Saturday, March 22, 2008

I made this for Stu's mom, it's woven in the classic "friendship bracelet" style. I also made one for Ryn in the same colors, since she was admiring all my practice pieces and asking to keep them.

Knit for the Snuggles Project. This is my first entrelac project. From what I gather, entrelac is just the name given to this method of stitching, which makes the knitted fabric look woven.

Apparantly, this is how we do dishes now. It all started with a play argument Stu and I had when cleaning up after dinner and we just started throwing dishes in. (Notice the silverware in the bottom?) Stu even threw his cup in the dishwasher with milk still in it. It was fun, I giggled a lot.

The coffeehouse where we have our knit/crochet meeting every Thursday.

I believe they've finished rearranging and fine tuning the paint colors. It's kind of growing on me.

The sofas and TV are now in a back room where the computers used to be. You can see where we used to sit just outside the doorway [center]. This does suit better when it comes to privacy and not disturbing the rest of the patrons with the TV.

A card from a co-worker. It was just too funny, I had to share. Yes, I'm 30 now... ack!

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Anonymous said...

That card is hilarious!

Amber said...

I know! Hahaha!