Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Need More

So, it seems maybe I need to blog more. Seems as though maybe people aren't reading or checking back as much as they used to. (The comments have taken a nose dive, so I can only assume.) I'm going to try and blog once a week again, like I used to. But, they will probably be short. Hey, at least there will be something, right?

Little Miss turned 6 months on July 2nd!

Baby Food Time
We're trying baby food again. We tried at 4 and 5 months, but it didn't seem her body was ready, but she sure was! Today's special is pureed squash.

Learning to drink from a cup
And from the wine list, water, 2011. She's also learning how to drink from a cup. We may not even do a sippy cup.

She's also belly crawling, almost hand and knees crawling and sitting on her own for short periods.

Ami Elephant
I made this little elephant for my cousin, Peachy. She moved to New York to be with her boyfriend.

Chocolate Pinky Cupcake
I also crocheted this cupcake for my knitting friend, Jen. We're super broke right now, so I couldn't buy or make her a cake or cupcakes. =( I will love when I can do that again. I love making and decorating cupcakes and cakes for others.

Flower Sneadette (Snood/Headband/Barrette)
I also crocheted this for me and the baby to share. I call it a Sneadette. This item does triple duty as a snood (bun cover, thread the string around base of flower, place over bun, tighten and tie), a headband (as shown) and a barrette (just add a bobby pin under the flower and take out the headband string).

I'm making another one to look kind of like a huge carnation in magenta. If anyone knows of a flower that looks like a huge carnation, please let me know the name. I'm fairly certain they exist.

Stu should be getting a job offer next week. He stays at home with the baby right now. But, even after he starts working. Him or I will need to get an evening job to catch up. We seriously cannot afford to buy anything but diapers and gas. Luckily, we have WIC and food stamps at the moment for food... but, bills are looking super scary right now. Say a prayer for us. I would hate to only see the baby on weekends and when we sleep at night (we co-sleep now). I'm sure that would be awful for her. =(

Until next time!

P.S. I didn't even notice the title of the post fit with us needing more money. It was meant to refer to my readers needing more blog posts, lol.


Valéria said...
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Amber said...

My sincerest apologies to Valéria. I deleted your comment thinking it was some kind of spam because it was in another language. My husband pointed out that I may have made a mistake and I did. He translated the comment and it was very kind thank you. Please feel free to repost it. Otherwise, here is the rough translation my husband came up with:

"No need to worry about the blog ... now we know that you must have a thousand things on your mind .. the baby, the accounts work. Once we become a mother changes everything and think only in baby, it is difficult to take time for the things we did before ... but do not worry ... Your baby is wonderful!!"

Again, I'm sorry. I hope you keep reading and I'll take a closer look at comments before deleting them from now on. =)

Valéria said...

OK !!!!

Mel said...

Are you thinking of a Peony? That's a pretty big flower, lots of petals... doesn't look exactly like a giant carnation, but it might be close...

Glad to hear more from you, and I truly hope things start looking up for you guys soon!!!

Tina said...

Oh there is a flower my SIL used to have (on a bush) that was really big and looked like a carnation. I can't remember the name of it though. Sorry I was no help at all, lol.. But I wanted to say; I think a lot more people than you think are having a hard time right now. I know our family is, too. Your crochet projects are so cute. I love the cupcake. :) *Hugs* <3

DeeKow said...
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Amber said...

Mel, I thinkyour right. Thank you!

Jessica said...

Thinking about you guys....