Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding Time To Knit

Here's what I'm knitting right now. Yeah, I know. Like I need to cast on another project. But, hey, I need a fast one and it was in my queue anyway. I'm doing this one with Lionbrand Hometown and size 11s to make it go fast. Can't tell you what it is yet, it's a surprise.

I usually try to knit when Little Miss is nursing. That seems to be the best time because I'm already kinda pinned down. And I say kinda because sometimes I do things around the house while she's nursing, but I can't for very long as my arm does get tired. I'll also sometimes squeeze in a little knitting when she's either in a good mood and playing on her own on the floor or in her bouncy chair or when she goes to bed. But, I try not to do too much after bed time as I usually try to go to bed when she goes to bed.

Speaking of bed. Little Miss usually only wakes up once during the night now to eat. And she really only let's out a quiet, bitchy little cry to say, "Hey! I'm hungry!" She doesn't wail away or anything. I'm so lucky to have a 6 week old that sleeps good already! But, she started this trend at 5 weeks. Yes, lucky indeed.

Oh and guess what?

She's smiling now! Daddy got all the first ones as I'm working and he stays home with her during the day. But, I've gotten a few this week after coming home from work. Yay for smiles!

Daddy's doing great with her at home while mommy works. They still have their bad days and she seems to deal with seperation anxiety all over again at the start of every week. I guess because she gets all weekend with mommy and then mommy's gone. =( But, they have a lot more good days and moments and are really bonding too. =)

Until next time!


Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi there, I love that cute smile!! My little girl is 4 weeks old today, and I've seen some cute ones when she's sleeping, I can't wait to get the 'real' thing!

Take care, Jane xx

Jessica said...

Amber, she is so incredibly cute! I love that smile.....I know your life is crazy right now, but I love seeing blog & facebook pics. (: