Saturday, July 19, 2008

A baby, a bike and a CD

I love that Danika is really starting to do some funny things!

For more Danika videos visit my youtube page!

Stu bought me this CD with his personal spending money... and he doesn't even like R.E.M.! I'm so loved. *smile*

That Baby is growing up...

...and starting to hold her own bottle. So awesome, huh?!


Isn't this the raddest thing you've ever seen?! It's even got skulls on it!!! We saw this outside the Taylorsville Rec Center and Ashley was sqwaking about it and saying I had to get a picture as soon as we pulled in the parking lot... she didn't stop until I did.

The dance room at the Taylorsville Recreation Center.

This is being considered for our ceremony. I love the high ceilings, mirrors and the North facing wall of windows! Lots of daylight but no scorching sun!

This last SLC Stitchers meeting was another fun one!

(left to right) Ashley (& Danika), Raechel (Peachy) and Michelle

The Salt Lake City Stitchers group on Ravelry currently has 47 members, but there are only four, including myself, who attend every week. Jennifer is traveling over the summer and Ashley is a non-knitter/crocheter... So, it's just three of us this time. The number of regular attendees is growing slowly, which is enough to make me giddy beyong belief, I am grateful. And you couldn't ask for a more fun, more sweet handful of ladies!

Just me... crocheting a star shaped baby blanket for a co-worker... I'm so psyched about it, it's adorable, fast and fun!

Michelle knitted me my very own coffee cozy! Isn't she sweet!

The following is a funny video from the meeting the week previous...

Purple with white flowers and dots.

My nails are all grown out now from my shaving accident! My pointer fingernail still has a tiny, tiny part the tip that isn't attached to the nail bed, but it looks like it might after my nails grow out a little more!

Here is a peak at what they looked like 6 days after the accident, in case you missed it:

I took Stu to the Games & Electronics Expo (GEEX) today. Not sure why he's covering his mouth with his wristband... I don't think he knows either.

He talked to a guy and got some information about interning for a company who is developing a game right now. We'll have to keep these conventions in mind for the future... they could prove to be a good networking tool!

An old friend of Stu's has moved back to Utah. He invited us to a birthday party for another old friend last weekend. We had so much fun and I'm so happy for Stu that he was able to have a good time and see some old friends! It was a good sized party. We made it through without smoking! Yay! We both wanted to, but didn't. I'm so proud of us!

Anyhow, I met a fellow Raveler! Coming out of the restroom at the party, I saw this really odd, but cute blue knitted monster on some shelves. I told the hostess that I liked it and we talked about knitting and stuff and come to find out, she's on Ravelry too! We exchanged info and I've added her to my friends. I had even seen her on there before, but didn't make the connection because she looks so different from her picture now.

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Jessica said...

Ok, first of all, you need to buy that pink bike!!! It is *SO* you! And your nails are looking amazing--they have grown back so nicely. You definitely should rent that ballroom for your reception; it is so beautiful! BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!