Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's So Quiet

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There isn't a whole lot going on lately... except Stu had an interview with PC Laptops... and then a second interview... and then he didn't get it. We were so bummed. =( Please wish him luck in any future job hunting. He's graduating soon and will be looking full time very soon.

I've done lots of Konadicures lately. Just wish I could find a way to make them last longer than a couple days, especially cosidering that some designs are time consuming. I've been looking for Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat, I think that's the name. I saw it on the Nails by Asami blog, she loves it. But, I haven't found it yet.

A peek at some of my recent Konadicures...

My Nails

My Nails
Silver tips with aqua Konad flowers.

My Nails
I ordered some new Konad plates with birthday money from my grandpa. I got classic french plates (which I did not use here, they're too short) a french plate with lots of different designs (like this bow). I also got a plate with several different animals on it... including this cow on my married finger. I got this plate just for the cow on it... for Stu. (Don't pay any attention to my dry cuticles. >.< )

My Nails
So, I broke the same nail, twice in one day! Soooo, I cut my nails. But, they still look so cute with these white tips with black Konad checker print, which is also on one of my new french plates.

I Heart Aloe
Just a funny... cool, thing. I use Aloe Vera gel as a facial moisturizer and when I squeezed it out of the bottle one morning... it was a heart!

Just Me
Just me. I took some new pics... for fun.

In needlework news...

Flower Medicine Cabinet Knobs
The only news I have is that I crocheted these flower knob pulls for our bathroom medicine cabinet. I got tired of the mirror supports falling out that I substituted for the ones that didn't exsist when we moved in. Maybe I'll write a pattern!

Well, I have more laundry to fold and more crocheting to do before the night is over.

Until next time...
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Paula said...

How did you attach the flowers to your mirror? Doesn't thee humidity in the bathroom affect them?

Amber said...


I just crocheted a slip stitch cord, tied one knot close to one end... put it through the back of the cabinet door, with the knot to the back. Then, I slipped the flower on the cord to the front of the door and then tied a knot close to the flower, leaving a long end to pull on. I haven't noticed the moisture affecting them yet.