Sunday, August 24, 2008

Visitors from outer Utah

So, we're looking for a place in Salt Lake now! Stu will probably have to start working for it to work, which means it would be longer until he graduates. But, I'm sure we'll figure something out. We went looking at houses to rent last weekend and in our driving around came across one that all three of us fell in love with. Unfortunately, it was rented out the week before we saw it and we got the call notifying us of that almost a week later. =( Oh, well, we'll keep looking. =)

We had an out of town guest at our last SLC Stitchers meeting...

08/21/08 SLC Stitchers Meeting
Peachy (Raechel) is knitting a square for our group project for the Red Scarf Project. Mine and Peachy's Grandma came to the knit meeting this week. She didn't knit or crochet, but instead was making toy balls out of fleece for charity. It was a really fun visit.

In needlework news...

Pink & Red Star Blanket

I'm crocheting a baby blanket to keep in stock for future baby showers. It's going really fast since I'm using a P hook and two strands of yarn throughout. I also plan to do a "boy" blanket and a gender neutral one. The basic idea here is that I have one of each on hand, ready to gift. Then, when I give that one blanket away, I make another similar themed blanket (boy, girl or neutral) to have "in stock".

I also plan to do another square soon for the SLC Stitchers group project of making a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I did this one last week...

One Hot Square

And, as always, I'm still working on Polly's bedspread too! =)

I also did a tiny bit of miscellaneous crafting this week...

T-shirt Tote
I made this for my portable DVD player and discs out of an old tie-dye shirt I had stashed to use for fabric strips for knitting or crocheting. All I did was cut two pieces, cut strips towards the center, around three edges, then tied them together in square knots. The straps is three long pieces braided, knotted at the ends and tied into the top square knots. There are gaps between the knots, but that's okay, my player doesn't fall out and that's the point. =)

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