Sunday, November 15, 2009

I See-- A New Moon A-Risin'

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Halloween Spider
Ahhhh! What is that?!?!

Halloween Spider
Ahhhh! It's a spider!!!-- Oh... a three legged, crocheted spider. Not so scary. (Waving the disembodied legs at Stu still makes his skin crawl though.) This little(ish) guy will be displayed in our house next Halloween along with a crocheted web. I started him the day before Halloween and didn't finish in time. So, know I work on him every Sunday (which I know have dubbed Holiday Crochet Sunday!) I will work on something for our house pertaining to the different holidays every Sunday. This way I don't need to spend a ton of money on decorations. It may take a good long time to build a good decoration collection, but it'll be so fun!

I'm nearly done with Mom's sweater. I ran out of yarn last night just as I finished the last sleeve. So, I need to buy a whole skein of yarn for sewing yarn and neck ribbing-- go figure, huh? But anyway, that means I got to start this-- (which makes Stu really happy!)

Hubby's Robe
A robe for Stu!

I'm using this pattern--

It's the closest thing I could find to looking like a robe. I think it will work well.

I'm knitting it in Homespun in black and Edwardian (a kind of marbly black and gray).


Speaking of Edward(ian)--

You know this is coming out soon, right? As you will notice from the picture, the release date is November 20th.

Well, we're going November 19th-- for FREE.

Okay, you can start hating me now. I'm not a huge Twilight fan (I enjoyed the first movie thought, so I wanna see this one), but Ryn is, so for her, we waited in line at a Blockbuster Video store for three hours for free tickets. Little did we know that we got two tickets each, so Stu and I can have some friends along too.

New Moon Tickets
Ryn waiting in line for free New Moon tickets.

New Moon Tickets
Here I am waiting in line for free New Moon tickets-- knitting, of course.

It was a pleasant enough experience, less the annoying girl who we found (quite a while after the fact) was not with the people in front of us that she plopped down with and talked to. And, to add insult to injury, annoying talks to everyone girl is joined by her annoying talks to everyone, comments on everything and has a million questions for everyone around her on how this is going to work mother. We found out by the people in front of us that they were not together. We said some things to them, they apparently tattled to store management that we were "harrassing" them, when honestly all we said is that it's not fair that they got in front of other people, us included. Yeah, so the tickets will go to the first 50 people no matter what order they are in and we were only like the 10th person back from the front. But, still, it's little exceptions like this that lead to other big exceptions and that upsets me. Like I said to annoying girl when she said that it doesn't matter what order we're in (which if it doesn't matter, why did they care so much about staying where they were?), "Yeah, because the principle of fairness doesn't matter." Gawd, I hate inconsiderate people!

Speaking of inconsiderate people-- We had some new neighbors move in early in the week, we share one whole side of our townhouse with them and our stairs are on the wall that their stairs are on. They are loud!!! Banging, bumpin, jumping, running up and down the stairs ALL DAY! Yes, they have young children, but please, teach them reverence for cripes sake!!! This started the day they were moving in and hasn't stopped. Apparantly they only speak spanish (or pretend to) because Stu asked them to quiet down the day they moved in and the guy just kept saying, "I dunno..."

We've called the office and security MULTIPLE times with no results. And last night we spoke to a very timid acting security guy. He said that when he went over they were all just sitting there watching a movie. Uh-huh, of course they were, "Okay, kids, sit down and shut up, I gotta answer the door and it's probably someone about all the noise we've been making." Then, while he was standing right there, there was a loud thud and more noise and we were like, "See, they aren't being quiet, you can hear that." Then he said that he'd talk to them and see what they can do. We're pretty sure he just left after that and I have my doubts that he even went over there at all because I heard his car door just before he knocked on our door.

I hope they get themselves evicted, like the last noisy ass people.

Okay, so, miscarriage, lost my job, deal with annoying people at video store for three hours, can find no peace in my own home... life is great, huh? I'm reaching the end of my rope.

(Seriously though, I have a lot to be grateful for, I'm just wondering when all the crap that's being slung at me and causing so much stress lately is gonna stop.)

ANY-WAY! Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week to come.


Mel said...

Hi Amber! The only advice I can offer when life keeps throwing roadblocks up is to keep smiling. It's just like ignoring the bully that keeps pulling on your ponytail - eventually, they give up! LOL That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Enjoy the movie! Your spider is looking very scary - and that robe looks like it will be very warm once it's done. I'm sure your hubby will love it! Can't wait to see the sweater when it's all finished... I'm sure your mom will stay nice and toasty in it! Take care - oh, and sometimes it helps to laugh insanely... ;)

Glo said...

Hi Amber: Neighbor suck!!!! I have two nuts living upstairs form me with two beagels and a mutt and they bark and howl and run back and forth all hours of the day and night! My husband is away and I told him when he gets home we are out of here or there is going to be a murder in Austin. I know what your going through and I would have told the girl in the line to beat it! I had those spanish neighbors too when i live in brooklyn, ny, well I learned spanish quick, they had 14 teen people living in 4 adjacent rooms. Anywho I have not been lurking much so I did not know you lost your job, sorry to hear that, well at least you found something for now. Ok Now I am going to be nosey, not sure if your still trying to get pregnant but I have a tip for you if that is what you really want right now..........
If you reduce chemicals by eating a diet that is 80% organic fruits and veggies for the most part, i know you can't always find organic. When we decrease the chemicals we are eating and using on our bodies you become more fertile. Use frangrane, dye free products, don't color your hair, or paint your nails, no perfume, no scented candles, and drink distilled water, you should get pregnant. You may feel a bit gasey or have to move your bowels more the first few weeks but that is because what ever toxic are in the body are leaving.
Well it is just a suggestion.
You will actually feel great in many ways and probably lose some weight which I am not saying you need to but it would be better before you get PG because the average weight gain is 35 pds.
I also can't wait to see the sweater, it is georgous, you got the pattern were?
By the way I a whole health educator and I eat this way and I can tell you my hair got thicker, nails, skin, breathe, vision, everything improved and I lost that stubborn 20 pds. I also have lupus and you would never know it. Take care if you think your interested in the diet feel free to ask me questions. 'glo'
merry xmas to you, stu and ryn!