Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sippin' on water and Airborne...

...With my mind on my vids and my vids on my mind. (That was my feeble attempt at a more personal rendition of Snoop Dogg's Gin & Juice. Awful, I know, but I had to try it.)

So, now I'll explain my "lyrics".

Ryn needed to see a doctor today, so Stu took the car. That alone was pretty cool, I got all excited about my honey-pie picking me up from work. Dunno why, guess I'm in love or something. So, Stu took Ryn to the doctor (she's been running a fever for a couple days). Turns out she's got the flu and received doctor's orders of no school tomorrow. Ah, to be a kid again. I just hope she gets better FAST. Her coughing and fever does worry us at times. Anyhow, I'm "sippin' on water and Airborne" (an immune system booster, that you use like Alka-seltzer) in the hopes that I don't come down with this sickness.

We got the grapefruit flavor, which I think was brought to my attention by Stu because the box was pink. Without fail, I gravitate towards all things pink with squeels of delight on any visit to any store and sometimes express my desire to acquire them for my own amusement... even if it's a rubber spatula. Yes, that one really happened.

Stu is taking the Airborne too... he thinks it's gross, I like the bubbles-- What can I say? Simple things please simple minds (like mine).

Now, for the "With my mind on my vids and my vids on my mind."
I finally figured out how to share Ashley's baby shower video!!! I have to change the file format, then chop it into little pieces with an editing program, then save it under another format, then it's ready for! Not too hard, but by golly it was frustrating trying to figure out a way!

[Edited] I have now uploaded all four segments of Ashley's baby shower. The fourth, and last, segment is below. It's my favorite and it's the shortest, it's only about three and a half minutes. You can see all the segments by visiting

She got Baby Gap, can you believe it?!?! In the words of Napoleon Dynamite-- "Lucky!" (I actually don't really care about name brands, but I WILL take advantage of an opportunity to quote the nerd that everyone loves.)


From 2:03 to 2:20 is my favorite moment!

Lunch hour was "sounding" quite nice today...

The Hobbit on CDs narrated by Rob Inglis. Definitely recommend this version, Rob is an amazing narrator.

The Hobbit audio book in my portable DVD player and of course, my crochet.

I love books, but I can't knit or crochet while reading a book and given the choice, I usually choose the yarn. I'm really glad it occured to me that this could be a very wonderful compromise. The library is a very blessed thing when it comes to audio books. I just wish they had more variety. I know, I know, free entertainment alone should be good enough, but I'm finicky. How do you think I ended up with the best fiance in the world?! =)

Until next time...

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