Friday, April 27, 2012

Tina Is Awesome.

I have a reader named Tina. She is always commenting on my posts. This lets me know that someone is still reading my blog... and I love her for it. Thanks, Tina!

And, yes, dandelion is bitter. I don't think I'll do that again. But, I tried and that's what counts!


Tina said...

:P I'm glad you like reading my comments. I didn't like the dandelion wine, either, Lol.. I would have at least tried the dandelion greens though, too.

frau willi said...

Dandelion is best picked when the leaves are new, so try it again taking the youngest leaves only. Then let them sit in water overnight. That's how the Austrian housewives do it. Also, to take the bitter away a little, make a fresh yogart dressing. Take half a cup of natural yogart or sour cream, salt and pepper, chives, a little oil, and some lemon juice or very light vinegar. Alter to taste and use that on the salad. I think its a nice change to typical green. If its still too bitter, mix the dandelion leaves with regular romane lettuce to just give a slight hint. It quite common here in Austria on the countryside.