Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday 12/2/12

I have a couple days catching up, so get read for lots of pictures!

I made a mini pie from the pumpkin pie leftovers.

...And Morgana loved it!

"Uh oh! Mama! Flahneed Googer!"

"What?! Oh, no, honey. Haha! That's a cobweb."

It was hanging from the ceiling, swinging in the air flow of the house. Maybe I should deep clean a bit more often so my baby isn't freaked out by "flying boogers"?

Morgana and I made a Christmas craft on Friday to hang in the front window of our house. Since it's getting colder and we don't walk to the library anymore, I'm going to try to do a craft with her every Friday.

The finished product.

I made homemade pizza and breadsticks for dinner Friday night.

Here they are! Beautiful, eh?

I filled and painted my nails Friday night. I'm getting much better at doing acrylics.

I don't know. She's just weird.

Rolling dough for peanut butter thumbprint cookies at Nana's yesterday.

Unwrapping Kisses for the cookies.

This is going to be a crochet Lalaloopsy doll for Mo for Christmas. I can show and tell this because she's too young to read, lol.

This is going to be a Christmas present too, but I can't say what or who.

I have totally re-knit my Mama Love Mitts. I duplicate stitched the bright contrast colors on only the back side of the mitt. I think I finally have this done the way I like it. I have the first one done and have started the second. But, these will be on hold now that I have Christmas gifts to make.

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Jessica said...

LOVE those mitts! Your pizza looks delish.