Monday, July 5, 2010

I Like Making Things

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Happy (late) 4th of July, kids!

So, yeah, I'm making a few thing right now...

Ice Cream Sundae Bath Gift Set
I'm crocheting lovely ice cream sundae bath gift set. This is the (in progress) bath puff that will sit at the top of the sundae glass as whip cream. I will do a washcloth in brown to tuck into the glass that will be the chocolate ice cream. Then I will crochet a little ball to go on top as a cherry.

Ice Cream Sundae Bath Gift Set

Crochet Ripple
Here is the ripple blanket that I'm doing for my sister's baby. This is the one that I mentioned before, started over in crochet and random stripes.

12 Weeks Pregnant
Oh yes, and the baby I'm making is coming along nicely. Don't get too excited. I'm barely getting a baby bump, most of what you're seeing here is my belly fat. *blush* I'm starting to feel some stretching in my pelvic area and have a small, rigid baby bump below my belly fat, lol. It's exciting!

Stu and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary last Sunday. We just stayed home and watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and some Deep Space 9 episodes because we're really low on money right now. I made us a big breakfast and Stu made us a very delicious pork chop dinner.

How's Ryn? Ryn? Who is that?

She's been home one day in the last week and a half, lol. She's been staying with an old friend of ours in the city we used to live since she's close to her and her kids. Since it's summer time, she deverves to get out of the house. Plus, I would never insist Ryn be gone, but since she is, I'm really enjoying some time alone with Stu... and the baby, lol.

On a sad note, I lost the stone in my wedding ring in the shower today. =( It's a flat band with a bezel set (glued, no actual setting to hold it in, geez!) Diamonique heart-shaped stone. I guess that's what we get for skimping on wedding rings, lol. But, I didn't care if my ring was inexpensive, I just love that ring... because it was the ring my husband put on my finger when he married me. So, I'll be wearing my engagement ring until we can afford to fix/replace the other one. But, I looked and QVC doesn't have the same ring anymore. Boo!

Well, that's all I have this week... I think, lol.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

what a cute baby belly! and such a great idea for the wash cloths!

Paula said...

I can't wait until you post a picture of your crochet "sundae" . . .you will be posting a pix, won't you?

PLEASE? ? ? ?

:0} paula

Phoenix said...

Hi. I love to crochet too:) I just found your blog and really enjoy it. Congratulations on the baby:) I know you must be over the moon.

Paula said...

I thought I posted this . . .or, with my recent luck, I am repeating myself.

Anyway, LOVE the Ice Cream Sundae Spa Set . . . where did you get the pattern? PLEASE post pictures so we an see the finished project.

I just MUST make these for Christmas!

:0} paula

Gloria P. said...

Hello Amber: I have been MIA from blog world a lot so I am just reading that your having a baby! Congrat's to you, Stu and Ryn! I know your excited! I was checking out some of your newest creations and they all look terrific, you do such nice work. Tom and I really enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp is quite the actor! Take care and again Congrats.