Monday, January 23, 2012

Girls' Day

Homemade Brownies
I made homemade brownies yesterday. We rushed to eat them while still hot as Little Miss's bedtime was creeping up fast, but they are MUCH better after they have cooled. That's when they get their chewy on. You can find the recipe here.

Had a really fun day with my girls while hubby was at a friend's gaming yesterday... I saved Teen Miss's life by killing a bug in her room and became her hero, we had homemade sushi for lunch and after dinner I made the homemade brownies and we watched Revenge of the Bridesmaids. Little Miss was a part of all of it too. She helped me look for the bug and then acted as a tool of calming and comfort for Teen Miss by way of cuddling after the bug killing, she did not have sushi for lunch, but she did "watch" the movie with us (by playing with her toys while we watched) and had a few crumbs of brownie and had a few sips from her sissy's milk glass.

Teen Miss is back to public school today after 8 months of internet home school. She's so excited and says the time us three girls spent together yesterday was the best way to spend her last day before going back to public school.

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Tina said...

Thr brownies look yummy. I made some about a week ago. :)

I hope the transition back to public school goes well. I homeschooled our boys; and put them back in public school as well. I guess I am just not a homeschooling Mom. ;)