Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Long Was I Sleeping?

I meant to post last night, but I fell asleep with Morgana when I put her to bed and didn't wake up until almost 3:30 am and went to my bed. Sorry, guys. (And sorry to my husband who I was supposed to watch an episode of Star Trek Enterprise with.)

I can't remember everything that we did yesterday, but here are the pictures I took yesterday and some that were taken in the last week or two.

Navy blue afro or long live the queen? I think I've exposed her to too much RuPaul's Drag Race (which I'm over watching drag queen shows, even if just for a bit).

Morgana got a Doc McStuffins dry erase table with markers from Nana and Papa as a late birthday present. Her face looks so weird. I think this was just before her squinty, big grin "cheese!" face.

I got Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!!! Yay!!! I hadn't even seen it in theaters. I watched it with Teen Miss on Monday. It was fun to watch. =)

Morgana had her first dentist appointment yesterday and got a new princess toothbrush! She did great! She was a bit nervous, got startled and little spooked a couple times, kept asking to be done and if she could get down, but she still did really great! I sat right next to her on the chair and touched her the whole time. Just wish the dentist and hygenist weren't such loud talkers. I don't think that fostered a calm and relaxing environment, lol.

I made frozen yogurt bites for Morgana after seeing them on Pinterest.

I made saltine cracker toffee. OMG, you guys! This stuff is superb! I found the recipe at A Southern Grace blog.

I also soaked off my acrylics. I just get so fed up with acrylics when they lift because I don't want to deal with the lifting. It's challenging and I can never get that sliver of an air pocket under the edge filed down before filling them. I hope to fight the urge to put acrylics on again and grow my own nails out again. Being a stay at home mom who cleans house and constantly has her hands in water from all the cleaning, dishes washing/rinsing, hand washing and Little Miss face washing I do all day makes it hard to have a manicure that lasts more than a day and to not break nails constantly. But! I found this video on youtube and hopefully following this will help. I subscribed to her channel. She does awesome nail art AND she crochets!

My weight loss / healthy lifestyle change journey is not going so well. I haven't lost any weight since I've been trying (trying, not doing) to get healthier for several months. I know everything I need to do, I just can't get myself to stick to it. I know I'm getting enough activity, because I'm maintaining my weight, even when I eat like I'm eating for three. I just need to get my food in check. I am really sick of being overweight and that's what drives me when I do well. But, I never make it even 24 hours before doing something unhealthy. Sigh. Guess it's time to pray for the strength and willpower to do it. I should have been praying from the start.

Until next time!

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Entwined Essentials said...

I feel ya on the weight issues. I'm the same way with food. I started a weight loss challenge in January - each person put in $30 and there was a chance to win over $500 to the person who lost the most weight at the end of 8 weeks. I didn't win anything but it was a great motivator for me to keep telling myself I didn't need something to eat. Good luck with yours! I know it's a daily battle.