Thursday, December 25, 2008

!@#$%&* GINGERBREAD!!!

I hate it.

Tried to make SOFT gingerbread men cookies tonight. It no worky. After adding A-LA-HOT of flour to dough ball, it still stuck to everything... oh, yeah, I hate molasses too. So, managed to get two men and a disc outta well floured tiny baby ball, cooked for minimum time, was good. Getting tired, gave up for the night, started too late anyway. Shared cookie with daughter, gave fiance a cookie (who expressed pleasure in cookie) and disc cookie sat to test if was a rock when cooled. Put rest of dough in fridge, gathered things to go knit. Daughter asked if there was more cookies, I said no. Felt inclined to finish job since I did okay with test cookies and there was much communication of desire for more cookies. Remembered tip in recipe review and floured wax paper, seemed okay, until I wanted little gingerbread men to walk from wax paper to cookie sheet... stuck again, all of it!

Rolled up dough, wax paper and all, shoved in trash, done.

...until next time... hopefully can fix boo boo in previous attempt.

Estimated Time Wasted: 2.25 to 3 hours

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Duni said...

Oooh. Too bad about those soft dough gingerbread men. I know how you feel. I once tried making chocolate eclairs, but the dough was rock hard! More like chocolate shortbread ☺

Happy New Year!