Saturday, January 31, 2009

Found My Dress!

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Seriously, there's a ton of stuff that I can't put all in this post. For the full scoop, start here and click the right picture in the photo browser on the right side of the page to navigate through all the fun I've had over the last two weeks!

Sorry kids, I know it's been two weeks since my last post. With wedding planning going on and all the first of the year holidays in my family (Stu's Bday, Mom's Bday, Stu and I's anniversay and our quit smoking anniversary), I've been pretty busy. We also have an appointment to look at a church for the wedding and talk with the bishop, then go to mom's to celebrate Stu's birthday, so I need to try and hurry on this post...

[Almost 24 hours later...] Okay, so that didn't work. Ryn needed help getting Stu's birthday cake out of the cake pan (it stuck) and then it was time to go. So, we'll try this again, haha.

Fabric Strip Blanket
I'm knitting some panels out of old shirts of mine and Stu's for a blanket. This first shirt is Stu's.

Plum Pudding Booties
I finished these booties for Danika. We haven't put them on her for a picture yet. Stu tried yesterday, but she wanted to eat them instead.

I found my wedding dress!

Sorry, folks, no pics. (And there won't be until after the wedding, can't risk the groom seeing it. But, trust me, it's perfect!)

Wedding Dress Shopping
My mom and I. We just bought my dress just before this lunch... I'm so happy! The owner at the bridal shop gave us a great deal! She showed me a gown that was about to go on clearance for the clearance price. We saved over 150 dollars! I know that doesn't sound like much, but being that my wedding has a low budget, this dress looks like it could easily be $1,000 and I got it for under $400!

Following is a pic of Christy and I, then Christy's daughter and Ryn at the mall shopping for the bridesmaid's dresses for Christy and Ryn.

Wedding Dress Shopping Wedding Dress Shopping

Stu turned 30...ish.

I'm A Paparazzi!
I'm a paparazzi! Here we've spotted the mastermind behind the famous World of Warcraft character Deekow! We came across him in a local mall doing some shopping for his birthday! This is a rare treat, considering that Stu doesn't come out from behind his Kow mask very often!

Stu's Birthday Mosaic
We went birthday shopping and he got the last Slipknot CD that he needed, he now has them all. We went to Los Berto's, where they have the most killer nachos in the world! Then, it was of to the mall to buy the Killer Bunnies card game. (Then I took him to get a massage.) That night we had cupcakes.

Saturday we went to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Stu's birthday with them.

Stu's Birthday Cake
Ryn made it all by herself. Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. Mmm! (Stu kept claiming that he was 30, so that's what she wrote on the cake.)

That Baby & Uncle Stu
That Baby playing with uncle Stu.

"Honey, we have to go home... NOW!"
Then Stu gets this. Stu's friend moved over to his server on World of Warcraft and sent Stu this text message while we were at my parents'. Stu showed it to me and said, "Honey, we have to go home... NOW!"

Oh yeah... and I went red again... I missed it. (Notice my waves/curls? That's all me! For a long time I didn't even know I had it, lol.)

I'm Red Again...

I think I'll share a cutesy That Baby video with you...

And now, I'll leave you with this...

Horse Head Spotting!
[Clickable for larger view.]

This was HILARIOUS! On the way out to mom and dad's, we saw this horse head pop out of a sunroof. He was whipping his head back and forth and bouncing left and right. We then figured it was most likely a pony on a stick toy. Hahahahaha!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fill-In!

I saw this over at Jessica's blog, looks fun! The original is here.

1. Oh, I am so exicted to go shopping with the girls tomorrow!

2. Getting marrid will bring lots of changes, big and little.

3. During work, I wanna sleep.

4. Me: I'll get you to who can help you. Client: Do you know who that is? Me (thinking): No, I was hoping you could tell me; are you kidding me???

5. Right now I'd like to be finishing the baby booties I've been knitting for over two weeks and should've only taken a couple days.

6. My computer is my favorite gadget.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Roseanne, knitting and SLEEPING, tomorrow my plans include wedding dress shopping and Sunday, I want to sleep some more, knit, look at wedding invitations with Stu and check out the new laundomat (I know, it sounds weird, but Stu and Ryn say it's pretty awesome)!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I got bootie fever!

Plum Pudding Booties
These will probably be for Danika. This is my second pair during this "wave".

No other craft/knitting progress to report. Although, I might be doing a little fabric knitting with old shirts today. Sorry, no picture, I took one and then it came up on the computer as a tiny box with the red X. You know the one. I dunno why it did that, very strange, that's never happened before.

Well, we had a good turn out last knitting meeting!

Peachy & A Loom Hat
Peachy's trying on her loom hat. I had to get a picture, she looked so silly.

That Baby & Michelle
Here's Danika with Michelle. She's not even asleep yet, she's just chillin', then she'll fall asleep.

This is at The SLC Stitchers meeting. People there had been wanting to see the baby. Good thing we brought her this night, all the regulars and a new member showed up. We had five knitters there. It made me SO happy! I think that is the biggest turn out yet!

That Baby & Mom
Aww, cuddly baby. She just woke up after falling asleep on Michelle.

In Other News...

We played a new game called Munchkin today. I won. *snicker* It's a "make fun of role playing games" game. If you get a chance, try it. It takes a little bit to get used to the rules, not long. It's way fun... and funny.

And then...

My friend Bruce got married yesterday!!!

Sorry, no pics, didn't think to take any. DOH!

Yeah, it's a short post... but I wanna knit!!!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fish Rawk

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

I think we'll start this post off right, with some fiber eye candy...

'Watch' Me Count
Just a little wristband for my row counter. I got tired of wearing it like a necklace. I call this project 'Watch' Me Count.

Ring It In Coaster
That Baby sure loved her Ring It In Coaster. Yet another pattern published on Ravelry. Free pattern here.

Baby Booties
Kari (at work) had told me that she would pay me to make her some booties. I declined. Well, now I feel like making some baby booties. So, I'm doing these ones as a gift for her. I’m doing much better on this pair (this is my 2nd time with this pattern). I’m planning things out much better, like distributing stitches in an even way over established stitches.

Diagonal Baby Blanket
Here's my progress on the diagonal knit baby blanket for Stu and I's first (yet to be had). Interesting how the pink/purple pooled much differently from the blue/green yarn. I'm on the down hill now, each row will now get smaller, working toward the corner.

If you didn't know, Stu bought this yarn for me for my 28th birthday with the intention of me using for a blanket for our first baby. It was the most touching gift I've ever received, I cried.

Spaghetti Tacos!
Spaghetti tacos! Ryn made these for dinner one night. They're actually really good! I had seconds. ♥

I can haz donut?
I can haz donut? I made a hair donut with some socks. I can't put it on in the traditional way by putting the ponytail through, spreading the hair evenly over the donut and then putting an elastic over it and tucking all the ends under the donut. My hair is too thin.

So, I'm trying to just put the ponytail through and pulling the donut almost to the ends of my hair and then rolling it down to my head (like a curler), then spreading the hair evenly. I'm getting better at it. =)

That Baby's Standing!
That Baby's standing! Danika has just barely gotten crawling down and she's already moved on to standing without holding onto anything! (Her hair is also long enough for a pony now. Dunno if you can see it in the pic there, but it's so cute. Mom puts one in everyday now.)

Ryn did some babysitting of That Baby for Honors Society Community Service while Stu and I went to the Jazz game last night. We had a fun night. Ryn, on the other hand, wasn't so excited about having the baby come spend the night when it was mentioned. She replied with, "Uh... not after I've just spent all night taking care of her." We all know that taking care of a little one can be tiring. Mom says she did good though.

Grandma's Cookies
My Grandma (Dad's Mom) makes these extremely yummilicious cookies and sends some to my parents' every Christmas. I think they are some kind of ginger cookie. I would describe them as light and crispy. So good! I hope that she would be willing to share the recipe with me. ♥

Tropic of Strawberry
This is the yummiest tea, my favorite right now! Go get some! I also really love Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings. If you like chai tea, you'll love Bengal Spice!

My Silly Man...
My silly man wears his (now empty) Christmas stocking on his head while gaming.

And finally...

Meet Mr. Tartlet
Meet Mr. Tartlet, Ryn's new Beta fish. Him's cute, huh?

Meet Mr. Tartlet

Meet Mr. Tartlet

Until next time...

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

She can purl!

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Scrappy Tuesdays
Here's my progress on the Scrappy Tuesdays afghan. Wow, can you even see it amongst all that bright tie dye? I was being too lazy to get out my backdrop sheet for the photo.

Ring It In Coaster
Here's the January themed coaster designed for That Baby. Published on Ravelry, free pattern here.

I'm also making some progress on my diagonal knit baby blanket. I started it SO long ago. I'm really trying to get things finished up, so I can do new stuff and not have anything hibernating.

Well, that's all of my knit/crochet progress since last post. Not a lot, I know, but I really think what's coming next will buy your forgiveness in a heartbeat...

Marshall got a Nightie!
Well, I finally got permission from Marshall to post these pictures of him during our white elephant gift exchange for my office. He picked a gift that had a pink nightie, a Sleeping Beauty DVD and popcorn. Of course... no one stole it from him. What a good sport though, huh?

WOW Boardgame
We played Stu's World of Warcraft boardgame for nearly seven hours on Saturday. It was really fun, I just didn't count on it taking so long, haha. But, up side... we got to spend a lot of time together as a family. ♥

Look at how many pieces this thing has...
Stu's World of Warcraft Boardgame
Everything from the top of this picture to the bottom is actively used in the game... even all those little tokens on the box lid at the bottom of the picture there... you see them?

That Baby's Pony
Mom got a little rocking horse for Danika. It's so tiny and close to the floor. She loves it... and it makes her feel brave, she stands up on it!
That Baby's Pony

She Can Purl!
Ryn is now knitting stockingnette, she just learned how to purl!

She Can Purl!
Looks great, huh?

Ryn knit a skinny scarf!
Ryn knit this skinny scarf on size 50 needles for her grandma. This is her first completed project in stockingnette stitch!

Bacon, Cheese & Onion Tartlets
I made these bacon, cheese and green onion tartlets for New Year's Eve. They were nummy!

M&M Mini's!
I ♥ baby Ms... and haven't had them in so long. The pink tube pushed me over the edge in deciding to get these. They were gone in maybe... a minute. Told ya I love them.

And I'll leave you with a current shot of my nails (I had to cut them again, ugh. Dang those few nails that always break!)

My Nails
Black shorties with glitter. I told Stu these are my Wall-E nails... they look like outer space!

Well, I'm off to figure out a way to turn a small fleece blanket into a house robe with my new craft sewing machine!

Take care all! ♥

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ring It In Coaster - Free Crochet Pattern

Ring It In Coaster
It’s the party hat you don’t wear on your head, but under your bubbly!


H hook
worsted weight yarn
yarn needle for weaving in ends


With MC ch 19.

Row 1 - sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across to end, ch 1, turn.

Row 2 - sc first 2 sc tog, sc to last 2 sc, sc last 2 sc tog, ch 1, turn.

Row 3 through 18 - Repeat rows 1 and 2, crocheting in every stitch on odd numbered rows and sc 2 tog on each end of even rows.

Border - Ch 1, sc evenly around tree edge, ss to first sc, finish off, weave in ends.


Top stitch on any design you'd like with CC yarn. Use your imagination!

Make a pom-pom and sew it securely to the top of hat. (You can find instructions on making a pom-pom here.)

That Baby's First Christmas (Videos)

Here's a video of my niece, Danika, opening a gift from us for Christmas. (From 00:35 to 00:53 is the funny moment.) Ugh, I hate having to convert to Movie Maker to brighten this... it now has spots and lower quality. I don't know why it does that, sorry.

In this video Danika's playing with the Playskool Busy Ball Popper we got her for Christmas. (I think what she does at 00:30 is so sweet, like she's trying to express that she likes it. Just get it to 00:27 and watch, after she does it, I go "Ohhh...", like "Aww.")