Saturday, August 16, 2008

Knitting needles aren't just for knitting anymore...

Dad and Mike-Dave went to Mexico for a fishing trip.

Dad (front), Mom and Mike-Dave

Just a funny thing...

This was the back of one of the Betty Crocker Complete Meals we had for dinner one night. See step 4. As Stu said, "Where's the part when we eat it?!"

My perfect fried egg. I didn't even break the yolk! Since I don't cook much and am still learning, this feat made me very proud.

Michelle (from my knitting group) made this and let me pick it out of a box of headbands and Lego jewelry she made. It's so fun!

She also let me pick out a headband. I picked one knit from black cotton yarn and black ribbon held together throughout, so I can wear it to work. =)

Speaking of Michelle, she will love what we found in Walmart today...

A life-size Indiana Jones made of Legos! (The picture is clickable for a larger view.) [Edited to add a better quality picture. We went back a couple days later, it was still there AND I had my digital camera this time, not just my poopy cell phone camera.]

In needlework news...

A while ago, I participated in the making of an afghan for a fellow Raveler who lost her husband. I'm excited to finally post pics since she has now recieved the afghan!

Here's my square (as taken by the assembler of the afghan).

The finished afghan (as taken by the assembler).

This was a truly satisfying project, it inspired me to join another group on Ravelry that makes afghans to bring comfort to other Ravelers who might be grieving a loss, recovering from injury or being dealt a tough hand in general.

I also knitted this cute little bunny for Michelle's (from my knit group) daughter. She had surgery for gall stones (last week?). I have recieved reports that she loves it!

My group, the Salt Lake City Stitchers are also coming into some charity work. Since we all (myself included) have a lot on our "yarn plates", as a group, we're doing a scarf (or maybe a little more) for the Red Scarf Project. That way all it takes for one to contribute is one square... or as many as they'd like. Should be fun!

Still working on Polly's afghan as well. I pulled it out the other day to attach the squares I've whipped up since the last square joining and I'm futher along than I remember, yay!

And finally...

Last Sunday, Stu dropped the toothpaste cap in the sink and it was too far down to reach with tweezers. So, I grabbed one of my size 7 needles, with the button-style cap end. The "button" was just the right shape and size to grab the cap under one of the threads. Luckily, the cap was facing open end up. I was then able to pull it up enough to grab with the tweezers. When I pulled the cap out, Stu exclaimed, "You're brilliant!"

I beamed, wiping the toothpaste from my needle and replied, "Knitting needles aren't just for knitting anymore, they're tools for life."

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Jessica said...

Hi Amber!! That life size Indiana Jones made out of Legos is awesome!!! I wish our Walmart had one. Also, I do have to say you are very smart to use your knitting needles to dig that cap out of the sink! See, crafting helps everyone! :)