Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Doctor, Ugh!

Well, my MRI was normal. Good news, but still don't know for sure what caused my little episode of aphasia.

This was a "good morning, Daddy" photo that we sent Stu last Sunday morning after our monthly sleepover at Nana's.

This is what I looked like everytime I prepared breakfast or lunch for Morgana a few days last week, after washing my hands and scrubbing to my elbows each time. Stu took care of dinners. I had some kind of digestive illness all last week. It was so taxing and uncomfortable. My tests came back normal on this sickness, so who knows what I had.

I made Morgana a robot head, at her request.

I crocheted a hair donut in a color of yarn to match my hair, which is important because my hair is too thin to really cover a hair donut well. I love it!


My baby dragon!

Speaking of baby dragons...

My friend, Christy, requested a pair of crocheted baby dragons. They're finally done after a week of fighting off illness, a week of procrastination because she was out of the country for over a week and then another week where I had that digestive illness.

This is Little Miss's favorite bedtime "story" right now. Reading excerpts from recipes for bedtime feels weird to me, but she loves to look at the fun pictures while I fill the silence with instructions.

My mom asked for a simple travel mug cozy since her two favorite travel mugs are stainless steel and slip when she tries to pick them up with really dry hands. She asked for a simple double crochet cozy in black.

Morgana and I are also planning to go down to Southern Utah with Nana (my mom) to stay with GGMa (my mom's mom) and her husband for about five days next week. I'm so excited!

Well, it's getting close to bedtime, I'm getting tired and still need to update my Ravelry projects. Goodnight all!

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