Sunday, April 3, 2011

This House Will Be A Home

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I'm still really busy with trying to get unpacking done, working and taking care of the baby. So, I'm just going to show you some pics of our house...

Our New House
The sitting room, once you come in the front door.

Our New House
The living room.

Our New House
The dining room.

Our New House

Our New House

Our New House
Kathryn's room.

Our New House
Master bedroom.

Our New House
Master bath.

And there's one more room, but it's our roommate, Justin's. He my husband's long-time friend. I also didn't get any pics of the basement... it's nothing spectacular. Just unfinished basement with a mostly-finished bedroom. Kathryn was going to take that one, but changed her mind once we were approved for rental. So, she got the tiny back room instead. I also did a video tour of the house, but I think the file is corrupt. I'll have to do another one some other time.

Morgana also got a convertible (forever bed kind of) crib. She was getting too big for her Pack N' Play bassinet. In her sleep, she would scoot herself diagonal or completely sideways, head against the side, legs all drawn in, frog-like and then bitch about it in her sleep, lol. She still scoots herself around in her sleep, but at least now she has room to move. Oh, they grow so fast!

Momo's new convertible crib

Morgana 2 months
She's so tiny in it! Well, at least getting a bigger bed can help me still think she's so tiny and precious as when she was a new baby, lol.

Kathryn & Morgana
And here's a random pic of Little Miss and Teen Miss.

Here's a video of Momo... laughing! Oh my gosh, she looks more like me when I was a baby everyday. If you want to skip to the best laugh, go to 1:25. Enjoy!

Until next time!


Sue said...

Super cute!!

rautis2 said...

YAY! Just one more week and I get some much needed momo and knitting sisters therapy!

Bindu said...

I can't wait to see you decorate with this home with all your crafty goodness. keep posted