Saturday, May 10, 2008

I love cheap stuff!

I got these books from the thrift store for 75 cents each. Yes, they're for me, I love teen thrillers! The one on the far right, I got for Ryn. She's already read it and wants to read the companion book. I'm not sure if I'll read all the ones I got for myself. I'm reading the one on the left now. I really wanted books by Richie Tankersley Cusick, but didn't find any. I did buy them with the intention of reading them all. Shortly after buying them I stumbled across Paper Back Swap. So, I may just swap them at the beginning of the month for some books I really want.

I also found these while looking for the books. I figured I needed more than one girly mug in the house for me. I paid 50 cents for each one. There's one more, but it's my office mug. The blue one with the hearts is my favorite!

I like the thrift store because I sometimes enjoy an eclectic style. But, even if you don't, you can still find some cool stuff, some of it nearly new. I've even stumbled across quite a few "sets" of things that match!

Ryn and I designed the invitations for her birthday party next weekend on the computer. She picked all the elements and I put them together in Word.

In needlework news...
I'm still pluggin' away at Polly's bedspread. I feel so close to being done!

In OTHER news...
Stu and I just celebrated our three month smoke-free anniversary! YAY!!!

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