Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Hate America's Next Top Model...

...because it sucks me in for almost a whole day and I get nothing I planned for the day done!

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So, we all watched about 8 hours of an America's Next Top Model marathon today. Yes, even Stu got sucked in. "I could be killing people* but I'm sucked in by this f***ing show!" Ahaha! That man sure makes me laugh.

*He's referring to an online war/fantasy type game.

We also have our second ultrasound coming up this Thursday. Gawd I'm so anxious. I just hope and pray that we'll see a healthy and strong baby in there and that everything is well. I'm dealing with the reality that there may not be a baby, but I'm hoping with everything that I have that there is. Odd that we got attached to the little thing already, isn't it? (Not really.) And sadly, Stu and I don't "feel" like I'm anymore pregnant. Other times I think, "There's gotta be a baby in there. There's just gotta. Otherwise my body wouldn't be acting pregnant still. Right? I mean, I still have my tiny baby bump." I'm so confused. I getting to the point that no matter what's actually going on, I just want to get to the part where I know. This is torture.

Saturday Stu, Ryn and I went to Bruce and Marissa's. Us girls watched movies and Marissa and I crocheted while the boys played a game of World of Warcraft boardgame.

Here's the results of the evening...

The Replacement Coaster
Hubby hasn't unpacked his desk coaster yet... so I made him another one. I'm not pushy about water ring prevention or anything.

A Rainbow Of Coasters
Also, there seems to be a shortage of coasters in my living room as of late.

A Rainbow Of Coasters
In my, as Stu describes it, obsession over something that's not a big deal, I had to make more coasters to protect our crappy tables and desks. Hey, coasters are a good habit! What if we get new funiture someday and nobody is in the habit of using coasters? BAM! Instant expensive crappy furniture. Gawd, I would hope we get new funiture someday in my lifetime, haha!

Have a good week everyone and wish us luck with the baby!


Mel said...

Good luck with the baby!! I've never watched "America's Next Top Model", but I think I'd rather be killing people, myself! LOL I'll be sending positive energy, thoughts and even some prayers in your direction for some real answers on Thursday...

rautis2 said...

positive thoughts prayers and energy vibes comin your way! Hopefully you'lll be there thursday night I will if you are not text me and let me know what happened please!!!!!

Regina said...

I also love ANTM! It does suck you in.
I love these coasters that you made. They are so pretty!!