Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summertime is here!

The wedding planning is now officially under way. The wedding will be next summer. Exciting, huh?! So far, we're scoping out locations and figuring out the guest list. That's all I got for now. But, yeah, I'm excited to get this going!

Mom made some pink lemonade slush for me earlier this week when I was at her house. She got an electric ice shaver and made some homemade syrups and made "snow cones" for Dad, Ash, me and herself. It was so good I asked for seconds.

Little Miss Danika had a special in home baby salon visit. I gave her a "mini pedi" by painting her tiny toe nails hot pink! (Photos on the toe painting start here. Go backwards (left) in the viewer located on the right side of the page.) I tried doing it while she was sleeping, so she would move less, but when Ash and I uncovered her to get at her feet, she woke up.

Stu bought pink lady apples for the fruit salad I made for the 4th of July BBQ at Polly and Dave's. They're pink, I had to take pictures for my Think Pink! photo collection.

When I did my hair for the 4th of July BBQ over at Polly and Dave's, it looked so cute that I just had to take a picture. The body at the crown only lasted about half an hour, as to be expected with my fine, thin hair. Good thing I got the picture right after doing it.

My fingernails are nearly completely grown out (from my shaving accident a month ago). I'm really pleased with how they're coming along!

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