Friday, December 30, 2011

Someone's Turning One!

Patchwork Jeans
I love my new sewing machine! It has 25 different stitches and an attached needle threader. It's just like an arm with a VERY tiny hook that goes through the needle. When I threaded the needle with that fantastic thing I told Little Miss, "Oh, my! Mommy like!" I'm sewing some patchwork, drawstring pants from old jeans that have worn out in places. I hope to make lots of patchwork clothes for Mo and I from clothes she grows out of and clothes that I wear out to save us some money and have fun expressing my hippie side!

Birthday Treats
I got Mo's cake and the guest cupcakes baked for her birthday party on Sunday. That's right folks, she turning 1. Can you believe it?!?! That's red velvet cupcakes and white cake and six white cupcakes, by the way.


paula said...

Love your new picture with you and Mo!

Amber said...

Thanks Paula! I had to find something more true to how I currently look. My hair isn't bright red anymore, lol. And I wear glasses almost all the time now. Dry eyes and to save money.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday to Mo! Soo exciting. :) The cupcakes look yummy. I love the new picture, too.