Monday, July 21, 2008

Finger Sweater - Free Knit Pattern

Sick of yarn burn?

Try a finger sweater!

Finger Sweater #2
(Variation for this finger sweater can be found at the bottom of this post.)

I got some pretty bad yarn burn while working with some rough yarn today. So, I plopped down and made myself a finger sweater!

It covers just the area that comes in contact with the yarn, so it doesn't limit mobility. It also doesn't make your finger sweaty like finger cots (like a latex glove for your finger). And, most of all, they're cute and fun!

I like mine so much, I'll wear it around the house for a little while after I'm done knitting or crocheting. It's like a tiny wristband for my finger! Punk rock! =P

Note: The pattern is for the finger sweater I made for my own finger, adjustments are really quite simple and don't take long to figure out since it's so small. I finished mine in probably 15-20 minutes (and I'm a beginning knitter). You can easily adjust this pattern to work with a different yarn weight, needle size and your finger size.

Size: approx. 1" L x 1.25" W (laid flat)
(The purple and red one I made is quite snug on my ring size 9 finger)

Small bits of worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver)
4 - US 3 DPNS
yarn needle

CO 12 with two needles
distribute all stitches evenly across 3 needles (4 sts per needle)

Rnd 1-10 - K all sts, changing colors as desired (working in stockingnette st entire piece).

Bind Off.

Turn piece inside out and weave all loose ends through back of stitches. Right side out again and you have a new knitting/crocheting buddy!

I made another variation and posted it here to show you.

Finger Sweater #2

This one was cast on with 20 sts and knit about 13 rows. I used size 1 needles and Lion Brand Baby Soft. I think that's equivalent to sock yarn, but don't quote me on it. I don't know for sure. It's listed on the Lion Brand website as "Light: DK, Light Worsted Yarn". This one fits much more comfortably than the first.

Just another finger sweater. Actually made this one for a more classy design photo, but now I realize that it looks like a finger bandage! Now I have to do another one, lol.


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea!!!!

Jessica said...

What a fun little project!

Anonymous said...

This is fun yet in my case practical! I work in auto manufacturing, and belt buckles and jewelry has to be covered to avoid scratching surfaces of the vehicle. The usual anti-mutilation gear is dull and boring, so I have made my own knitted wrist guards for watch and bracelets. I had planned to do something for my rings, so finding your patterns is perfect! I'll have the coolest ring guards around! Thanks!

Mainely4Knitting said...

Great idea - I have to try this - thanks so much!

Jeanie said...

Great idea, I was wondering, since i am a new knitter too, How do i distribute 20 stitches onto 3 dpn's? I like the beige one the best also. Thanks...Jeanie

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I think those little finger sweaters are so cute! I'd like to get a few of those nice little finger sweaters, so I was wondering if they are available somewhere

Tiger Dragon Grrl said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I am on my second day of pain free crocheting. I have been getting some items ready for a craft sale this weekend and my fingers were so sore from yarn burn I had them wrapped in paper tape. Not working very well but best I could find with my allergy to latex. As soon as I found your Pattern for finger sweaters I made one for my little finger and my pointer and had instant blessed relief. This is wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!😄