another name for these dolls, but I have no idea what...

Stuffed animal tea party. Unfortunately, anyone who can't sit on their own did not make the guest list.

Mo and I went grocery shopping today. I took a short nap with her and then worked on the SweetLoops doll. She continued to sleep... for a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes! She normally only naps an hour and a half to two hours. Not a very eventful day, which I'm fine with. Once I finish up here, I'm going to get Morgana into the shower, ready for bed and get her to sleep, then I hope to knit on Morgana's circle robe, watch some Frasier on Netflix and maybe take a bath before bed.

I have broken my goal of not starting any new projects, which you'll see when you go visit my photos. Oh well. At least they're small and done quickly.

In the last couple weeks, both Morgana and I have gone to the doctor for our regular check ups. So, last night while she was playing with my row counter necklace, she gave me a check up with the row counter as all the check up tools. She listened to my heart, looked in my eyes, ears and mouth (telling me to say "ahhhh", of course). Then, she really surprised me with how observant she is and how good her memory is! She gently grabbed my throat and said, "Fwallow." It was so sweet.

Here's more of what we've been up to:

Have a good night all.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Girl & A Yarny Goal

IMG_2843 IMG_2844
My goofy & sweet girl turned 2 this last week!

I love this for lunch. I call it lazy sushi. Tuna, mayo, sesame seeds, soy sauce and nori. Sushi taste (to me) without the expense or work.

Morgana in her birthday crown complete with stickers.

Morgana had a birthday cupcake after dinner on her birthday. She had a party with cake and presents on the weekend.

I made grape jelly meatballs for dinner Sunday.

I unraveled, thoroughly washed and then boiled a used bath pouf. I then crocheted it into a pot scrubber.

Morgana thinks the pot scubber is a fascinator or a play trivet, not a pot scrubber.

Morgana's cake for her birthday party this past Saturday.


Sleepy girl right before the chocolate cake sugar rush.


For more birthday pics, click here and use the thumbnails to the right to navigate.

I hung a crate on Morgana's wall today for her DVDs. Just put in some screws and hung it on it's side. Easy peasy.

I have a goal to finish all my knit and crochet works in progress before starting any new projects, not counting stuff made for profit. This is the first one. Since kids grow so fast, figured I better start with this. It's a kind of circle skirted jacket for Morgana. This way when she's watching TV or sitting to read, she will have plenty of fabric to keep her legs warm.

We went grocery shopping today and watched lots of Charlie and Lola, since we got Morgana one of the DVDs for her birthday... Why do you think I did the birthday shopping? I love Charlie and Lola. Teehee.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Is Here.

Okay, so, there has been a lot going on lately. I will give you a link to my photos at the end of the post so you can see more.

Today, started out quite blah. Yesterday, I started crocheting another Lalaloopsy looking doll for someone who said they'd like one. For some weird reason, I felt like I really didn't want to make it. Maybe because I felt I had to. I'm going to start calling them SweetLoopy Dolls. I'm also writing my own pattern as I don't want to break any laws selling dolls from the first pattern I used. There will probably be other dolls with a different spin. Like, TwistedLoopy, a more dark and gothic style. My sister, Brandi, said she would love one of those. And, I'm sure there will be other series to come if these sell well.

Today, I started getting excited about making this SweetLoopy, who will resemble Cinder Slippers:


I made homemade peanut butter granola bars tonight. So delish!

I knit this fabulous Infinitude scarf (pattern on Ravelry) for Teen Miss for Christmas. And, I loved the look and how fast it worked up so much...

...that I also knit one for my sister, Jen's, birthday! Which, is on Dec. 23rd. This one is the small size though. I had less yarn and less time.

I also got the living room totally in order today. Put the Christmas tree away, vacuumed, cleaned the end tables, culled toys, papers and books. I reorganized the books and movies into neat lines on the shelves and even vacuumed the couch. That really helped with my blah mood. My yarn and projects were decluttered, organized and put away a few days ago. Today, I also put all the boxes that were in our dining room from Christmas, Mo's summer clothes and toys to donate to the thrift store in the back room. That is going to be my zone cleaning area. I intend to keep it as a catch all room for now which I will declutter and cull often so that it doesn't get out of hand. Kind of a staging area for crap and clutter. That way, my whole house can stay clear, even if I have junk waiting for an action.

Morgana has been night weaned a couple months ago and is now sleeping great at night, usually not waking until she sleeps ten hours. She's also eating better now and getting three more teeth in!

I blew my calorie count today. Did great until Morgana went down for nap after lunch, then I ate a buncha pfeffernusse and some milk. Then some cheese and crackers. After dinner I had a homemade granola bar and a mini peanut butter cup. God, give me the strength tomorrow to stay within my calorie allotment to lose this weight.

Here's more pics to see all the news over the holiday!

Happy New Year all!

Ugh To Flickr & A Happy New Year!

I am trying to get all my Christmas and most recent photos captioned tonight.  I captioned over 100 photos on flickr last night and none of the captions were saved.  I will do another post tonight if I have time.  Otherwise, visit my photos to get a peek of what's been going on.