Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our New Mei Tai!

My First Sewn Mei Tai!
It's finally finished!!! I tried making a mei tai a while ago out of different fabric and it was a disaster.

My sewing machine at the time could not handle the shoulder strap pleats. My current (better) machine could not handle me doing padded shoulder straps with what little fabric I had left for the straps.

But, the new machine plus pleated straps equals success!!! I'm so happy with it and can't wait until Little Miss wakes up from nap so we can try it out!

There are of course a few mistakes (asthetic only, I would not compromise the safety of my child by ignoring mistakes in things that make the carrier safe!), but it's only my first one!

I even added some padding around the leg and back areas to provide added comfort for my Little Miss. I hope she likes it!

Thanks to my knitting sista friend, Michelle for providing me with the body fabric for free!

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