Thursday, June 23, 2011

I finally got one of these cool, reusable coffee cups and for free! I was at my parents' getting a cup out of the cupcoard and saw it. I exclaimed that I'd been wanting one and my mom said I could have it. She said it doesn't keep her coffee warm as long as it takes her to drink it. And it's pink. Yay!

And I'm crocheting a cupcake for a secret recipient!

And, a random pic of Little Miss for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time!


paula said...

Hubby and I don't do coffee but I found reusable coke/liquid whatever glasses . . . we use them all the time and since the top screws on and it has a straw that doesn't come out, I FINALLY don't spill what I'm drinking . . YEAH ! ! ! !

The "Little Miss" sure is growing like a weed :0}

rautis2 said...

So very cute and yay for pink! My momo looks so very cute! lol!

Groovy Pumpkin said...

I just checked in to see how you and little one are doing - wow, she's just so cute! I love the video of her laughing!!

I can't believe how quickly time flies these days!

Jane x