Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Girl & A Yarny Goal

IMG_2843 IMG_2844
My goofy & sweet girl turned 2 this last week!

I love this for lunch. I call it lazy sushi. Tuna, mayo, sesame seeds, soy sauce and nori. Sushi taste (to me) without the expense or work.

Morgana in her birthday crown complete with stickers.

Morgana had a birthday cupcake after dinner on her birthday. She had a party with cake and presents on the weekend.

I made grape jelly meatballs for dinner Sunday.

I unraveled, thoroughly washed and then boiled a used bath pouf. I then crocheted it into a pot scrubber.

Morgana thinks the pot scubber is a fascinator or a play trivet, not a pot scrubber.

Morgana's cake for her birthday party this past Saturday.


Sleepy girl right before the chocolate cake sugar rush.


For more birthday pics, click here and use the thumbnails to the right to navigate.

I hung a crate on Morgana's wall today for her DVDs. Just put in some screws and hung it on it's side. Easy peasy.

I have a goal to finish all my knit and crochet works in progress before starting any new projects, not counting stuff made for profit. This is the first one. Since kids grow so fast, figured I better start with this. It's a kind of circle skirted jacket for Morgana. This way when she's watching TV or sitting to read, she will have plenty of fabric to keep her legs warm.

We went grocery shopping today and watched lots of Charlie and Lola, since we got Morgana one of the DVDs for her birthday... Why do you think I did the birthday shopping? I love Charlie and Lola. Teehee.


Daniel bird said...

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Entwined Essentials said...

Happy Birthday to your little beauty! That little sweater is so cute, can't wait to see her in it. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday to Morgana. :) I can't believe how big she is! Look at those toofers. :D

I love the little sweater, great job.