Sunday, December 19, 2010

Planned LOA

I (already have and) may not be posting for a while. With all the holiday stuff and preparation for the baby and once the baby does come... I don't think I'm really gonna have the time (or energy) to blog for a while. But, please, check back every once in a while. I would like to blog on a regular basis again someday. =)

Thank you to all my loyal readers for sticking around. Wish I didn't have to anticipate this absence, but, it's my first baby... I have NO idea how things are really gonna go down. I'll try to at least post some pics of Morgana once she arrives. You all deserve at least that, lol.

Hope to "see" you all sooner than later! ♥


paula said...

Sweet thought going out to baby Morgana.

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Best of luck with the birth - I've chosen to go with a planned c-section for my 2nd baby - so will be due in 52 days (11th Feb), only 2 days before her due date !

Take care - looking forward to seeing those first pics!

Jane xxx

Gloria P. said...

Wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday as well as delivery.

Megan said...

wow where does the time go? you only have 17 days left until your due date :D i understand you will be busy but i hope you let us see at least one picture of your darling little angel!! i hope your delivery goes as smoothly as possible

Jessica said...

I will stick around, no worries! I am hoping to see some updates and pix on facebook (: