Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whoa! Where Did I Go?!?!

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Hi, um. Did you miss me? *blush* I apologize to all my faithful readers for being gone for so long... especially those who have voiced thier desperate need for more Pixie blogginess more than once *cough*Michelle*cough*
And yes, the blog has a new look, I got bored, lol.

Okay! *claps* Here we go! Here is what I've been working on lately...

Abagail Sweater
I made this sweater for my youngest sister's newest baby, born in late May. Sorry, I have no pictures of her, I haven't been carrying my camera with me as much anymore. Anyhow, since she's still way too tiny for it, my sister said it would be cool for me to hang onto it until September and enter it in the State Fair! Hope I win... even though first prize is like, 10 bucks or something... I just want the ribbon and bragging rights.

Ripple Blanket
I'm also doing this blanket for the same baby. My sister requested this one in blue and purple. It's a knit ripple, although, I've been knitting a lot and miss crocheting. So, tonight I'm going to start it over as a crochet ripple. (My sister wanted a crochet ripple, then I talked her into a knit ripple because I've never done one, then tonight I asked her if I could do crochet instead. She was very accomodating to this stinker of a sister.)

And the last thing I've been working on that has kept me very tired and kept me from blogging lately...

10 Week Ultrasound
Our little peanut!!! This is our 10 week ultrasound. The doctor ordered this ultrasound early since we miscarried the first time. We wanted to wait until we could see everything was okay before telling everyone, but Stu told my mom (stinker, lol) and a couple other people, then we outed it to my dad at the family renunion for my mom's family and we had him announce it then.

My first thought when I got to see the baby was, "Oh, thank God!" I can't tell you how freaking awesome it is to see a little bean you've created jumping and moving around inside you... especially your first one. And this one is a little acrobat already! Too bad they only got one little jump on the DVD, cuz he/she did a lot more before that. =( I'm due January 12, 2011 and Stu thinks it's a boy. He's never incorrectly predicted the gender of a baby that I know of, lol. He predicted both my nieces, his own daughter and our friends' son... So, we might be having a boy, we'll see.

If I ever figure out how to post the ultrasound video, I will.


Stu graduated!!! Yay!!!
Sorry this post is so short, I just really wanted to let you all know that I'm still around (albeit always sleepy cuz I'm making a life, lol) and wanted to share our fantastic news!
Until next time!


EntwinedEssentials said...

I've missed you and I don't really know you. I love reading your blog, you're so much fun.

The sweater is just adorable, I love it.

And congratulations on making a life! How utterly exciting!!! My hubby and I are currently trying for our third.....

Also congrats to your hubby on graduating, what a great accomplishment.

Hope you're feeling well!

Mel said...

Oh, what a happy blog post this has been!! Just wonderful news all around... CONGRATULATIONS on the wonderful news of your pregnancy! Growing a person is exhausting, but it gets better right in the middle, before you get tired again... LOL You'll do just fine, I'm SURE!! AND Stu graduated, what wonderful news! That sweater is absolutely gorgeous, your niece will love it (after she grows up a bit and sees all the cute photos of her wearing it...) Good luck with the afghan - you'll have to take a break from making things for everyone else here soon - you'll have to start making things for your very own BOJ!!! (That's Bundle Of Joy, in case you didn't know...)

Woo hoo!!! Doing the Happy Dance over here, and giggling with giddiness...

Paula said...

A January baby . . . "How wonderfully special," said the commenter with the January 11, 1951, birthday.

Mom had a Dec. & Jan. baby. Said it was perfect for her (no summer of uncomfortable waddling) and for us (warm homes to come home to.)

GIGANTIC congrats to the three of you :0}


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your little bean OMG how cute is that picture, my step daughter is expecting her first baby in December. I hope everything goes well for you and your hubby.

I loved loved that little dress that is just so cute, I'm a crocheter not a knitter and not sure if I could do something that pretty, thanks so much for sharing :o)

Anonymous said...

awe sucha cute sweater! i have missed your blogs sooo.. much i check everyday! congrats on the pregnancy!! i wish you a smooth pregnancy!

Jessica said...

OH Amber, I am SO incredibly happy for you and Stu!!! Congratulations on your new blessing!! I can't wait to see your prego picks and all of the cute little things you make along the way for your babe.

dining room table said...

Congratulations! Your pregnant That is a great gift from god. Love your baby so much. I love what you do for your b baby it is beautiful.

Just-in said...

Oh, how cute is that little sweater! Congratulations on the new person in your family:) Take care :)