Thursday, January 5, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Veggies

My Avas
Meet (L to R) Steve, Reynaldo and Bitsy. I'm starting some avacado seeds. I know I have no where to plant a tree, but I just recently heard that grocery store avacado seeds are usually hybrids and won't produce fruit. Oh well. Maybe I can just have some nice avacado plants.

Veggie Soup
I made veggie soup with some celery and a bag of split peas we have left over from a previous soup I made. I used canned tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. I love using canned veggies, they're SO cheap! I also added garlic salt, a few bay leaves, salt and pepper. It was a nice simple, yummy soup.

Indoor Garden
I'm trying to figure out a way to grow herbs and veggies indoors. I have a south facing dining room with four tall, skinny windows that hopefully might work. These are my experimental containers... and some herb in the tin can on the right. There's cardboard around it with a plastic grocery bag nestled in the cardboard frame to catch water. There's nothing in the left container but rocks to set my plants on for drainage.

Indoor Garden
Here's another experimental drained water catcher. It's the bottom of a diaper box with a garbage bag liner.

Rice Packs For My Girls
I made these hot/cold rice packs for my girls. We have some rice packs already and I discovered that Little Miss actually relaxes a lot faster at nap and bedtime if she has something very warm to cuddle and fiddle with. She was using a long skinny one, but I wanted her to have a shape better for her and in a fun fabric. So, I used a flannel recieving blanket. We never use those kind of blankets anymore. I made one for Teen Miss as well because she was using a few to go to bed and I just recently stole one back. So, I made her one to replace it. =) Each one took maybe 10 minutes. I love my sewing machine, it's so fast (compared to the less expensive versions I've had, lol)! I'd also like to sew some washable nursing pads with the receiving blankets we still have.

I sewed these curtains for my kitchen window from a sheet today. I used an extra shower curtain rod in the window cut out of the wall for the curtain rod. I whipped these suckers out in like, 45 minutes. Did I mention that I love my sewing machine?

Morgana's Blanket
I'm this close to finishing Mo's blanket! I'm now knitting the fourth and final edge!

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rautis2 said...

Love all ur projects u go girl!!!!!!!!!!! I need one of those rice bags! How much?