Friday, March 1, 2013

So, So Long

Oh my heavens! I haven't blogged in SO long!

I crocheted these puppies for my 2 nieces and one for Morgana. This was one of all the WIPs that I have a goal to finish before I start any new personal projects. Projects for profit don't count. I have started and finished a couple very small personal projects, but have none in process right now.

Here's the most recent pic of my ruana jacket. I'm waiting to buy more yarn... again.

Here's my shrug (Speckled Shrug pattern by Lion Brand). Two more skeins to go!

The SweetLoops doll. She has some hair now.

This granny square throw is another one of my WIPs. It's been hibernating for a long time.

I sewed this mei tai as a gift for my friend, Megan, who is due with her first baby in April.

Little Miss is always so gracious to help me test a new mei tai.

With some of my tax return spending money, I got all the fixins to do sculptured acrylics. I love them! They take a long time. My first set took me two hours. I'll get better and faster with practice.

I crocheted Little Miss a baby dragon!

"Him lookit my butt."

I made cinnamon churro cupcakes yesterday. Delish!


Morgana and I walked to the library today. We haven't done that since late summer, early fall. She had so much fun in all the different play rooms. This one is the glacier room.

Here she is playing in the barn room.

It's so great that the children's section of our city library has places to play for the kids. It's a great alternative to playing outside during the cold and winter.

I got a request today from one of Stu's co-workers for an amigurumi bunny similar to Morgana's dragon. I'm excited to make it!

I've been hooked on RuPaul shows lately; Drag Race and Drag U. Those lady-boys actually inspire me to want to take the effort to make myself more pretty.

To catch up on everything else, visit my flickr photos.

See you soon (I hope)!

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Fayme Zelena Harper said...

Welcome back! Your plate is full so no wonder you haven't had time to blog. Love the amigurumi.