Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where In The World Is Pixie San Diego?

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I've been gone a long time. Of course I can't tell you everything that's been happening, but I'll give you a little update.

I'm still working on Stu's robe (no new pics right now) and now I'm also working on this Zig Zag Ease blanket...

Zig Zag Ease
It's for a secret recipient and I'm a bad girl for even starting it. I am trying to work on getting Stu's robe done first before doing this one any furthur. Hopefully I can still get it done in time for why I'm making it. I am a true sufferer of Castonitis. *frown*

This was just something humorous to see; coaster mania!

The Coaster Craze
...Complete with evidence of our current Dexter addiction. We actually added Showtime to our cable so we could watch season 4 on demand. We couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Christmas Cookie Cutters
I got some Christmas cookie cutters. See the little ones there? Well, I used them for this...

Christmas Cake Pops
Christmas cake pops!!!

Christmas Cake Pops
I did trees (seen here), gingerbread men, candy canes, bells and christmas ornaments and gave them away as gifts. The flavors were lemon, strawberry and chocolate.

I found something disturbing while making them...

Christmas Cake Pops
Here's some strawberry cake and frosting mix for some cake pops... Uh... Is it just me or does this look like cat food?!?!

Now time for presents!

Rudolph the Glove-Horned Reindeer

Rudolph the Glove-Horned Reindeer
...and he's wearing the scarf Ryn knit me for Christmas.

Christmas (50s Car Pink) Computer
Christmas (50s Pink Car) Computer
To: Me
From: Santa

Christmas (50s Car Pink) Computer
Complete with Windows 7 and fancy guages!

Christmas Sushi Kit
Sushi Kit
To: Me
From: Ryn

Christmas Star Trek Scene It
Star Trek Scene It
To: Stu and I
From: Bruce and Marissa

Christmas Color Printer
Color Printer
To: Me
From: Stu

Christmas Chopsticks
To: The Family
From: Ryn

Christmas Chopsticks
...with beatiful dragonfly details on them!

In other news:

I have found a job as a medical records retrieval agent. I had to take a dollar pay cut, but it's a pretty good job. I interviewed for a receptionist position there a couple weeks ago, but didn't get it. I'm still trying to spread my wings and have talked to the assistant manager and the HR assistant about other positions in the company. We'll see where it leads.

Also, we should be trying for another baby this month. Wish us luck.

Hugs, love and prayers!


Mel said...

Good luck! Whatever happens, have fun practicing!! :)

rautis2 said...

sounds like you guys had a good time! Can't wait to see you thrusday and catch up in person!

Mimi said...

2 of my kids were made in Feb. and turned out to be great kids/adults. So maybe its something about you know Valentines Day :). Anyway good thoughts and love sent your way.