Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day
I knit these cute little kitties for my girls for Valentine's Day. Little Miss loves them. I was making the black one for Teen Miss first and Little Miss stole it from me as soon as it had a face, but no limbs. She walked around kissing the crap out of it and exclaming, "Kitty!" She was going to get a dolly from the same pattern, but her kiss fest told me she needed a kitty too.

Valentine's Day
The Valentine's Day spread. My gifts to hubby and the girls.

Valentine's Day
I made Hubby a strawberry lemonade bundt cake for his Valentine gift. It's even got a handmade paper bow!

Valentine's Day
I made these construction paper gift bags to put my girls' knit kitties in.

Valentine's Day
Stu gave me this Pandora bracelet for Valentine's Day along with a box of chocolates and a cute heart jewelry box to keep my bracelet stuff in. It has a pink hearts bead and a dangle charm with each of the girls' birthstone. They have a whole brochure of beads, charms and connectors so you can build your own bracelet! We will be adding more things over the years! =)

Stu and I had dinner at Sizzler. I love their steak! I had the steak and lobster. I'd never had lobster before. It was okay.

Gel Polish
I got a Gelish gel polish kit, one colored polish and a mini uv light with some of the tax return money. I just put it on today and I love it so far! I just hope it lasts a long time. I'm so tired of painting my nails just to have them chipping the next day... and I've tried everything.

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F. Z. Harper said...

Oh I do love the little knitted kitties. Nothing like the instant gratification of a child falling in love with a new thing you created.