Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yay For Babies... And Monkeys.

Decorating Tools
I picked up this reusable pastry bag and piping tips for a total of $6 at Walmart.

Sarah's Baby Shower Cake
And I made this with those tools! It's a gluten free chocolate cake with pudding in the mix, strawberry frosting. I used canned frosting and just added powdered sugar to stiffen it a bit so it would hold it's piped shape. My freind Sarah from knit meeting is expecting her 4th baby in two weeks. We threw her a baby shower at the knit meeting today. My inspiration for the cake came from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I was really pleased with how it turned out and it was a hit! Everyone had seconds (including me) but one person. I plan to make more cakes like this in the future!

Cake Poke Card
Here's the card I made for it. I even bought some jewelry wire to make the cake poke that it's resting in.

Sock Monkaaaay!
Every baby needs a sock monkey and I knit this one for Sarah's little expected angel, Amy.

Sarah's Gift
I totally forgot to get wrapping paper for Sarah's baby shower gift. So, I wrapped it in a receiving blanket I had and made a chenille yarn bow.


paula said...

I have started wrapping all my baby presents in receiving blankets, baby towels, burb clothes, etc. I figure that they are all so colorful, they put wrapping apper to shame AND, they will be recycled.

Then, I will tie the ribbon around a pair of booties, a bib, anything small I can make that adds color and can be used.

Amber said...

Oh yes, Paula! Those are all lovely ideas!