Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's Goin' On Here?!?!

The Baby's First Doctor Appointment
Here's a picture of the baby while on our way to the first prenatal appointment. (That's daddy's hand on mommy's leg there.)

They listened for the heartbeat and didn't hear it, which is normal for this early. But, with the little bit of bleeding I've had lately, an ultrasound was ordered for later in the week.

During that ultrasound, we saw a gestational sac, but no baby. Don't panic yet! The doctor said that either the preganancy has stopped progressing (sad face) or I'm not as far along as I thought I was since the machine put me at 6 weeks 5 days, not 8 weeks 6 days, like I thought I was. Cross your fingers that it's the latter.

I have found that is can be quite common (the internet is a wonderous thing). I also found on the internet that if you have an inverted (tilted) uterus, it can take longer to see the baby or hear it's heartbeat. And I'm 99.99% sure that I remember a nurse practitioner at a clinic some years ago telling me that I had a tilted uterus... so that might very well be what's going on.

We go in for another ultrasound on October 1st. We mostly feel that everything's fine, but still have those little worries in the back of our minds that there may not be a baby.

Thanks to all our friends and family who have given us reassurance and support. ♥

Stu's Apple Bacon Pancakes
After watching "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", the bacon episode, on Food Network, Stu had the idea to make apple and bacon pancakes with a caramel cream cheese sauce.

Stu's Apple Bacon Pancakes
They were really good! (Until after I was done and my stomach had an afterthought aversion to bacon, ugh.)

Butterfly Cupcakes
I made these butterfly cupcakes for my cousin Peachy's birthday and took them to our weekly knit meeting. They're red velvet with cream cheese icing. She loved them.

Not much to report in the world of knitting and crochet... just working on my mom's sweater and the baby blanket whenever I can find the energy and time.

Slim-Line TunicAround The World For Baby

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