Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're one month smoke-free!

So, Stu and I are one month smoke free... wow! That's amazing! I kinda can't believe we've done it, but on the other had I'm not surprised, we're both pretty strong.

I almost had a slip earlier this week though. I actually got my hands on a cigarette while staying overnight at my parents' and held it for a few minutes, just thinking about everything that one cigarette could destroy. I then broke it in half and got rid of it and called my quit buddy (Stu), who told me that if that ever happens again, I need to call him BEFORE I get ahold of a cigarette. I'm so proud of myself. Having come that close and not smoking, that showed me just how strong I am and that there's no reason I can't stay smoke free!

Stu is doing fantastic too. This last week, he basically had a hardcore craving that lasted a few days. He even thought about going to buy cigarettes, but didn't. I'm so proud of him as well!

It's 15 bean soup!!!

Stu made this a while ago, but I forgot to post the picture. The soup is SO yummy. The consistancy is more like a stew, which I love. He adds sausage too... mm-mm good!

The Traveling Polly Bedspread...

I crocheted some of Polly's afghan while going to Stu's Dad's for dinner yesterday.

Don't know if anyone cares, but I love doing nail art on my nails, so I thought I'd share a couple shots...

And... Ryn got a haircut last weekend! She loves it. I hated seeing her getting frustrated with her hair every morning because she couldn't do anything with it. Stu was very hesitant, he loved her long hair, but also understood how much she wanted to have it cut. He had told her that if she kept her room spotless for two weeks that she could get it done.

Then, last weekend we all went grocery shopping and were talking about it. I even mentioned how I wanted to cut my hair too. This all made Stu very nervous... he loves his girls' long hair. He started asking me questions about where I usually get my hair cut and what I would want exactly. When we got home, he pulled me aside and said, "I think you two should go get your hair cut... today... now, hurry before I change my mind!" So, off Ryn and I went.

I was so nervous that the lady kept cutting and cutting and cutting Ryn's hair. I had been given specific instructions by Stu on how short was acceptable and kept thinking, "He's gonna kill me if I don't say something!" But, then realized she wasn't cutting any more length off, just adding and evening out layers. Whew!

Here's the end result...

Yes, she looks a bit groggy, she just woke up.

I did get my hair cut too, but really just added some layers and had the ends trimmed up. I wanted to consider my honey's feelings. He was so scared to look at us when we got home and even turned his head away when Ryn stood right next to him, saying, "Look at us!" But, he liked both the cuts. =)

Just a cute pic of Ryn and her step-grandma's dog, Daisy, licking whip cream from beaters.

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