Friday, September 16, 2011

Give It To Me Straight

How do all you readers feel about me posting mobile photos throughout the day with short captions? I hate to say it, but sitting down and taking an hour to blog just isn't in the cards for me right now. So, I want to know how you all feel about a picture book blog with updates throughout the day. Let me advise you that this would keep you with fresh, new content much more often. I will most likely post a new picture several times a day, as it is easier for me. Would you all still read? Would you still enjoy the photos even if the quality was a little less? Would you still enjoy hearing what's been going on even if I keep the description short and sweet? Oh, and occasionally there may be posts with just text.

Please leave a comment and give me your feedback!

Thanks for reading!


stephanni :] said...

i think it's a great idea. when you are a busy mom it's hard sometimes to make that extra time & then try to justify using the extra time on the computer instead of family. :o)

rautis2 said...

woo hoo! Bring it on!

Mel said...

You do it however it fits for you; I'll still read!

Life is busy for everyone; I have to admit, I haven't been reading any of my blogs lately - that doesn't mean I've quit reading any of them, just haven't taken the time! As a matter of fact, I think my own blog has had one single post over the past 12 months or so ~ and I love checking out pictures of your little one! She's so adorable!! :)